You are the future ascendant Creator Sons and Daughters of Paradise.

Session nr 16 of 22 December 2015 – recorded – English translation– Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: Carole and Wivine.

Received by Wivine

Kuwaya spoke after 2h11min                   Total time meditation: 3h05min.

Visitors: Kuwaya – Master Spirit nr. 2 of Superunivers nr.2 – The Voice of the Eternal Son-Mother.

                  Christ Michael (Jesus), Paradise Creator Son of our local universe Nebadon.

Kuwaya: I am Master Spirit nr 2 of Superunivers nr 2 – the Voice of the Eternal Son-Mother.

I'm here to guide you to new developments in your being, to your path of divine perfection. Man was created in the image of God and this is true on spiritual level but not on the physical plane. However you have to choose for this path of paradise perfection which makes things more difficult for the evolution of a planet that has to reach the stage of Light and Life or Paradise Perfection.

Many times you reached almost the goal where all humans would have been able to work with their God Fragment by approaching Him in such ways to ensure that the physical body, the soul and the Divine Spirit were completely amalgamated. But there is always one that feels suddenly the need to dominate others and so on…… until the majority withdraws from the First Source and Center- God, and use their abilities for selfish reasons instead of constructive ones for the well-being of all; capabilities they end up losing until they end by self-destruction.

You have myths and legends about them as well as remains of their disappeared civilizations like remnants of megalithic constructions, artifacts, bones of which some are on the surface, others buried under the sands of deserts, jungles, seas, icecaps and deep underground caves.

Due to these lost civilizations the great secret of the destiny of mankind on your world almost disappeared. Only a few kept it alive and continued to serve so that mankind in regression could once rediscover it. The rebellion of Lucifer and your planetary Prince Caligastia didn’t improve things but God is stronger than any and all. Nothing can alter His Power, His Wisdom and Goodness.

My Son, Christ Michael, known to you as Jesus of Nazareth came on your planet 2,000 years ago to do his final bestowal mission and spread his “Spirit of Truth”, which shows the path to follow to reach the ultimate goal of your creation: starting your career as Ascending Creator Sons and Daughters of Paradise already here on Urantia.

You were often told that your world had a precious destiny, different from other planets where life is created. However your religions and philosophies led by orders of priests, lamas, shamans, and others made you believe that you were such simple souls, unable to reach God in Paradise without their mediations; that you could only meet God after death in a state of perfection almost impossible to achieve for you during your lifetime.

Still others, who embraced the ideas of Lucifer told you that God does not exist and led you to atheism and materialism.

Since the departure of Jesus all earth children receive from God one of His Fragments that lives within them and tells them all the time that they are His children and that He is there to help them achieve this perfection.

Following all these reasons Christ Michael decided to let come two of his Paradise Brothers on a “particular” bestowal mission, two of My Sons: an Avonal Son already born January, 12th 2015 and a Creator Son who has no local universe to administer in one of the seven Superuniverses.

These two Paradise Sons will live their lives just like you and will reach the highest spiritual level a human can achieve during his mortal life: the complete amalgamation of the physical body with the developed Morontia soul and the God Spark. What you called here the ‘pre-fusion'.

My two Sons will not know who they are or from where they come before having reached this stage and we cannot tell you how long it will take them. They will meet during their youth and will grow up in a same kind of environment of simple parents with limited financial means.

This complete amalgamation of the three elements of your being is where we take you now.

Eventually all of you will get there provided that you destroy your material and even spiritual ego which seeks to be worshipped, admired, adored, feel the greatest, the most spiritual, the wisest, the strongest, the one who dominates and to whom one listens.

A truly humble person who is of service to his fellowmen in a selfless way, motivated by his love for God and humanity doesn’t have those needs because he knows that he is not different from others. He feels always divinely loved and knows that to reach this stage of enlightenment he must implement, learn step by step and constantly make efforts to maintain alignment with the Laws of the Universes and God’s Will.

He knows that it is only this way he will reach this unification with God, become ONE with Him, to give God the opportunity to express Himself through him.

This person knows that the help he desires to bring others should serve the progression of all humanity and not just himself or those he loves in his entourage. He knows that he must give this Divine Power to the good as well as to the wicked, for the welfare of all without exception, just as God desires it and does.

