The word M-AYA.

Session nr 6 of 5 February 2016- English translation – Original French.

Place : Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize. {Carole and Wivine}

Received by Wivine.

Visitors: Malvantra and Monsanloran Melchizedek.

Malvantra here: I am back to continue our conversation on the future of your soul.

We asked you to project your spiritual ambitions beyond your earthly life, beyond the First Mansion World, beyond the 570 stages of Morontia metamorphosis you have to pass after physical death so that your soul can become a 1st stage Spiritual Creature. You can reach this stage already here on Earth, the maximum stage a soul can reach on a physical planet.

Currently only few people on your planet achieve this but when your future generations will approach more and more the era of Light and Life, the era of Paradise Perfection, much more will succeed.

It is true that the duration of physical life plays a role in this because a longer lifespan full of experiences gives you more time and opportunity to develop.

However it’s no impossibility for you right now. What you are lacking when you reach this stage during your mortal life, by arriving directly on the Superior Morontia Worlds of Salvington, will be the experience of passing through all Morontia worlds.

In this case your ascension into the Spiritual Worlds of the Superuniverses will be delayed to give you the opportunity to study, observe and experience all that can be lived on the Morontia Worlds that you have surpassed.

You won't have to toil as others through them because by having reached this stage you will have a great advantage. However the experience of all situations is essential for the evolution of the soul, and this applies also to your mortal life. Certainly for souls destined to fuse with their God Fragment whose purpose is to attain Paradise and not to stay in the local universe of Nebadon.

Theoretical knowledge is essentially acquired when you have experienced it and when one is able to transmit it to souls who lie just behind.

All your ascension career is about experiences, learning and teaching. Even teaching others is a way of learning; it is then that you see your gaps. Being a good teacher is not an easy thing and demands a healthy humility, patience, kindness, understanding and speaking with full knowledge of the facts.

On all worlds of Morontia progression you will receive all sorts of tasks to perform and each one will ask efforts to do them well. There you cannot dodge or push away for another day what will be asked to do today.

On earth you can play this game if you're lazy, if you enjoy freedom without constraints but not there. Laziness or the glorification of your person will not be granted. The important thing will be the task and doing it the best you can. Someone who boasts his actions, prowess or new acquired capabilities blocks himself and this is also true for mortals on a material planet.

True humility comes with time; it is simple, fresh and realistic. It is realizing that you are all on the path, that you are not different from others; because it is a long and wonderful path of learning and being of service to others as well as the entire Universe.

Thank you, my Children.

Monsanloran here: Carole, I am back. Like you I came up against many problems that I had to solve.

My children, don’t worry for your trip to India. We thought to send you last summer (2015) to the side of Pakistan (Punjab-India) but had to delay your departure due to various circumstances. We finally decided to send you to India on the side of Bangladesh in West Bengal: Calcutta (Kolkata) and the Darjeeling region.

These are regions where different faiths live alongside each other: Vedic Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism and Islam. Don’t worry for this trip; everything will be alright if you follow our guidance to the letter.

You will be asked to create the 7th Memorial of the Victory of the Trinity on the Lucifer rebellion in locations we will indicate on-site. This Memorial will consist of three 'Light anchors': one for the Universal Father, one for the Eternal Son and one for the Infinite Spirit. It will be used first and for all to secure and stabilize the region of Nepal, Bhutan, ancient Tibet, Bangladesh and in India: Sikkim and West Bengal.

This Memorial will work hand in hand with the one created in Vietnam a few years ago to protect all of India, China, Siberia, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Korea and Japan as well as those countries and regions mentioned above.

These are ancient regions where we have been very active and where you will often find the word "M-AYA" - the Melchizedeks who work for Master Spirit nr 7 AYA - of your Superuniverse Orvonton; those who also perform tasks under the control of the administration of the Superuniverse.

The word “Maya” is very old and has different meanings depending on the region (Siberia, India, Central America, China, Japan, Nepal etc.).

We gave you a few years ago another meaning for the word MAYA in order to draw your attention to our ceaseless work for millennia, since the implementation of life on Earth. So that you may become aware of the presence of AYA and the Supreme Being of which AYA is the ‘Voice’.

There lived once on your planet in very ancient times a great people who traveled widely around your globe. This disappeared people possessed abilities that you would characterize as supra-human of which you can only dream of as well as high-tech. Some of them managed to reach such levels of spiritual development that they could get in touch with us, be aware of Aya - your Master Spirit as well as the Supreme Being - The Universal Mother.

They were aware of the Thought Adjuster, the Morontia worlds of the local universe Nebadon but also of the Spiritual worlds of the Superuniverses, Havona and Paradise. They were of course referring to it in other words than you. Their cities and sacred sites lie buried or have disappeared. You will still find in India a cult worshipping the “Great Mother of the Universes”.

It is to their sacred places we will take you. It may be that there is now a Christian Church, a Hindu temple, a mosque or a Buddhist monastery built above it or even that there is nothing left. This is why we don’t want you to plan anything right now apart from your flights and your hotel on arrival. Inform you more about these regions because this will help us to guide you on the spot.

You go there to help us establishing a lasting peace, as well as to receive a mountain of information of which some will increase your ability to use the Pure Energy of your God Fragment, your ability to co-create with God and increase your spiritual insight.

I didn’t say you'll see me. Perhaps someone else, a buddy of mine... we'll see. The Celestials are always full of surprises, isn't it?

This will be your last physical journey- mission you’ll do for us and it will be a considerable one.

I was pleased to see you back.

Oh, wait a moment, Malvantra makes me a sign.

He is asking me to confirm that when we speak in the Urantia Book about a 'disaster' that can always occur with the incarnation of a Paradise Son such as an Avonal Son in a Magisterial Mission, we are not talking about natural disasters on your globe. You have to understand this from our point of view. For us a 'disaster' means that he would not succeed in his mission, make a blunder or a huge mistake when he’s in the flesh as you. But this never happened, don’t worry.

Goodbye, my children.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.