Be a haven of peace.

Session nr.14 of 18 October 2015 – recorded- English translation – Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Belgium.

Present: Carole in Belize and Wivine in Belgium.

Visitor: Kuwayou – Master Spirit nr.2 of Superunivers nr. 2 – The Voice of The Eternal Son-Mother.

Kuwayou spoke after 45min.                    Total time meditation: 1h14min.

Kuwayou here: I am Master Spirit nr 2 of Superunivers nr 2 – The Voice of The Eternal Son-Mother.

I am the first born of the Universal Father; I am the Second Source and Center.

This is the reason why I am called The Eternal Son.

I'm like a Mother when I create together with the Universal Father the Creator Sons of the Order of Michael.

I am like a Mother when I create with The Infinite Spirit the Avonal Sons or Magisterial Sons.

I am like a Mother when I create with the Universal Father and The Infinite Spirit the Daynal Sons or Trinity Teacher Sons.

So calling Me the Eternal Son-Mother is also a proper name.

The Trinity consists of three Deities: The Universal Father – The Eternal Son – The Infinite Spirit.

The Universal Father took me out of Him and gave me full powers on all matters of Spirituality; as well spiritual energy as all wisdom with spiritual value.

Then The Father suggested the idea to create beings who could become like Him, Perfect, through ascension coming out of animal life; an idea with which I immediately agreed.

To achieve this we needed a third person and suddenly The Infinite Spirit jumped into existence. She handles all physical energies as well as any type of Mind necessary to bridge the gap between the spiritual and the material. She provides an adequate Mind to all will creatures of all universes and planets.

The Trinity is ONE ENTITY made up of 3 parts: the First Source and Centre, the Second Source and Centre and the Third Source and Center. These three Deities can work together, with two or individually.

We three are the Source of everything that has been created and exists.

It is important that you understand the concept of The Trinity to start the next steps of your evolution.

Next time I’ll speak about the Supreme Being who is dependent upon and derived from The Trinity and who exists since a long time. But before I do so you need an understanding and a basic concept of the Three Deities that compose The Trinity.

She is the Deity of evolutionary growth. One for which you need to accomplish something and be something to receive one day a status in the next era of the universes.

The more you’ll understand, the more you will receive capabilities, the more you grow, the more you can help your planet with your means. Don’t think right now on helping other planets, no; take care of yours because there is still much work to do. Your planet is on the right track, the right orbit but there remains quite a lot to be done.

Increasing the speed will not help the souls of your planet.

We could increase the Forces-Energies with which you work, be it with the Energy of the Paradise Trinity, the Pure Energy of your God Fragment or the combined Energies of your “God Fragment - the Love of the sacred heart of Christ and soon Mine”, it won’t help, on the contrary.

If we would force the dose and we can do this even through you, many mortals would become crazy, their nervous system could burn out, many would become increasingly depressed.

Therefore we prefer to work through mortals who increase their own abilities step by step to bring the world larger forces of Energy and at the same time it gives us a good measure to see how far we can go worldwide.

We did a test in Spain when Wivine gave her lesson to a young Spanish woman. We warned her that what was taught before in several stages would be done now in one step. We increased the force through her and she saw what happened. The Energy transfer for the activation of the glands receptive to Spirit affairs lasted 6 min instead of 3 min.

Everything worked well and after explaining the techniques they did a meditation but the student couldn’t endure it. After two minutes her 6 primordial chakras started to spin like crazy. She needed to vomit and they had to stop the meditation. Later they even had to interrupt the lesson because she continued to feel bad. She came back a few days later to finish the lesson and was in great shape. This woman was not ill; she received a too strong dose of transforming Energy.

{Note Wivine: this young woman did not even know what she felt when her chakras started to turn. I had not yet the time to explain her and she was constantly touching with her hand her head, her forehead and her back asking if it was normal to feel all these sensations at those locations. I was so surprised that I didn’t understand immediately what was happening to her. Suddenly she needed to vomit and she went several times to the toilet. Then she became a bit better and I was able to give some explanations but after a while she felt ill again and we had to stop the lesson. She came back four days later. She had meditated every day, practiced already a bit with the energy transfers and was in peak condition.

