They let them do!

Session nr 9 of 1rst April 2016 – recorded – English translation – Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize (Carole and Wivine)

Received by Wivine

Visitor: SIRAYA, Master Spirit nr. 1 of Superunivers nr. 1 – The Voice of The Universal Father.

Siraya spoke after 1h40min                     Total time meditation: 2h33min.

{Note Wivine: I read much in recent months and watched videos on lots of subjects. I came to understand that the Lucifer rebellion was done with debates and rhetoric’s at the level of the celestial worlds of Satania, our local System of inhabited planets, but those things had taken a different turn at planetary level in the 3rd dimension up to the 4th dimension: massacres and unprecedented brutal conflicts. It all brought me much confusion, too much disappointment and disbelief. My mood was going down and down and when I was guided to the Urantia book to find some answers I realized that the Ancients of Days had decreed to Gabriel that he had to let them do and it lasted nearly 200,000 years. They let them do these horrible things.

And here I lost it. Why did they allowed them to make such a mess on the planets and it is still not finished? I needed answers and I wanted them from my Father in Paradise and from nobody else. From Him and only from Him so great was my disappointment and distress. I have always been like this since I was young. There is only Him to which I turn when I am in despair, only Him. He had to explain me. He must have known, and there had to be another goal behind the ascension plan of souls, Angels, and everything that lives in the Grand Universe than reaching the state of Light and Life.

Next day Carole and I had a group meditation planned since a while and one hour before the meditation Monsoen Melchizedek asked me to bring my recorder with me and activate it because some Master Spirits would come to speak. What I did and it was true, they were there. Aya still wanted to talk after Siraya but I couldn't anymore. Two hours and a half is a long time for me.}

SIRAYA here: I am Siraya, Master Spirit nr 1 of Superunivers nr 1 – The Voice of the Universal Father.

It is in His Name that I am here to speak about the creation of the Isle of Paradise, Havona, then the seven Superuniverses which revolve around Havona and the four belts of outer space worlds that revolve around the seven Superuniverses.

When I wanted to create the Master Universe, I pulled out Me the personality of the Eternal Son-Mother. Then, in order to create all Superuniverses with their local universes, their constellations and local Systems of inhabited planets, we needed a third party to achieve our ideas and thus appeared the Infinite Spirit: a creation of Me and the Eternal Son-Mother. The three of us are the entity you call the Trinity.

When the Infinite Spirit arrived She created the Isle of Paradise with its sacred spheres and Havona with its 1 billion perfect worlds .The next step for us was the creation of the Supreme Being.

The Supreme Being is the next goal of all creation.

Remember the day, my girl, where the Supreme Being took you in her arms within herself. She showed you her shape that you compared to the shape of a huge 'tagine'. She held you in her arms and pushed you to look down and far away, all to the bottom you saw the seven Superuniverses revolving slowly counterclockwise around a central core that you couldn't see because a light beam rose from there to her head.

She showed you that around the seven Superuniverses there were 4 belts of stars that turned clockwise around the seven Superuniverses. She then showed you that she could let revolve the seven Superuniverses and the 4 outer space levels faster and faster, to illustrate her Almighty Power over the physical, morontia and spiritual energies-forces of the Master Universe.

You also saw that in all her grandeur she was empty; it is dark in her because the Master Universe is quite at the bottom of her shape and this means she still has plenty of space to fill. She made you understand after several trials that you had to listen and eventually you heard a sound similar to a regular heartbeat: the beat of her heart. Sound and light are the basis of the Creation.

Each Superunivers was created by a Master Spirit. Each Master Spirit represents an aspect of The Trinity:

Master Spirit nr 1 – The Universal Father - Siraya

Master Spirit nr 2 – The Eternal Son-Mother - Kuwaya

Master Spirit nr 3 : The Infinite Spirit.- Moiraya.

Master Spirit nr : The Universal Father and the Eternal Son-Mother.

Master Spirit nr 5 : The Universal Father and the Infinite Spirit.

Master Spirit nr 6 : The Eternal Son-Mother and the Infinite Spirit.

Master Spirit nr.7  of your Superunivers Orvonton:

- The Universal Father – The Eternal Son- The Infinite Spirit and he speaks also for The Supreme Being.

They have each different characteristics that you will experience in their respective Superuniverse, after you became a ‘Perfected Spiritual Creature’ in Paradise and joined the 'Corps of the Finality of glorified mortals'.

