Signature in the Cell.

Session nr 10 of 19 April 2016 –English translation - Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize. (Carole and Wivine).

Received by Wivine.

Visiteur : Kuwaya – Master Spirit nr 2 of Superunivers nr 2 – The Voice of The Eternal Son-Mother.

{Note Wivine : while searching scientific popularization about genetics, the primary human history and so on, I stumbled over a presentation by Stephen Meyer, a scientific philosopher trained at the University of Cambridge, for his book "Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design. In which he explained that the origin of DNA or genetic information in a cell could only come from an intelligent source.

I said to myself: bravo, science which always considered existence as purely material, aimlessly - style Darwin - finally found God. But hey, that God exists I know; this brings me nothing more. Then I read a question of a scientific journalist's about this topic: ‘how did this genetic information that came from God or an intelligent source arrived in this first living cell and how does this genetic information manages to create one day an intelligent human being? OEPS? It's true! How?

Back in the Urantia Book to see what is described on the subject. After reading several papers concerning the Life Carriers, my head turned: I didn’t know anymore where the head or the tail of the fish was. Too much information! I mixed everything. I ended up calling desperately for help by asking if there was someone who could explain me this in simple words. You have to understand: I do not have superior intelligence. Nevertheless I like to know and understand everything.}

Kuwaya here: I am Master Spirit nr 2 of Superunivers nr 2 – The Voice of The Eternal Son-Mother.

Hello, my children, I came to explain the creation of a human on a planet in time and space. Time and space go hand in hand and the organization of the space in which you live influences the time delay in your environment.

A human being looks at the evolution of the universe through the time limitation of his own earthly life. However the Sons of God of your local universe Nebadon, created by Christ Michael and your Mother Spirit, have eternal life and watch the evolution of a planet over millions of years without becoming impatient. We, the Deities of the Trinity, don’t know time. Everything is present around us: past - present - future and we love stories that end well.

The creation of the seven Superuniverses, with their local universes and planetary life is not a game of chance. Among the Creatures created by the Deities of Paradise there are Architects who designed the plans of the Superuniverses with their local universes containing Constellations and local Systems of inhabitable planets.

There are also Architects who designed with Me the plans for material and intelligent life on a planet.

This means that any form of intelligent physical life is preconceived in Paradise and Havona according to well defined plans. These plans may be modified according to the geophysical conditions of a planet and to improve the genetic formulas of microscopic cells out of which will appear one day human life after a slow evolution of all kinds of plant species, fish, reptiles, birds and mammals.

There are various basic genetic concepts that allow flexibility in the creation of life on material worlds but no great changes in these concepts are allowed, nor the creation of new life forms, without My Permission. These decisions are delegated in Nebadon to My Creator Son, Christ Michael, with whom I am in constant communication.

The Creator Son and his Conjoint, your Mother Spirit created the Sons of God of this local universe. They started with Gabriel - the Bright and Morning Star – of which there is only one; next the Order of the Melchizedeks and so on, to finish with the Order of the Life Carriers.

The Order of the Life Carriers wasn’t created only by Christ Michael and your Mother Spirit; one of the three Ancients of Days of your Superuniverse participated. I remind you that the Ancients of Days are the Rulers of the Superuniverse and only they decide on the destruction of life. It doesn’t matter if it is physical life, souls, Morontia or Spiritual Beings. Thus it is logic that they participate in the creation of life on planets through the Co-creation of the Order of Life Carriers.

Life Carriers can be compared to geneticists who develop germ plasma in their laboratories to implement afterwards on material worlds where they transmit the “breath of life” to the cells.

They have their own Morontia world that revolves around Salvington - capital of Nebadon. This world has six satellites and on one of these satellites there are advisors and assistants from Paradise, Havona and Uversa - capital of your Superuniverse - who supervise and advise the oldest and most experienced Life Carriers on the life patterns.

Each Superuniverse has its basic life patterns which can be adapted according to the decisions of the Creator Son of a local universe. Christ Michael has made his own choices for Nebadon in these life patterns conceived by Aya, Master Spirit of Orvonton - your Superuniverse nr.7.

Life Carriers always work under the supervision of Melchizedeks, as well in their labs as in establishing life on a physical world. They usually arrive on a planet with a group of 1,200 members and 12 Melchizedek supervisors.

When they receive the signal that a planet will soon be ready for life implementation, they go on the planet to study the geophysical conditions; then they confer with their superiors. In the case of an experimental planet like yours they may for example make changes to improve the functioning of the physical body or let appear primitive humans faster than usual.

If the changes are significant they must receive permission from Christ Michael. As soon as they receive authorization for all projects they want to undertake they start their laboratory research on germ cells that don’t have the 'breath of life' and therefore unable to procreate. These basic genetic formulas must possess from the beginning all codifications for the transformations that will lead to ‘man’ and that is why these cells are first tested thousands of times in a lab before the final decision is taken to implement them on a planet.

The genetic information in DNA of basic life plasma has therefore since the beginning all necessary codes to let appear one day different pre-human species that will blend and evolve until the first couple appears of primitive men in one family. This process needs a slow evolution starting with microscopic life, plants, crustaceans, fish, reptiles, birds until the appearance of mammals.

Mutations are always suddenly and always in a single specimen of a category of plants, fish, animals, from one family of mammals or prehumen’s.

Here it was a frog, Yes just one, which had in it all the genetics needed to make appear one day mammals that would lead to the birth of the intelligent primitive man.

The intelligent primitive man that may receive a 'personality' with a creative will, able to make decisions and moral choices, to improve his living conditions, have many human feelings, capable to search and love a Universal Creator and receive a God Fragment or Thought Adjuster for the creation of his eternal soul.

The emergence of intelligent life on your planet was not spontaneous; it was intelligently formulated and implemented with the agreement of Christ Michael (Jesus). It is only after implementation that the evolution of biological and mental life takes its course and its time according to the geophysical conditions of the planet.

Life Carriers will always work in a lab on material that is not able to procreate. It is only when they are on the planet to implement the formulated and codified cells that your Mother Spirit will pass her spiritual 'breath of life' to these cells to enable them to develop and procreate. Without the contribution of the 'breath of life' from your Mother Spirit through the Life Carriers, no cell could multiply or any complex organization as your physical body could procreate.

The creation of primary organic electrochemical material, not yet able to respond intelligently to stimuli from the environment, is the result of a close collaboration between the Master Physical Controllers, the Seven Master Spirits and Life Carriers.

It is their joint activity that gives the basis for the creation of living organisms; organisms that can learn from experience by interacting with their environment.

Living organisms on which the spiritual circuits of the seven mind adjutants can connect one after another to stimulate the material mind-intelligence of plant and animal species that systematically arise during the evolution of biological life.

The purpose of biological evolution, of all Creation, is to create a dedicated 'human being', able to make good moral and religious choices and smart decisions. Humans who will eventually find and worship God; of which the morontia soul has the potential to eventually become a ‘Perfected Spiritual Creature’ through fusion with its Thought Adjuster. Man ascending to God and God descending towards man.

An "impulse" to search perfection is introduced from the beginning in the germ plasma. This “impulse” pushes each cell, each organism to develop and improve to survive and adapt to its environment and thus stimulates biological evolution of plants and animals.

From the moment that primitive man receives his Thought Adjuster, his God Fragment - his eternal soul is created. It is then that this "impulse" in biological life will be translated in the human brain as a search for ever higher spiritual wisdom, a search and worship of God and eventually in a need to improve, to become perfect as God.

Thank you, my children, have a nice day.


For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.