She was thrilled to be suddenly able to do all these things and immediately understood what I was explaining her. This woman never meditated in her life and now she could no longer do without. She began with 10 min per day and intended to systematically increase the duration. It was something I had not yet experienced. Usually, I have a lot more to explain and often I have to repeat weeks later because people dare not or do not want to start with it. The Energy transfers are capabilities that have to be used to gain experience, increasing ones possibilities and get your own evidence. The meditations are used to get in touch with your own Guides, Angels or Adjuster, for Morontia and physical transformations and much more.

She asked me if we meditate in Belize in group and if she could join us. I replied, yes next year when I come back, when she had first gain more experience with the transfers of Energy and was able to meditate at least 1 hour alone because we were much too powerful. She agreed immediately because she had experienced it.

Of course, having lived such a thing, I wasn't comfortable at all for the next person that they would send me. You have to understand, I became wary. These Celestials are full of surprises!}

So from now on, Wivine, when we send someone and it will be one person at the time, we know the amount that we can pass and we'll see how far we can go with each person. It will bring us the necessary experience that we need to find out how much Energy we can transfer for the activation of the Spirit receptive glands.

Carole and you are able to carry and launch much more Force - Spiritual Energy than you think but we don’t allow it. We act gently, we control the dosage. When you both proved yourselves and we have acquired enough experiences in the activation of the Spirit receptive glands and your work with bilocation, we will systematically increase the quantities of Energy that we pass through you.

We will do the same for all those who were taught in these techniques and use them regularly out of love for their brothers and sisters by transferring Energy to countries and continents.

It is not difficult for us to bombard Urantia with strong Light and Spiritual Paradise Energy; but then the Earth would disappear because your planet made of physical matter would not withstand such Huge Forces.

Both of you reached a level where you can achieve great things. You matured, you respect the privacy of each other and you get along well despite the fact that you don’t always agree on everything. Continue like this but it shouldn’t prevent you to open your arms and welcome new people who will travel a part of their path with you until their Thought Adjuster, or the person, or life circumstances decide otherwise.

Now I'd like to touch a word on forgiveness of self and forgiveness to others.

If you want to receive God’s forgiveness for your own mistakes you must learn to sweep all sorrows others have caused you and not necessarily voluntarily or to harm.

Often the most difficult for an ascending soul is to forgive their own mistakes: mistakes of youth, acts or decisions taken in a difficult situation which one regrets afterwards or taking the wrong decision at a crossing road, etc.

You need also to get rid of that one day to continue your ascension as you cannot change the past.

In all other cases you can always ask forgiveness if it is possible to all those you made cry by ignorance, anger, intentionally or unintentionally, not being aware of it or misunderstanding and then continue your path.

Grow, because none of you is perfect. You should all transform and those who will grow fastest are those who will take much care of their own house by cleaning their windows so that their inner light can shine outwards. It will be those who will clean every day their shoes and clothes in order to look nice when they get out next day; those who will not pass their time pointing the finger to the dresses and actions of others and forget to look at oneself in the mirror.

Be patient with the youngsters, you received your time then give them the freedom to make their own decisions, to do their own mistakes and learn from them. Always be there as an immutable rock with a beach bay where they can come to moor when the seas are too stormy or to repair their boat. Help them to get back on foot, to repair their ship and put them back at sea to sail to other adventures, their adventures. You received yours.

You, the older ones of the 3rd age, you have lived and grew up in your time and now young people grow up in another time with other technologies, problems and opportunities before them.

Be only this haven which is always there with its illuminated lighthouse when they are in distress, not knowing what to do so that they can take refuge in your arms; be this fort and bastion, the arms where they can cry and take courage to continue their path.

Be the example. Don’t be rigid in your beliefs and important values of your education. They may be valid and important in your own environment but when you leave that environment and you are facing people with a total different background and other difficulties, then your rules and rigid morality will be of no solace.

Don’t paternalize anyone, don’t tell them all the time what to do and what not…... give more rope and be a roc and a haven for them.

If you become a true haven of peace, then believe me, many boats will seek refuge in your protected Bay.

Goodbye my children, see you soon. This is Kuwayou.


For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.