Return of the Maya Cosmic Masters

Part 19 - 2011

First Q/A session about the Lucifer Rebellion in the presence of Invisible souls who could ask their own questions.

Session 36 - July, 1rst- 2011 - recorded – English translation - Original English/French

Place: Mezza Verde – Placencia, Belize

Present: Cyril, B-Maya, D-Maya, Carole and Kathy

Received by Kathy

Visitors: Monsanloran Melchizedek

Teachers HAM and TOMAS.

MONSANLORAN: Hello my kids, I am glad you came all together in this very special session. Tomas and Ham are here to help with the answers on all your questions, yours and the ones of those you cannot see. They thank you to give them the opportunity to learn with you about all what happened here and what the Plans are for their ascension. Many of them never heard about ascension or about The Universal Father. They have been kept in a state of fear and anger without any opportunity to change something in their situation.

Yes I know, lots of humans here on Earth believe in reincarnation but it is not easy, almost impossible, to take a body over from someone else or to receive a new body to start a new life all over again. These souls have been cut off from any possibility to leave this planet and so they just hang around here.

You don’t have to mix the dark psychic energies, created by your thoughts of anger, hatred and jalousie with human souls that had a life like you in the flesh and who could not go on. These souls are not here to harm you. Some are kept imprisoned in some places and that’s why we send you there. Others just live among you without being able to contact you and without harming you. I wanted to emphasize the difference between those two things.

You also have the Angels that followed Lucifer, when he made his “declaration of Liberty” and declared war against the universe or what we call The Rebellion. These angels are different from you but they are very close to you and they can, just like you, make an ascension career and climb higher up to The Father. Every being that has been created in this local universe by Christ Michael and the Divine Mother-Spirit has possibilities to ascend, to evolve or to have better careers in this local universe Nebadon.

200.000 years ago in the time of the Rebellion, the Superunivers administrated this local universe because at that time Christ Michael, your Creator Son had not all sovereign powers of his local universe. At that time he had still to do his last bestowal, which he chose to do here on Earth 2,000 years ago. It is in that period of time (200,000 years ago) that Lucifer planned his rebellion. He knew very well the weakness of the position of Christ Michael. He was very aware of it.

Christ Michael received full power above his own local universe when he finished his last bestowal here on Earth which means that he could rule it like he wanted without interference of the administration of the Superunivers Orvonton in which this local universe is located. He rules it like he wants but always in conference with his Divine Parents, The Universal Father and The Eternal Mother-Son, as well as the rulers of Paradise and the rulers of this Superunivers.

Lucifer was a Lanonandek, a Divine Son of Christ Michael and his companion our Divine Mother-Spirit Nebadonia. He was created to supervise local planetary systems or individual local planets in the systems. Lucifer, after having served on many different local systems in this universe of Nebadon, has been appointed at a certain moment as the sovereign of the planetary system Satania.

Satan (Lanonandek) was his first lieutenant and Caligastia, also a Lanonandek, was appointed 500.000 years ago after a lot of testing to become your Planetary Prince. They were all brilliant and they have always been loyal to the universe. But somewhere, somehow, something changed in that brilliant mind of that Lanonandek Son, Lucifer.

It was Lucifer who first convinced his lieutenant Satan to follow him in his plans. It took him time to convince Satan, and he had to start with Satan because Satan was the one who went to all the planets of Satania to discuss all the problems with the Planetary Princes. It was Satan who convinced your Planetary Prince Caligastia to join the ideas of Lucifer and the Rebellion.

The Declaration of Liberty of Lucifer had three main points:

This was the basis of his declaration of Liberty.

Why did he call it a “declaration of Liberty”? He wanted to have more liberty to do his own thing, like he wanted to do them, like he saw it. He wanted more liberty for everybody, or that’s what he told others. He wanted that everybody could determine by himself how he would like to evolve even if this was different from the Plans of Ascension of Christ Michael and The Universal Father.

The word “Liberty” sounded like music in the ears of so many celestials and so many Angels which were created to serve that ascension plan.

When a local universe is created and is young like Nebadon, there are lots of problems and each local universe has his own problems. It takes time to stabilize everything and so Lucifer chose his moment and did what he did.

