PART 1- 2011.

Place: Mezza Verde – Placencia, Belize.

Received by Kathy

Date: 17 March 2011

Present: 4 Mayas and Kathy.


- AYA, Master Spirit n° 7 – of our Superunivers n° 7 Orvonton – The Voice of The Trinity. - Malvantra Melchizedek

- SIRAYA, Master Spirit n° 1, The Voice of The Universal Father

- Christ Michael (Jesus) –Creator Son of this local universe called Nebadon

- Nebadonia, our Mother-Spirit of this local universe Nebadon.

Monjoronson: Magisterial Son - Avonal Son of Paradise.

AYA: This is AYA here, Master Spirit of your Superuniverse.

You find my name in the word “Maya”, because the Maya Cosmic Masters were called after my name. You were a great people with very high divine knowledge. Lots of things happened to your people, during hundreds and hundreds of years. When the Spanish came, they destroyed lots of your culture. Many people were killed. But now it is time that the Maya culture and all the Maya people start to reunite, start to speak one language, with one heart and become one great unified people, from the North of Yucatan until the South of Central America, Guatemala and Honduras.

This will come; you will play a role in this. Not tomorrow, you still have so many things to learn. But in 10, 20 years when you will be older and wiser, you will be able to help your people on different levels and by different ways. The Ancient Cosmic Masters of the Mayas are always there for you, they have different names in other cultures and religions. But they are there for you.

I am AYA, Master Spirit of your Superuniverse. I wanted to make this revelation to you, so that you would know a part of your destiny. I’ll leave you now. Goodbye.

Malvantra Melchizedek: I am Malvantra, one of those from which you would say that he is a Cosmic Master.

Don’t fear the brothers and the sister of your own culture (there are different Maya people with different languages: the Yucati language/people of Yucatan, the Mayamopan language/people from Belize, the Quekshi language/people from south Belize and Guatemala.). Try to reunite with them. There are good and bad people everywhere, try to understand the movements that are already begun to reunite the Mayas from the north to the south, because they (the Mayas) have a great destiny.

They are the keepers of time and of a great knowledge and it is time for you to come back. Not as warriors, but as an example to other cultures of this continent. To show how to live in families that are bound and that sustain each other. Who know how to work on the land, who know how to find water, who know the secrets of the forest. That is what you will have to do in later times and in the meantime we will help you to learn, to be the Vessels of Truth, Light and Knowledge of the Ancient Mayas.

I thank you all to have listened to me and to AYA, the Great Master Spirit of this Superuniverse, whom I serve.

SIRAYA: Good day, I'm Siraya, the Voice of the Father. I come once again to you my children, to encourage you to continue on the path you involved yourself. We will soon come back to you and allow you to make your first steps with a celestial teacher to whom you can ask those questions you will have after having read some papers of the Urantia Book. Meanwhile, take your time, study, agree with each other and then we can start.

Thank you for your presence here.

CHRIST MICHAEL and NEBADONIA here: We came together and it is with great joy that we see that you make efforts, that you learn and that you are studying. And that you want to serve My Plans. Don't be discouraged if there are things that you do not understand. We're always there to help you, slowly and step by step. Goodbye my children.

Monjoronson : Hello this is Monjoronson. You will do a great job for us, of liaison and assistance. Stay humble, do not look for publicity. This will allow you to do much more and to live more in peace. We will help you and many things will be revealed to you. Here also you will gradually understand them by intuition, revelation, and by our contacts and by what you hear through the voices of others.

Yet again, stay humble because this will be the manner that you will be most useful to the Plans of Christ Michael. Do not be attracted by the artificial spotlights, this will not help you. We ask you to do your work in silence. You will have difficulties to communicate this or to talk about with your loved ones and friends and you already know that, you already know this problem.

I leave you now my children. Goodbye to all of you.



Place: Mezza Verde, Placencia-Belize

Received by Kathy.

Date : 19 Marsh 2011

Present: 4 Mayas and two other persons.

Celestials : Christ Michael Creator Son of this local universe Nebadon

AYA – Master Spirit n°7 of our Superunivers n°7 called Orvonton

Monjoronson, Magisterial- Avonal Son from Paradise.

Malvantra Melchizedek

Malvantra here, we will start the session.

Christ Michael here: Hello my children, you once again gathered together to receive our guidance. Your Mother-Spirit and I are very pleased with the efforts you make and those you decided to keep on doing. Do not be concerned for the time being about souls and reincarnation of souls. Study the papers of the Urantia Book that you have decided to study and many things will become clear for you.

You will discuss about it with the teacher that is assigned to you and who is called TOMAS. He has great experience in teaching through this type of transmissions. He normally speaks English, but this will be translated into French for you which mean that you will be able to speak French with him. It will take a little more time for the answers, but it will work. Tomas will teach you many things and will follow you for a good while. He is eager to meet and communicate with you.

