Know thy enemy! Know thy Divine Power!

Session 7 of 27 February 2016 – English translation - Original French. – {corrected version of March,4, 2016 about birthday of Avonal Son in February,12 - 2015 and not 2012 as was indicated}

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize. {Carole and Wivine}

Received by Wivine.

Visitor: Monsoen Melchizedek.

{Note Wivine : the name « Monsoen » came to me in Dutch. I think to have the same pronunciation in English it must be “Monsoon” and in French “Monsoun”. I prefer personally to keep “Monsoen” because I received it that way.}

MONSOEN: I am Monsoen, a brother and friend of Monsanloran Melchizedek.

It’s a while I follow you, my girl, and that I try to contact you. We will go together in India and maybe we’ll see each other there. I'll be one of the first Melchizedeks which will come in the flesh through our usual method to help the Avonal Son, born January 12, 2015, in his mission as well as the Creator Son which has yet to be born.

These two Paradise Sons, brothers of Christ Michael, come here to support the bestowal mission of Jesus of Nazareth.

Under normal conditions there is a planetary Prince with his Staff and a planetary Adam to help spread and support the mission of a Paradise bestowal Son. Unfortunately Jesus didn’t have this facility 2,000 years ago and therefore we had to deal with it in a different way.

Christ Michael is the Supreme Sovereign of your local universe Nebadon and his bestowal planet Urantia where he lived as Jesus of Nazareth becomes therefor HIS personal planet.

You have been for 200,000 years in quarantine, cut of all spiritual circuits and information from the celestial universes. This situation has changed and we came back in force to make up for your lost time and rectify deviations from your evolution plan.

You have indeed been under influence of negative forces and beings that you didn't understand, which were a little smarter and better informed than you; but despite of this still many good things came out.

After the departure of Jesus - Christ Michael, all humans received an indwelling Fragment of God from their tender youth. This Spirit is like God, 'Pure Spirit and Pure Energy' and in constant and direct contact with his Source.

That means for you that if you consciously communicate with the Spirit that lives in you, that you know and love God by serving his Creation, you will become one day as God.

Be well aware that nothing is stronger than God, the Universal Father and that nothing can mess up His Plans.

What I mean by these simple words is that all negative forces and people who work with them on your planet are part of your past.

We had to take our time because the mercy of our father Christ Michael which goes far above your understanding demanded so. We could not act in full power to not dazzle you or restrain your freewill. You had to make your choice.

Now that more than half of your terrestrial population chose for the good, seek peace and wants to act to change things, we're here.

200 years ago your current civilization was subjected to viral and bacteriological infections but could not see a virus or bacteria. Your science was not sufficiently advanced to describe, see and combat these invisible enemies that caused so many diseases and devastating epidemics.

Now that this invisible enemy is known you could find cures to heal and protect you.

It is the same with negative forces and human creatures who work with and for them. You didn't know them. You didn't know how they maneuvered to enslave you, to close your spirit eyes and ears, to pull you away from your divine heritage and take it away from you.

So we had to use a trick with these malicious forces, creatures and humans who are against God and your Creator Son Christ Michael to expose them and show their demeaning face. We gave you a material information tool (internet) to inform you and we gave you the Energy from Paradise as well as the ability to work with the Pure Energy of your indwelling God Fragment to open your spiritual eyes and ears.

Why do you think? Because a knowledgeable person is an enlightened person who can make informed decisions.

Know thy enemy! Know thy God Power.

Now we say to you, those smart ones who live on the surface and in the entrails of this planet, whose motto is: "Divide et impera" - divide and conquer - to seize Earths resources and destroy its population....... we fooled you.

You are made of flesh and blood and your physical body is mortal: you die just like anyone else and those diseases you spread will turn against you and your offspring in another form. You'll be afflicted by blindness and your old methods will not help because we have changed the ‘codes’ and ‘rules’ of the game without your knowledge.

My beloved children, 'evil' can never win on your planet because it is not in charge.

There is a planetary Government in place who is not of flesh and blood, composed of extremely High Spiritual Beings who take their work very seriously. They are in charge of the religious, economic development and the well-being of your planet; they work with your Governments behind the scenes. They are invisible to you, but are truly present.

Their terrestrial army is composed by all of you, my children; by all who walk consciously or unconsciously with their indwelling God Spirit; by all who awakened to the Great Brotherhood of men and women on Urantia.

Inform you, my children, on the material plane through your information systems and on the spiritual plane by listening to your inner Divine Voice. A knowledgeable person is an enlightened person. Know your enemy, understand how he operates at all levels, and you will know how to address this problem with the help of all Celestials and God:

the Omnipresent - the Omniscient - the Omnipotent.

See you and it was a pleasure to meet you.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.