Indeed, Lucifer found it a waste of time to let resurrect and re-personalize human souls on the first Mansion worlds. He found that he could do this here on earth so that he could keep these human souls to suit his plans and to serve him and his companions.

When you do such things and you leave the Love and the Presence of The Universal Father out of it, you can achieve something but certainly not everything what can be done on the Mansion worlds, on the Morontia worlds and then the Spiritual Worlds to ascent to The Father.

He could only create life forms with no capacity of ascension, no capacity of soul creation and he kept human souls that had received a God Fragment to create their soul during their lifetime in darkness to serve his purposes.

It is not so that we have left humanity complete alone. We have sent many to teach you. Machiventa Melchizedek did a tremendous effort and other Melchizedeks too. Other Masters and Teachers came. But one way or another, with the help of Caligastia, their messages have been lost or corrupted.

The human soul is designed and created with the help of a God Fragment, together with the mortal mind and receives a part of the personality of The Father, to become like the Universal Father, to be like The Universal Father, a creator, through a long path of evolution. The Mansion worlds were created to receive, resurrect and re-personalize these souls, to give them every opportunity to learn and to evolve. This takes time, you cannot push that evolution and that’s why it has been created that way.

You come out of animal evolution. You create a soul and that soul evolves from one Morontia world to another to become slowly by slowly more spiritual and then goes to the spiritual worlds. From the spiritual worlds you go to Havona and from Havona you go and enter Paradise. You will have to pass a few worlds there too and when you succeed you are embraced by The Father. You become like Him…Perfect.

Your destiny, after having joined The Corps of The Finality, is to create life and become like Creator Sons on the new outer space worlds. These galaxies are still in development and not ready yet for the future job of the Finaliter Corps. In the meantime, the Finaliters do other work in many local universes and on other places until their time comes to learn to become like Creator Sons and these schools will be established here on Earth.

Every Finaliter who has been embraced by The Father is very well aware of the existence of The Father. Your soul has to fuse with your God Fragment received from The Father in order to be able to ascend to Paradise and be embraced by Him. That means that every human being, if he wants to continue his or her ascension will have to acknowledge the very presence of his or her indwelling Father Fragment.

When your physical body dies, your Father Fragment goes back to Divinington and only comes back at your re-personalization on the Mansion worlds and not here on Earth and that’s why those souls that are staying here don’t have any opportunity to continue their ascension. They have to be resurrected on the Mansion Worlds with the help of their Guardian Angel or Guardian of Destiny and their Thought Adjuster, otherwise the soul cannot continue her evolution.

That’s why the action of Lucifer and Caligastia, by keeping these souls here and even re-personalizing them and by giving some a Morontia body is considered as a criminal act against the evolution of a human soul.

To all the invisible ones who are present here:

We come here to inform you, to teach you about your possibilities, about the possibilities of your ascension to follow the Plans of Christ Michael and to follow us to continue your path of evolution and your ascension to The Father....... or not. You cannot stay here. If you don’t want to follow your path of evolution according to the Plans of Christ Michael and The Universal Father, than you choose for de-creation, but you cannot stay here. We will leave you time to consider and also for the Seraphic Angels. There is Mercy and Love for all of you here if you just want to accept it.

We will start now with the questions of those who live on Earth and who are sitting here.

Student: Hi, I would like to ask some questions of my reading in the Urantia Book. Lucifer had experience on many planetary systems before he became Sovereign of our planetary system Satania with its capital Jerusem. He was the 37th best in rang of his order called the Primary Lanonandek. If Lucifer would never have been unrighteous inside and provoked a rebellion against the laws of the universe, what would have been our lives today on Urantia, our Earth?

HAM: Hello my friends, this is Ham here. I come to help Tomas to answer your questions. Yes, this is an interesting question. How would life look on Urantia without the Lucifer rebellion? Well life would already have looked like Paradise to you. Where people have their work, their jobs, where all children can go to school and are taught from the beginning that they have a connection with The Universal Father, that the Universal Father lives in their hearts and that all human beings are their brothers and sisters. There would be no wars anymore. You would all be able to hear The Voice of The Father and communicate with Spirit. You would have a nice environment, no dirt in the air, no dirt in the ground, no dirt in the seas. The air you breathe would be pure and everybody would be able to develop their capacities and potential.