You will also serve AYA, whose presence on this world will get to be known more and more.

The Voice of the Father, SIRAYA, is already known and he came to do his work here for The Father.

The Magisterial Mission will take other forms than it had until now. You will realize this and it will be revealed to you at the appropriate time for you to know. The roles that you will play are not necessarily public ones, nor to be known by others. When things can go public, we will tell you, so that you can post it on a website.

Meanwhile, take care of yourselves and be patient. Everything has its time and nothing should be precipitated. In the meantime you will have time to study and deepen your knowledge of the Urantia Book and by doing so you will better understand why of all this and on what you are working.

The presence of AYA is important to the Mayas, to render them their soul and their previous grandeur, but here also it will go slow, step by step. The movement has already started, but has yet to be unified and is still far from its final achievement. But it will happen.

You all here will have a role to play in this, as well as in other things which are linked to it.

It is not necessary to say more for now but now you have already an idea of what is awaiting you and where you go and what the importance is of your task and your discretion. Do not get into the spotlights, nor attract the eyes of others on you because it could put you in danger. The world is still very far from the Era of Light and Life. This way you have been warned and remember that your greatest enemy is often yourself.

Are there any questions on this topic?

Student: Hello Christ Michael. Here is the question I prepared yesterday: "Our desire is great to emanate more love and to have more compassion for Mother Earth and for our brethren. But there are so often moments in our lives where we realize that we do not succeed in this. I ask you if you have a method or exercises to perform to be as much as possible or always in a state of unconditional love for everyone and everything, if this is possible. I apologize for the fact that this question is not completely in line with what you're talking about.

Christ Michael: First we must begin with the intention of wanting to be in this state and gradually, through your life experiences your wisdom will grow, which will make you more able to be full of love for your brothers and sisters and to feel Mercy for the people who hurt you or hurt others.

Send Love and Mercy to the world, as you've already done together. The spiritual leaders will be able to use this to give it there where they feel it is most necessary. All we ask is that you send it. As a group or alone, try to do it every day and with all your sincerity and it will do much good. Yes I know, when you have people in front of you saying things you dislike or having an attitude that you do not like, it is more difficult.

But you will see that more and more you'll be able to have a different attitude towards them and be more lenient with these people.

It is a learning process; it is not something that comes by miracle. If God would have had the intention to make you like Him from the beginning, He would have created you as such from the beginning. But He created you as small babies, who will have to learn (during) a long journey many things and who will have to grow gently to become like Him. God does not expect from you, in your embryonic stage of development, that you would already be like Him. All He asks you is your intention and to do the effort.

But nobody expect from you at this time that you would already be able at 100%, constantly and all the time "to be as God”.

So as GOD is indulgent to you all, be it with yourselves.

Another question?

Student : Thank you for your answer. No, I have no more questions. Thank you again.

Christ Michael: Good, then I thank you all for being here. We will see us again in a few weeks when you are back together and you have studied all that you have decided to investigate. Thank you for welcoming me among you and having listened to me.

MALVANTRA here: we will end the session, we see that you're tired. Yet, if you are still a little bit in the mood or have the courage, there is still someone who wants to talk to you all.

AYA : This is AYA here. Yes my children, it is one of the first times since a very, very long time that my voice has been heard on this planet. There were many teachers who have been called after my name and who came to teach on the entire planet at different times, according to the advancements of the cultures (civilizations). The Trinity of our Grand Universe was known but that has been lost after the decline of the cultures and humanity, due to the rebellion of Lucifer and the misuse of certain forces that have destroyed many civilizations and continents.

We will start over with new programs and also with the last population still on Earth which bears my name. These people have a famous name and do intrigue very much the archaeologists and other civilizations. This is why we will help this people to find back their identity and unity in future times, in a peaceful way and out of their own will. Their desire and their need to unite and find themselves back as one population must come from within.

You (to the non-Maya persons):

As well as others who will be taught differently by other circuits and others who will also come to you; those Mayas of the South (Guatemala, Honduras), the North (Yucatan) and those of the Center (Belize) will join in Belize and then return to their own folks.

And never forget that the effort must come from THEM and not from you. Thank you for listening to me and understand well what I have said and what I am asking you.

MONJORONSON: Monjoronson here. I would like to talk to you. Learn and study first very well what you decided. Following this I will allow you to ask questions on the dimensions that surround Earth and the souls that remained close to Earth and gradually we will try to explain this to you. But do not expect large and huge revelations regarding this.

These are very delicate, very difficult issues to understand and who sometimes make people afraid. Therefore we ask you a lot of discretion on this subject. Thank you my children.

Malvantra here: It is finished my children, I wish you a good evening.


Mezza Verde Group – Placencia, Belize.

For the definitions and explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.