When we told you that one day you would return on your planet to complete your education as ‘Creator Sons and Daughters of a new type’ we didn’t mean as a mortal. You will return on Urantia when your planet has reached the Paradise state or the full stage of 'Light and Life' as a Perfected and Experienced Spiritual Creature to complete your education as new creators who will work in the outer space levels during the next era of the Universes. You will come back here after you will have covered all Superuniverses to finalize your experience in the seven aspects of the Trinity.

All these Superuniverses with their billions of inhabited planets exist to allow a human soul to become a Perfected Spiritual Creature by experience. They all have different types of humans whose souls grow first on their physical planet, then on the morontia worlds and later on the spiritual worlds.

It is the experience that is essential during your ascension and for your future status in the Supreme Being and that experience begins now, in your current life which is extremely important.

It is obvious that it’s a long way to go; it is part of your eternal life. It is a path full of adventures where you will never be bored, where you can work hard as well as have fun, where you can demonstrate your skills as you wish. You can always be of service starting in the local System, then the Constellation, next –Salvington- capital of your local universe, then the sectors of the Superuniverse, followed by Havona and Paradise and so on.

When the Deities of the Paradise Trinity create their Creator Sons with their Conjoint the Mother Spirits, as well as other Paradise Sons and Daughters, it is to create and administer the 100,000 local universes of a Superuniverse.

The Creator Sons and Mother Spirits represent all the power, wisdom and creative capacity of the Paradise Deities in a local universe as Nebadon. They ‘represent’ us from all points of view in a local universe. They are ‘US ' for you.

A Creator Son receives a location in a Superuniverse to organize his local universe in which he will create with his Mother Spirit celestial beings of different Orders. They create some Orders together and others individually. They create together the Order of Melchizedeks, of the Vorondadek, of the Lanonandek, the Life Carriers and the Archangels and many others.

However the Orders of the Seraphim (Angels of different types) are the creation of Mother Spirit and the Material Sons and Daughters (Adam's and Eve's) are created by the Creator Son. The Adam's and Eve's, sublime half-material/half-spiritual beings live most of the time on the headquarters of a local System of inhabitable planets. They go as pairs on a planetary mission to become the new superhuman rulers of that world and upgrade human DNA when mortals have reached the maximum biological evolution. It is their offspring after many generations, which is intended to blend with the human races to enhance their immune system, their intellectual abilities and spiritual contact.

My Plan was to create souls who could become perfect in My Image if they so wish and that I had not created directly. Souls that through a gradual ascension with the help of one of My Fragments could evolve into perfection due to their desire to become like Me and out of love for Me.

The real purpose of all creatures of this current creation is the role of paramount importance they will play in the ‘next era of the universes’ thanks to all the experiences they lived; in the next development of the Supreme Being when She will receive all powers and rule over the Master Universe. This includes the God Fragments that are working in the local universes, the descending Sons and Daughters of Paradise, Celestials of Havona and the Superuniverses and of course human souls and Celestials of the local universes.

Then all human souls and Celestials of the local universes destined to reach Paradise after a long ascension will all be Perfected Spiritual Creatures in my Image and Likeness. Not because I have created them as such, but because they wanted to become like Me voluntarily and with their hearts. When all of the Superuniverses will be anchored in Light and Life, all creatures of the universes will know Me and serve Me out of love and conviction as well as the Supreme Being in the next era of the Master Universe.

I knew, my child, that the risk of rebellion against Me and My Creator Sons would exist the more we descended the echelons of celestial beings in a local universe. Rebellions are always against Me, against the Creator Son, against the Administration of the Superuniverse because the Administration and Justice of a Superuniverse have a role to play in the local universe of a Creator Son.

It must be understood that not only humans receive free-will. All Creatures of Paradise, Havona, the Superuniverse and the local universes who receive a 'personality' from Me have automatically 'free-will’. They all have the right to accept or reject Me.

The danger of a rebellion doesn’t come so much from the Creatures created by The Trinity but starts from the 3rd Order of Beings created in a local universe who become rulers of a Local System of inhabited planets and their planetary Princes with the Seraphim and Morontia Beings who serve them. The danger exists when they live further from Me.