Nobody is alike.

We all have different capacities and one is better in this and another is better in something else; but all need to be able to receive the possibility to develop their capacities. Maybe you would be a good musician or a fantastic painter; maybe you would be a brilliant doctor, a great Lawyer or agriculturist. There would be so many things you could become, so many possibilities. There would be no hunger, no fear. Everybody would have shelter. You wouldn’t have the fear thief’s or murderers; there would be neither drugs nor alcohol abuse. There would be peace.

You will have to work. You will always have to work because laziness is not accepted in the Universe. A person who is lazy creates a lazy soul and these souls have not the strength to continue their ascension. Yes, for you it would look like Paradise on Earth and that’s where you would have been now.

We will help you to come out of this problem and to create a nice life on Earth like it should be. You will only have it a little bit later, that’s all.

In order to obtain such a beautiful life a human being has to work on it. You have to work to achieve this and for now you will have to do this most of the time for your children and grand-children and we will do this together.

Student: Were Satan and Lucifer equal in their work and power?

HAM: Satan and Lucifer were both Primary Lanonandeks. Lucifer had more experience and that’s why he became the Sovereign of the planetary system Satania and chose Satan as his first lieutenant. Satan was very brilliant and capable too but they were not equal. Nevertheless they were both very powerful and capable.

Student: The dragon is the symbol of Lucifer, Satan and Caligastia. Why was the dragon chosen to represent them as the great Evil and did such an animal really exist on Earth or is it just a symbol?

TOMAS: Hello, I am Tomas here. The dragon became a symbol. In very ancient days there were very big animals on Earth that were dangerous for humans. They looked ugly and a little bit like a dragon. These animals were not nice and don’t exist anymore. Every culture has a kind of image of a dragon. The dragon was a symbol for a powerful, mighty, dangerous and bad animal that’s why the dragon with his 3 heads, Lucifer, Satan and Caligastia, was chosen as the ‘symbol of The Beast’.

In Christian religion you will find many paintings and pictures of Archangel Michael and other Saints who were victorious above the Dragon which means that they won over Lucifer, Satan and Caligastia. At the time of that symbol Lucifer was imprisoned on the prison worlds. Caligastia and Satan could go on even after the time of Jesus Christ. In 1985 – 1987 they went all 3 to trial and refused the Mercy offered to them through a program of re-education or redemption and asked for de-creation which means they will only continue to exist in the memories of time.

Student: Hi Tomas. Can you explain a few things about the good that came out of the Lucifer Rebellion so that I can better understand the entire picture?

THOMAS: One of the most important things that came out of the rebellion here on Earth is the “Agondonter”. What is an Agondonter? That’s a human being that creates a very strong contact with God, a very strong Faith in God in his heart although he cannot see or hear Him. Thanks to that strong Faith that nothing can break, their soul develops in a very special way and that tremendous strong Faith will follow him or her during the entire ascension career. The Agondonters, those who have to evolve by Faith without seeing, are very special and very trustable for the Universe. The fact that you cannot see and have to go on by Faith is because all circuitry and communication between Earth and the Universe were cut 200,000 years ago.

You, who had to go on by Faith and developed that Faith strongly in your hearts, you are like jewels. This is one extremely important good thing that came out of the rebellion.

In general and this is for the celestial beings of the local universe that did not follow Lucifer, for those who doubted and also for the ones who followed him but changed their minds afterwards, is that now everyone can see the horror of a rebellion. Letting play out that rebellion for such a long time without destroying it, provided for future generations an important lesson why impatience and arrogance don’t pay in time.

Now because and thanks to that rebellion that could have been stopped, many celestials learn the goodness of that Ascension Plan and The Love and Mercy of The Universal Father and their own Creators, Christ Michael and Nebadonia.

Student: The Urantia Book states that a Magisterial Son could come in flesh and blood, but I have read in one of the sessions of HAM that this would not be the case. Please explain how he will come?

HAM: 20 years ago when I gave these sessions, there were no plans to let come a Magisterial Son in the flesh, because Urantia already received a Creator Son, Christ Michael, in the flesh. Many things changed during these last 20 years and certainly during the last few years where it was decided that let come a Magisterial Son to your planet.

