I prepared the way for you.

Session nr 2 of 5 January 2016 Ė recorded- English translation Ė Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: Carole and Wivine.

Received by Wivine.

Visitor: Christ Michael of Nebadon.

Christ Michael spoke after 2h05min†††††††††† Total time meditation: 2h36min.

Christ Michael: I'm here to explain why we put so much emphasis on the God Fragment that indwells each of you.

Urantia is an experimental planet where I decided to make experiments with a type of human destined to fuse with his Thought Adjuster.

As you know this is not the case on all planets where we implement life. Even those early populations of your planet who received a Thought Adjuster didnít all fuse with him on the Mansion Worlds to continue a career to Paradise. These souls fused with a Fragment of your Mother Spirit and remain in this local universe where they are very happy, have lots of activities and a great eternal future.

To shape a soul in a mortal with free-will, able to fuse in time with his God Spark, we must first fulfill many conditions to give him that opportunity.

It's my job to decide how many planets in my local universe Nebadon will produce human souls with this destiny. It's my role and that of your Mother Spirit to lead you up to My Father, the Universal Father; to let you grow on your planet, then on the Seven Mansion worlds and Morontia worlds of Nebadon until you become a Ďnew spiritual creatureí, fused with her God Fragment and ready to leave Nebadon to continue her career on the worlds of the Superuniverse, then Havona and Paradise.

Even when you left Nebadon my ĎSpirit of Truthí will continue to follow you until the end to help you succeed. I will never forsake you because you are My children and My responsibility.

Since my coming on Earth nearly 2,000 years ago as Jesus, all your populations receive from a young age a Thought Adjuster to help them become aware of God. I also bestowed upon your world my ĎSpirit of Truthí to guide you on this journey, helping you find your truths and get there. I showed you the path to follow, how you could communicate directly with God's Spark who lives in you. I explained how it was important to seek this communication with Him to learn how to become like God.

I also revealed the existence of the Supreme Being to my followers and the role that you play in Her growth throughout your eternal career.

Your Mother-Spirit gave you Her ĎHoly Spirití, Adjutant mind circuits, your mind-intelligence, your guardian angels and so on to help you develop towards this ultimate goal: becoming like God. As you are Sons and Daughters of God from the moment you know Him, love Him and follow His advice, from the moment that you want to serve Him by serving His Creation.

Even now not all will succeed to fuse with their God Fragment on the Mansion Worlds and thus will fuse with a fragment of Mother Spirit.

It will take time before the entirety of your populations will reach this but it will come.

I prepared the way for you during my life on Earth in order to make your job easier. I am literally the way to your eternal life.

It is important to humans of a planet whose destiny is to fuse with their Thought Adjuster to start a career to Paradise that they are aware of His indwelling presence. Because already here on earth you can reach this fusion, or pre-fusion state if you make the effort. If you want to be of service to your fellowmen by constantly be in contact via meditation with your Thought Adjuster, by distributing your love and perfecting it so that it becomes less human and more Divine.

It takes time to hear this sweet voice but with those current Energies, my help and patience you will get there.

Many people think that transmitting the voices of Celestials and post their messages is the pinnacle of spirituality; to possess gifts of clairvoyance or clear-hearing already from birth give them a head start on spiritual level.

Well, this is not true.

Itís your actions and your efforts to become everyday a little better and more Godlike which are the most important. Transmitting or having gifts donít necessarily mean that you have a higher spiritual level than your neighbor. You have all the same lessons to learn, the same path to follow.

Some learn faster than others because they do more efforts to go in the right direction by being more introspective, by destroying their ego and listening to information coming from inside.

Neither is speed the most important because there's no deadline to reach Paradise and it is neither a competition. God is patient and keeps the place of each one of you well warm.

Many people are making efforts to be of service in different ways to their fellowmen; they know God and ask Him advice. Their souls are like beautiful lights and yet they donít transmit our messages, donít have a website or gifts of clairvoyance. They walk by faith, trust and simply like to provide service.

Will come a time where none of you will need to read our posts because people will be in constant communion with their indwelling God Fragment, Angels and Guides. All will have by then those 'mind glands for spiritual receptivityí enabled to help them; which isnít currently the case but we are working on it.

Mother-Spirit and I are like parents who are doing their best to prepare our children to leave our local universe Nebadon, to continue their careers towards Paradise. This is our responsibility and our goal. Each time we deliver a credential of success and open the exit door for someone to the Superuniverse we are happy and proud.

Keep going, my children. If you donít hear me often it is because you are on the right track and in good hands. Go on, I'm there for all in my universe. Good bye.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.