The immature and the mature mortal mind.

Session nr 3 of 18 January 2016 ĖEnglish translation - Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize. (Carole and Wivine)

Received by Wivine

Visitor: Malvantra Melchizedek.

Malvantra here: Listen well to me and write immediately everything down this time. You spent more than 5 years to learn to block your mind during your meditations to receive our messages and directions. You no longer have to be afraid now that your mind will intervene when you write our messages directly on your computer. Try it out, because this will save you a lot of time and we can then use all the duration of your meditations to teach and make you work. If you doubt our message you're free to keep it to yourself, but you will see that everything will go well.

{Note Wivine: this is exactly what I did today. From now on the messages will come directly and I write the received words immediately on PC. They will therefore not be registered in a recorder during meditations as before. We continue our group meditations twice a week and the other days everyone does their daily energy transfers to countries, continents and individuals as well as their individual meditation. We work and meditate in a group, but we also need to experience our own life lessons and work individually on our own progression.}

I came to give you a spiritual answer to your current life lessons concerning your arguments with younger people in your surroundings and your dismay towards well aged adults who still act and speak as juveniles.

We will speak about the immature and the mature mortal mind.

The mind of a youngster thinks in the present and the immediate future. It looks first for pleasure, joy and wants everything immediately. Its way of judging a situation is very limited in time and it does not look very far.

A mind that starts to become more adult will think before taking a decision. It will look into the past to see what worked. It reflects on his mistakes and successes. Then it will project its undertaking into the future and see it taking shape in its thoughts. It reflects on all the mishaps that might happen and tries to put all chances on its side by decreasing the risk of failures. It will even take information from experienced people in the field it wants to be active. Then in having weighed the pros and cons, having thought it through, itíll take its decision in the present and starts acting to achieve its goal in the future.

A person with a real adult mind, often older will see the past, present and future on the same time line.

The mind of a young person however doesnít have much experience, doesnít make plans and has no long term vision.

Unfortunately there are adults who have an immature mind because they didnít learn from the past. Their future remains the immediate, the present with its limitations and cannot see the future with competence. They donít have patience to mature a project, or work towards a distant goal. They need everything fast or drop the arms.

There are also success stories, but unfortunately some can end into failure if they wanted to jump too high, move too quickly or are too indebted believing that they would always have the wind in the sails; or because they didnít take into account the imponderable, or their incompetence in a certain field, disease, old age or a change in economic circumstances.

However there are young people who listen to the wisdom of the elders, who make their decisions with more reflection and work in the present to achieve the desired goal of the future. They donít let any setbacks get them down and still manage to catch up with great courage and endurance. They learn from their mistakes, mature over time, take responsibility for their actions and donít expect that solutions to their problems will fall out of the sky.

The advanced mature mind that does spiritual or philosophical research lives in the past, the present and the future at the same time. It acts and creates in the present always looking backwards and forwards by asking council and guidance also from within.

These people can transcend the factor 'time' and get a vision of the eternal life of their soul. They see themselves as part of a vast universe, and are already working in the present to achieve the goal of the development of their soul. These people realize that you cannot achieve everything in one material life and that other morontia and spiritual worlds exist where they can continue their education, live other adventures by being of service in thousands of ways. They know that even after reaching Divine perfection in Paradise other goals and experiences await and that there are always new mountains to climb to grow towards infinite, ultimate and absolute stages.

In other words that are more clear for you: they know that they will never be bored because nothing is more annoying for an active and creative creature to have achieved a goal, rest a bit and then having to ponder: "and now whatís next? ''

These advanced adult souls know who they were, what they currently are and what they will become. They can say like God: I Was, I Am, I Will Be.

They can see the past Ė the present Ė the future in one timeline.

Thank you, my children. As you can see, I'm always near you and with you. I've not disappeared from your horizon.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.