Have patience, you won’t be able to force anything.

Session nr.13 of 3 October 2015 – recorded- English translation – Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Spain (Europe)

Present: Carole in Belize and Wivine in Spain.

Visitor: KUWAYA – Master Spirit nr. 2 of Superunivers nr.2 – the Voice of The Eternal Son-Mother.

Kuwaya spoke after 1h03min                   Total time meditation: 1h29min.

Kuwaya here: I am Master Spirit nr. 2 of Superunivers nr.2 – the Voice Of The Eternal Son-Mother – Second Source and Centre of the Paradise Trinity.

You are the guardians of My Wisdom that will slowly seep into the super consciousness of humanity so that generations to come can connect to it. You will get there both and will help others to follow this path by activating their "two glands receptive to Spirit affairs”. It is necessary for the moment that this activation takes place through those who received permission of their Thought Adjuster and who are capable to manage the Pure Energy of their God Fragment combined with the “Energy of Love from the sacred heart of Christ”.

It is obvious that the Avonal-Magisterial Son born January, 12th 2015 and the Creator Son who will be born in 4 years will help by their physical presence to establish the global activation of these 'glands receptive to Spirit affairs' so that everyone can benefit from it in the future.

There was some confusion among a few people between the “two glands receptive to Spirit affairs” and the two Morontia glands which those able to work with the Pure Energy of their Father Fragment develop slowly during their meditations.

The 'glands receptive to Spirit affairs' are mind, electrochemical endowments that are part of the physical body and their location was never revealed. Even science has yet to discover them.

Be aware that nobody can jump one step in the development of all these spiritual abilities. We look into the hearts of people and The Father knows the thoughts and motivations of each one of you. If you try to activate anything yourself you will receive a “no trespassing sign” before you which means that you must stop. I say this to all those who read this session and who read the previous ones.

One doesn’t let children play with forces that are above their mind abilities, the quality of their unselfish love for others or their moral height and worldly thoughts. For now you cannot develop these things yourself as long as you won't be able to work with the Pure Energy of your God Fragment.

Don’t proclaim to others that you are able to do this to obtain material gain or personal glory. Do not force anything for your personal ego or to show off.

Working with the Energy of your God Fragment is something that He alone can grant you, you can't force it.

Luciferian thought’ is still topical in your world. You want to prove yourself, play with the elbows to surpass others and forcing the speed of the development of the soul.

You cannot force anything, neither in yourself nor in others. You were told to take patience, so wait. I speak here to those who were once part of this group and to those who read this message.

There is always someone who must break the ice, open a path in the jungle with a machete, put the first paving of a road on his knees by the sweat of his brow so that later cruise ships can cross oceans, major highways can be built on which many cars will drive and railroads on which many trains loaded with people can pass easily.

Be aware of the spiritual ego because it is much more devastating than the ego of the mortal mind.

We repeat: you are all surrounded by a loving Universe, which helps you and holds your hand to help you climb all steps to Paradise. God loves you, His Son loves you, Mother-Spirit loves you and the Midwayers are always ready for you. If we ‘stop’ you from time to time because you want to force your destiny and your spiritual evolution it is for your safety so you won't break your neck by tumbling down the stairs following your impatience and arrogance. Thank all Celestials when this happens to you as it is for your sake and because we love you.

Now for here, we ask you to continue both together because there is a lot of work to be done through the bilocation exercises. You will understand later why because we are not going to give more details now on this topic. Since you are only two in your current group to work with the Pure Energy of your Thought Adjuster, apart from a few that left to follow another path; since you are working together in all sincerity, in trust, that you're on the same page and none seeks to oust the other, you will continue to work together.

You volunteered and we accept your help.

This does not mean that new people who received the activation of the ‘spirit receptive glands’ and work regularly with the Energy of the Trinity cannot join you when they will be able to meditate long enough. But they are not allowed to join your bilocation exercises.

You have both been shaken these past three months and grew up. We are all happy as well as My two Sons to be able to continue to work with you on Morontia level.

Don't be discouraged. Raise your heads high and continue. Good bye.




For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.