These are steps of divine love you have to reach through many trials and by shedding many tears; by learning to see others as children on the way, sometimes ignorant. Haven’t you been a child? Did your parents stop to love you even when you acted against their will, when you made them cry or put them in difficulties?

Instead of being upset with those who hurt you, put yourself in their situation, try to understand and send them all the love you are capable of, just as God does. Only thus will you reach those levels of God's perfect love. And yes, this will ask constant efforts because those kinds of situations will be regularly put on your path.

If you want to reach this stage of complete amalgamation with your God Fragment you need to make an effort and be determined to reach this beautiful stage where a human becomes Godlike already here on Earth.

Nothing will be impossible for these men and women. A person who reaches this stage may change the face of the world. Two or more who reach this stage and work together towards one and the same goal can transform all mankind because nothing can prevent them to change your planet into a paradise in time.

Only Man can help Mankind because he possesses in him all potentials to do so.

Well, what are you waiting for? Do the effort, go in meditation, in silence, it doesn’t matter with which system, as long as you understand that real truths will always be revealed or confirmed to you from inside by the greatest of all teachers or masters: God.

No human being needs to be taught by another; no one. You don't have to receive confirmations from others. It is only the hesitant and wary stage of the beginner which disappears in time when a person begins to consciously make contact with the indwelling God presence. He or she then realizes that they are assisted by many Celestials in this endeavor and if a human perseveres on this path he or she can even accesses this sublime level in his or her mortal life.

These people will not experience physical death because their physical body will be transformed into a more subtle matter; they will dominate the elements that constitute the material world in such a way that they will be able to decompose and recompose their bodies at will or even take it with them on the Mansion worlds in Morontia form. They will not experience rebirth or rather resurrection on the First Mansion World as most mortals currently do.

They will immediately fuse with their God Fragment upon arrival at the First Mansion world and could even reach the stage of a beginning spiritual creature when they depart from Urantia, hosted on Salvington by Christ Michael himself, headquarters of your local universe.

Those people who will help and show the path to their brothers and sisters in the near and distant future on your planet will be those who reached this stage of ‘pre-fusion’ where the physical body is dominated by the Divine Spirit and the Morontia soul, where the person has submitted his will totally to the Will of God and his three mind levels will be amalgamated. Their words will be simple, understandable, and unequivocal because they will come from the Source of all Truth.

Persevere, my children, you will eventually get there step by step. You can reach it if it is your deepest desire and make the effort. Persevere!

Those who reach it will see themselves as God, as they will be ONE with their God Spark, with God. For those ones nothing will be impossible because God is Creator and Creation.

As long as you stay in line with His Will in constant sincere and deep gratitude, you will learn to create paradise on Earth in unison with Him.

Afterwards you will learn:

- to create on other planets in this local universe, serving your Creator Son Christ Michael,

-  to create in the Superuniverses, in service to the Master Spirits and the Ancient of Days.

- Therefore, when you achieved all these experiences, you will become one day the Ascendant Creator Sons and Daughters of Paradise to create on the outer-space worlds in service of God The Supreme, the Great Mother of all Universes, the Universal Mother.

You are our future Ascendant Sons and Daughters of Paradise.

My Descendant Paradise Sons coming on Earth for a “particularbestowal mission, the Creator Son and the Avonal Son, will help you to achieve this as well as your future generations as they will be here for a very long time.

Nevertheless, please be aware that achieving this goal will require your effort. No human, no Celestial will bring you this on a platter.

Jesus achieved it when he was on your planet, but this precious teaching disappeared. My Sons will show it again as well as you here who will reach it after some more effort... .. please, just a few more steps.

Thank you, my children.

Christ Micaël here: Indeed, my Paradise Mother revealed you your sublime destiny and nothing except your own doubts, hesitations and delays may prevent you from accessing it.

The last obstacle has been eliminated last week, here with your help: the vortex, the egregore or anti-Christ consciousness is gone.

Nothing can slow down anymore the breakthrough of those who opened themselves to the Light. You are now in majority on your planet and more and more people will hear the call.

I am here to assist you with all my armies of Angels, Celestial teachers, Celestial Orders as the Melchizedeks and my Paradise Brothers.

I am there, my children, close to all of you, my brothers and sisters of Urantia.

Goodbye everyone.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.