Most of the time rebellions brake out during the period where a Creator Son does his seven bestowals. Once he has received all powers over his local universe and became a solitary Supreme Master Sovereign it is not possible anymore.

Creator Sons must to this end experience a life in each of their created Orders and the last, the seventh bestowal, is to live a human life.

It was during the preparation of this human life that Lucifer, then Sovereign of your local System of inhabited planets Satania, decided to follow his own path and rejected Me as well as My Son Christ Michael. He wanted freedom of action without intervention of the Administration and Justice of the Superuniverse or Nebadon and rejected the ascension Plan of your souls to Me. What was the purpose of it, if in his opinion, I didn’t even exist.

When Gabriel, the Bright and Morning Star and first born of Christ Michael and Mother Spirit, heard the sophistries of Lucifer who sought followers for his new theories, he decided to stay on Jerusem- capital of Satania- to follow the development of his speeches. When Lucifer won over 37 planetary Princes to his cause and made his Declaration of Liberty on the sea of glass of Jerusem with his white, red and black flag, Gabriel made an appeal to the Ancients of Days to destroy these rebels.

The Ancient of Days are Supreme Trinity Personalities and are the rulers of Orvonton – your Superuniverse.

Indeed, they said to let them do as long as there was no one else able to stand against or replace them and that it would end anyway after the final bestowal of Christ Michael.

Meanwhile Lucifer and his rebel planetary Princes with all angels and celestials that followed them were able to organize as they wished. Of course that these planets were put in spiritual quarantine and interplanetary telecommunications were cut. Even the local System Satania was placed in a kind of quarantine for a while so that this insurgency wouldn’t exceed its boundaries and infect the rest of your local universe Nebadon.

Then why let them do during 200,000 years? Well, because it is My Will.

Because they all received a 'personality' of Me which gives them the right to make their own choices. Because I want that each Celestial personality and soul come to me of their own will and serve Me as well as My Creation voluntarily and out of love; that all accept My Order and Laws in all universes by conviction from the top to the bottom.

They are therefore entitled as well as you to reject Me and will receive the possibility to act as they want for a time and I say well for a time, hoping that they will change their mind and come back willingly to Me, My Son, My Administration and My Laws when they realize their mistakes.

When Christ Michael ended his life on Urantia as Jesus of Nazareth and became Supreme Master Sovereign of Nebadon he asked the Ancients of Days the final judgment of all main actors of the rebellion. Lucifer and all serious cases were placed in the meantime on a prison planet around Jerusem. Caligastia and Satan could still move around on the rebel planets for a while but had since long no governing powers anymore.

Why? Well, a Creator Son, even as Master Sovereign, cannot judge his own created sons. Only the Ancients of Days of the Superuniverse are entitled to do so. He may solve all problems in his local universe for smooth functioning but not those serious cases where de-creation may occur, nor his own sons.

It is not because the great leaders of this rebellion are gone now that there is no debris left of their actions and I will not dwell on all planets that have suffered of it.

It is true that when a complete local System of inhabited planets is anchored in Light and Life one can do things that are totally forbidden if this is not the case as it is too dangerous.

You must understand that the planetary Prince, his celestial assistants as well as his corporeal staff of supra-humans, possessed mind abilities and intellectual knowledge about physical, morontia and spiritual Energy that goes beyond your understanding.

Explaining this in detail what it is would not help because you wouldn’t understand. It suffices to say that the experiences they have done with their mind powers, on genetic level, with physical and morontia energy have caused huge disasters, among others in your solar system and on your planet.

Your historians, geologists, archaeologists and geneticists did discover sites and things that astonished them and indeed these are not described in the Urantia book.

Unfortunately they experimented again on your planet with these ancient technologies, genetic experiments, nuclear energies and worse of which they don’t know all dangers. These are energies-technologies of which they are totally unable to repair the caused damage let alone control them. They are again ready to run into a disaster in their race for power over your planet and possession of its raw materials.

Only now things are different, there is no “let them do” anymore. My Son, Christ Michael, has full power over Nebadon and the ongoing judgment of the rebellion for some celestials is not relevant.

Yes, there were and still are many ends of world predictions due to the sinking of continents by tsunamis, the rise of oceans, the use of nuclear weapons to destroy nations, 3rd world war, flipping of earth’s magnetic field and so on. They have always been good at it. Even your Nostradamus, dead for nearly 500 years, still continues to predict new disasters. People will eventually get bored by seeing that nothing happens.