Student: The Ancients of Days seem to play a big role in our Superunivers and Lucifer did not like them. He stated “that all beings would live eternally except for the arbitrary and unjust acts of the executioners of The Ancients of Days”. What is exactly the role of the Ancients of Days in our local universe Nebadon?

HAM: The Ancients of Days rule the Superuniverses. They rule in jurisdiction and administration and interfere in the implementation of life on planets. Everywhere where you have a rebellion or where things happen, which cannot be accepted, these people are judged by the courts of the Ancients of Days or by their executives who come sometimes to local planets to settle differences and judge what to do with those who did not do the right thing. This is always done with much Mercy and a lot of Patience and everything must be known and heard about their acts before a judgment will be pronounced. It is very rare that it is necessary to de-create life. Only The Ancients of Days can decide this, what they sometimes have to do when life forms are created not in accordance with the Plans of Christ Michael and The Universal Father and the Plans of Christ Michael are the plans of The Universal Father.

They never leave their office. They have Angels of Reflectivity, which can reflect them, everything they have to know about any place in the Superunivers, like you would watch television. This also means that they can see from where they are what happens here.

For sure when Lucifer did deeds that were not accepted by the universe, he asked for problems with the executives of The Ancients of Days. Indeed, he did not like that and wanted more autonomy and liberty to create and do his own thing.

Student: I was asked to give an opinion on Lucifer from my point of view as a terrestrial. Here's what struck me in what the Urantia Book says and what I saw here on Earth.

I feel Lucifer as an intelligent, manipulative and brilliant talker, who became arrogant and contemptuous of his Father Christ Michael. His attack against the Ascension Plan of Christ Michael and the Universal Father hides jealousy and resentment towards those human souls that managed to ascent to the Universal Father in Paradise and who were stationed at Jerusem.

Lucifer did not have access to this ascent to the Universal Father and, for some reason I do not understand, did not seem to have an opportunity to experience directly the Deities of the Paradise Trinity, nor the Universal Father, as we can, because we receive a Father Fragment, the Thought Adjuster, which allows us to communicate directly with our Universal Father.

Evidenced by this next sentence: "... .. That the Finaliters never reported a clear idea of the personality of the Father as one can discern it in Paradise" This shows to me that he tried to obtain more information about The Universal Father from the Finaliters stationed in Jerusem where Lucifer reigned.

In his rebellion with his declaration of Liberty, he wanted to prove that the Universal Father did not exist and hence the Ascension plan for human beings of the planets had no meaning. We find such ideas in communism, socialism, and also in the slogan of the French Revolution "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" where God was replaced by the state. All these revolutions persecuted religions based on the belief of one God, Father of all Creation.

What Lucifer has established with the help of Caligastia as a plan to compromise our ascension to our Universal Father is disgusting. It prevented human souls, after physical death, to continue their ascension on the Mansion worlds and created nothing else on Earth then a kind of enslavement of our souls to serve HIM AND HIS PLANS, which were not intended primarily for our well-being, but for his well-being and that of his associates.

It is not the Love of the Universal Father, who prevailed here on Urantia since 200,000 years, but FEAR of the devil and all the horrors, which were perpetrated here and still are in his name.

Of course, we have a God Fragment and free will and we can make our choices, but if the Angels and the rulers of the planetary system and the Planetary Princes, which are celestials created by the Deities, seem to have difficulties to stay on the right path, how can we, humans, who rely on these personalities and remained so long under their influence, do the right thing without help?

Although the head of Lucifer, Caligastia and some other major rebel leaders are cut off now, all their associates and those, who followed them, still seem to be in place and do not seem to want to change their minds right now. And what about those human souls trapped here, and who also have free will? Did they actually receive a choice?

Thank you for your comments.

MONSANLORAN: Indeed, I asked to reflect and review as a human being the way you see the character of Lucifer and all what happened. Thank you for making this presentation. It has caused much commotion in the ranks of the Angels and the ranks of the invisible souls who are here and listened.

They are all talking at the same moment that’s why we kept silent for a while.

HAM: There is an important point in this presentation. Indeed Lucifer was not in touch with the Trinity and did not receive as you a God Fragment. He operated in the universe without being able to feel what you feel when you have contact with the Heavenly Father. All this was done deliberately when the Lanonandek Sons were created. This allows them more freedom and creativity in the administration and rule of their Planetary System.

