Meditation is in vogue.

Session nr 8 of 18 March 2016 –English translation - Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize. (Carole and Wivine)

Received by Wivine.

Visitor: Monsoen Melchizedek.

MONSOEN here: I'll tell you why so few people believe in God and even less in a good and friendly God. Why it is so difficult to explain others the existence of their indwelling God Fragment - the Adjuster, which comes from God and is God.

You meet many people from around the world in your village and all ethnic groups of the globe are represented in this small country of Belize. They live all together in peace. I'm not saying that there's no crime that is something else. But they respect the multitudes of beliefs of others and eat from each other’s table. This peace and tolerance for the beliefs and habits of others by the inhabitants and the State of Belize will continue as long as their political parties will not use religion as a political tool to put one against the other or if one ethnic group doesn’t start dominating and enslaving his fellowmen.

The knowledge of the indwelling God Spark, the Higher Self or the inner voice of the Holy Spirit is much more widespread than you may think. It is known in Africa, in some mystical and Gnostic Christian beliefs, in Islam, in India and many Asian countries under other names. But is not known by the masses because much is lost of this "old knowledge" or has been hidden.

Moreover most people prefer to follow a spiritual education with a priest, a master or a guru. They want rituals, masses, cults, songs and an intermediary between them and God when they practice all together their faith and receive guidance.

The human being is not ready to walk alone with God.

Or he rejects the concept of God due to the embezzlement and dogmas of the major organized religions from which he turns away to become an atheist, or someone who only believes in "Energies". Or he will turn to other beautiful philosophies like Buddhism who doesn't know God either but who has different types of meditations. Or he remains anchored in his ancestor’s cult and may adhere to other faiths.

Let us not forget 'New Age spiritualism' with its doctrine of reincarnation, which suggests that the human soul reincarnates almost eternally on a physical planet to continue its journey. Or Western yoga {different from the original Hindu Yogi who knows God, his God Fragment and his soul and who seeks to bring body- soul and Divine Spirit together through their practices} with its exercises and meditation that put them in a state of wonder and peace. And so on.

Don't speak about a personal God with whom you can have a personal relationship at any time because people are afraid of it and this is an ancestral fear.

People always had fear of a force, a supernatural intelligence that could judge them, punish them and to whom one had to make sacrifices, give food, and so on to receive its blessings.

And now I ask you: is there anything that has changed?

When people go to Church they give offerings, they burn candles, receive blessings and absolution for their sins from a priest to feel safe.

Confusion, fear and lack of correct information make that the awareness of the existence of this indwelling God Fragment, with everything that this includes and implies, will take time to flourish in every individual in all its beauty and its effervescence.

So don't worry, God has all the time. He is not in a hurry and His Fragments-Adjusters are very experienced. It’s not the novices that come here. They are very proficient and know what they can achieve with the person they inhabit.

God’s Plan is Perfect.

God loves differences; He doesn’t care how people love and honor Him. He is only interested in the heart and the motivation of the individual and there are thousands of celestial worlds where the souls of His children can continue safely their ascension towards Him.

You realized during your research that ‘meditation’ is pretty much in vogue these days; as well among the adversary of God and Christ as the atheists.

Even your science realized the benefits of meditation for the physical body and the psychic harmony of men, regardless the method and purpose. There are even companies and schools in Europe who advocate meditation, and have established it for their employees and students. You can follow all kinds of meditation courses in all continents of the globe: in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Russia, China, Japan, in Asian countries, India, ……name them, and it is a good thing, believe me.

Because during meditation you learn to put your far too busy mind at rest and during this mind rest your God Fragment can pass his message, even if you are not conscious of it or don’t believe in God. The soul still evolves and the individual that is slowly influenced by this Divine Wisdom becomes a better person.

On the other hand, if you believe in God, if you love Him with all your heart and practice ‘inner silence’ to communicate consciously with Him to receive His Wisdom …..... then your soul will advance at the speed of light.

If in addition you learn to submit to His Will while asking for His Means to help others…….. Then, then you will receive all Celestial Orders you need at your doorsteps to help you in your endeavor.

If on top of that you act effectively according to ‘their guidelines’ in a selfless way, without seeking too much personal glory, rewards or recognition of others…..... Then, then your soul will grow exponentially.

Thus don’t be outraged if the opposition follows the ‘new vogue of meditation' in its sophisms and slyness as they can no longer do otherwise without being overtaken by events.

They no longer have the support of their former celestial rebel leaders or their 'dark Morontia grid’, or their collaborators. Their material empire crumbles. The game is over for them. You don’t see it yet …….but we do know and they also know.

Until we meet again, goodbye. I'll discuss the other topics after Easter week-end.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.