End of world in the year 2,000 ? Nothing.

End of world in December 2,012 ? Nothing.

End of world in 2016 ? Nothing, you will see ! They love to scare.

A 3rd World War starting in the Middle East? Pffff, it’s 25 years they try.

No, my children, nothing so dramatic will happen because it is not in My Plans or those of My Son. It is his bestowal planet as a mortal and he has no intention to give anyone the opportunity to let it explode. He set everything up to avoid an intra-planetary disaster in your solar system like it happened over 100,000 years and even closer 70,000 years and 12,000 years ago on your planet.

We are not going into details on these sunken continents, on these destroyed planets of which debris is still floating around in your solar system, it isn’t important anymore, it is the past.

But be certain of one thing: this will not happen again.

Now let’s move on to another topic about which you are concerned. There are a lot of books and articles that boast the use of drugs, psychotropic drugs, ormus or monoatomic gold for mystical and spiritual experiences during meditation.

These products were used all times by Kings, High Priests and Shamans after the rebellion for greater intelligence and entering the Spirit world. Unfortunately what you’ll see when you use these products are low entities, dark thought forms, creatures that may seem angelic but are not. All these forms, entities and creatures can influence you, sometimes speak to you, even touch you because by using these products you open up to their dimensions.

You only receive True spiritual insight when you engage with My indwelling God Fragment during your moments of silence or meditation without using drugs, psychotropic drugs or alcohol.

I recommend all those wishing to achieve higher levels of spiritual insight which for us start at the level of the 1st Mansion World, and not with what is hanging around your planet, to not use these products when you want to meditate or send Energy of the Universe. Don't fool yourself and I also speak of cannabis that can be just as dangerous in this case.

You also read quite a lot about rehabilitation programs of rebel angels and incarnations of star children on your planet and other topics in this style.

I’ll answer here instead of My Son, Christ Michael.

No Seraphim, from the lowest Order to the highest, has the right to incarnate in a human physical body because they are from another essence than you. If they want to follow, as you do, the path of ascension to Paradise we provided a program for them on the celestial worlds.

Concerning those angels who participated in the rebellion, their trial is underway and there are rehabilitation programs, but no incarnation in a human body will be provided, no way.

All these stories of star children, incarnated angels come from ancient legends, a misunderstanding of your populations concerning these 100 morontia souls who came here with the planetary Prince 500,000 years ago and incarnated in a manufactured Supra human physical body. They told people that they came from a faraway celestial world or stars to help your populations and that their souls would return once their mission was complete.

These great immortal beings travelled in your different continents for more than 300,000 years. Those who took part in the rebellion became subsequently mortal and blended with your populations.

Van and Amadon were the only ones of these '100' which remained here as immortal super beings for 450,000 years and left only after the arrival of Adam and Eve 37,000 years ago.

Adam and Eve also received special supra-human immortal bodies and came also from the morontia worlds or stars to help your populations. Their first descendants were also immortal supra human beings, but this decreased after each generation. Adam and Eve and their descendants also became mortal after their evaluation error and their descendants blended also with your populations.

If we push you both a bit to read and understand how those who are against Me work and act, those who deny My existence, those who still worship Lucifer, that is because you have to learn to distinguish truth from lie, to rise above this immense confusion that still exists on Urantia.

Because you have to take the next step, the ultimate step in your development, in your ability to use the Pure Energy of your God Fragment to help us make the necessary spiritual transformations for humanity. You will be helped by others that you don’t know. There are still capable shamans and descendants of those former supra-humans who possess superhuman abilities and who are aware of My existence and the existence of My indwelling Fragment in Africa, the Americas, India, Asia and Russia. Then don’t worry, you are not alone but you don’t need to meet them.

However, to reach the latter it requires that you learn to master all your fears and doubts. You arrived at a good level thanks to your experiences with the cleaning of the 'dark Morontia grid of Caligastia' but you have to take one more step.

Thus, my lady, I came on your call. If today the Master Spirits found it easier to talk to you during your meditation via reflectivity that is because then your mind is drained of all emotion and hassle.

However, we wish that you learn to note the messages of the Melchizedeks and other celestial personalities of the local universe without being in deep meditation. We have our reasons to ask this.

Au revoir, My Ladies, we’ll meet in Paradise.


For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.