Your Morontia life begins in this life.

Session nr 5 of 25 January 2016 – English translation– Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize {Carole and Wivine}

Received by Wivine

Visitor: Malvantra Melchizedek.

Malvantra here: today I will talk about your Morontia life which begins in this life.

Your Morontia life begins with the conception of your soul. The conception of the soul is done the moment that your Thought adjuster, God Fragment or Higher-Self indwells you.

Your soul is composed of Morontia matter. This material is a sublime blend of physical and spiritual energy. It allows the creation of bodies, planets and life forms of a frequency halfway between the physical and the spiritual worlds of the Superuniverses, Havona and Paradise Island. It is the matter of which the transitional Morontia worlds are made.

The Deities of the Trinity are capable of creating Perfect Creatures to their image and they just do it. They create the Paradise Creator Sons and Avonal Sons, as well as the Mother- Spirits of local universes and so many others.

However they will not create perfect creatures in a single life time coming out of animal life like you. Your souls must progress slowly through the physical life and all Morontia worlds of your local universe Nebadon to become newbie Spiritual Creatures.

All Morontia worlds of a local universe are not identical. The First Mansion world is a world in which the blending of material and spiritual energy tends more towards the material than to the spiritual. This is why life on this world will not look much different from yours. As you progress from one Morontia world to another you will see that the Morontia energy of these worlds will become more and more spiritual.

You will cross 570 worlds and 570 phases of transformation throughout your Morontia career in Nebadon before becoming a first stage Spiritual Creature on the Superior Morontia worlds of its headquarters Salvington.

It isn't only your Morontia body that will undergo transformations; your Morontia mind will also change through gradual association with the Cosmic Mind of the Superunivers.

The Morontia worlds of a local universe are worlds of successive progress in order to allow the fledgling soul to reach this first stage of a Spiritual Creature.

It is impossible for you to become a Perfected Spiritual Creature ready to stand before God in Paradise in one lifetime as claimed by some of your religions. This is why you must first experience all these Morontia worlds.

In the event that you developed your soul on Urantia beyond the First Mansion world, you will cross it faster like the following until you reach the Morontia world of your spiritual progress gained during your mortal life.

When your Thought adjuster indwells you as a Pure Spirit he is like a foreign element to you. He settles in your mortal mind without you being aware of it. Then he will slowly begin to adjust your mind to help you reach out for higher moral values, develop righteousness, sincerity, love for others and have a better understanding of the purpose of your life. He will give you challenges to get stronger, more courageous and hardworking.

This way your soul embryo will gradually grow during your physical life to become a fetus, then that fetus will grow by taking the shape of a baby ready to be born. The third step is the birth of an infant soul that is self-supporting and develops a starting Morontia mind with the help of her God Fragment. Your young soul will continue to grow during her mortal life by her actions and decisions. After physical death she will wake up on the First Mansion World to continue her progress on all Morontia worlds, the intermediate worlds which lie between the physical and the spiritual worlds.

Your Thought adjuster will no longer be a stranger to you during your Morontia life. You will communicate between each other much easier and more intense than on your planet of birth.

You have the possibility to reach this stage of communication during your mortal life and arrive at such levels of soul development that you will not experience physical death but will be transferred through the ‘circuitry of the Thought adjusters’ on the First Mansion world to fuse. Then you will be brought to the Superior Morontia worlds of Salvington where you will continue your perfecting.

That is why we want you to be aware that your Morontia career starts here, in this mortal life.

It is important, because you can reach already here the status of a creature ready to fuse of a Superior Morontia-Spiritual level if you make the effort. If you come so close to your God Fragment that he may control the Morontia mind of your soul and that your soul can control your mortal mind so that your body - soul - and Spirit become One.

Many humans possess this potential without knowing. You, who know, do not underestimate yourself: go ahead and make the effort. Plan your spiritual ambitions beyond your mortal life.

We reach out for you and our Melchizedek Morontia schools are wide open to you even during your mortal life.

Many people across your globe are taught during their sleep or their meditations in our theoretical and practical schools. They are from all religions and ethnic groups. We have even created special schools following the Lucifer rebellion, among others for the people of Urantia.

Don’t look at yourself as incapable and ignorant latecomers. Consider yourself as a starting Morontia soul in progression to Paradise Perfection.

Goodbye my friends, until next time.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.