Obviously, there is always the danger of rebellion. The Lanonandek sons are very proud, almost masculine type, bright, and it is usually in their ranks that the rebellions were formed. They are very military like leaders to try to compare them with something on your planet.

His contacts degraded over time with the Finaliters, those who were embraced by the Father and that were stationed in Jerusem.

Maybe he could not accept that human souls, coming out of animal life, can go to the One Father and ascend above him to return later as a perfect Finaliter and receive functions on Planetary Systems, on Mansion worlds and sometimes in other universes to help the evolution of their peers. The Finaliters had at that time a mysterious and unknown destination and are celestial beings that he could not touch. Maybe somewhere something happened in the mind of this magnificent Lanonandek, immensely capable and loyal for so long.

To attack the Plan of Ascension of human souls is the same as attacking the Finaliters and at the same time, with what he did, preventing a human soul to evolve; which is what happened here.

To achieve his rebellion plan he needed a lot of celestials with him. He managed to gain 37 planets for his cause and garrisons of angels, many Morontia companions, Midwayers and so many others by promising those things he could not give them, telling them that the Ancients of Days and others in the universe could not do anything to them. All these celestials that had a tremendous respect for Lucifer who was their superior, got lost.

The spread of the rebellion has been stopped by closing the entire planetary System of Satania to protect ascendant souls, who were already in the capital of the Constellation of Norlatiadek. It was really the ascension of human souls and the Angels that was at stake, an ascension in which he could not participate.

He was created by Christ Michael and our Divine Mother-Spirit Nebadonia, by the Gods, he was a divine being created to perform this kind of function. He could have evolved and have got more opportunities, if he would have been a more patient and this was not his only problem.

We will also speak of the disaster that it caused to the role of women in society on Urantia after the collapse of the rebellion 200,000 years ago.

As we said earlier, the Lanonandeks tend to act as military males. He did not show much respect for womanhood. Their Father, Christ Michael, is a more gentle being, more feminine in a certain sense than the macho male. 200,000 years ago, before the rebellion, women were already given more acceptable positions in the emerging societies but it became a disaster afterwards. By the fact that souls of women are as valid as those created by males on this planet, this is considered as an additional crime against humanity and against the ascension of souls.

It is time that The Eternal Son-Mother of The Trinity and the Divine Mother-Spirit of this local universe receive their right position and that women can evolve in a fair manner, with equal rights, as complementary to the male elements in your societies. There are still too many communities where women and girls are killed simply because they are not considered as something of value in their culture.

HAM: We have a question from a female soul that you cannot see.

Invisible female soul: She asks us if there is a possibility that the role of women will be upgraded one day on this planet.

HAM: It is imperative to upgrade the role of a woman as a companion and complement of the male because human civilization cannot progress to the Era of Light and Life without male and female having equivalent status. Their roles are different, their bodies are different, but their souls are not different, their minds are not different. Their concerns may be, but also male concerns differ between one another, so this is not something exceptional.

It is imperative that women return to their legitimate position and receive worldwide the same human rights for development, civil and legal protection, the same life protection as men do. Together they will bring forth male or female children that will become valuable elements to lead humanity into the Era of Life and Light.

This is also a factor that has delayed much the evolution of humanity. If you keep half of the population, in this case women, under domination through terror and abuse you will not help your societies to evolve.

HAM: Invisible male soul: He asked if the women will then start to dominate men on this Earth?

HAM: No, it's not about one dominating the other. It's a matter of compromise and to follow the path of wisdom. Differences of opinions find the best solution in a compromise. One time the man is right and another time it will be the woman. It must be the voices of wisdom that should be dominant, and not the fact that one is male and the other female.

The woman has a role and has to follow a role model. This was lost for millennia. The time will come where women will value themselves as women and will no longer feel the need to dominate, to look like and be like men to feel important. The mentality to dominate each other will go away.

MONSANLORAN: We will end this session. When I have some guidelines for your trip next Wednesday, I'll be back.

I say goodbye to everybody and I thank you for your patience. This was a very good session. It was very successful and we thank you all to have participated in this. Don’t be afraid from those you cannot see that came here; they are like you, they just want to learn. Thank you my children. Goodbye.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.