Session nr 11 of 29 April 2016 –English translation -  Original Dutch.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize. {Carole and Wivine}.

Received by Wivine.

Visitor: Monsoen Melchizedek.

Monsoen here: my girl, there are huge and beautiful upcoming changes that nobody expected. Finally, there is a new wind of change and prosperity that will blow after all disaster scenarios of which you have been inundated.

Each change requires adaptation and it will be difficult for many, especially for older people. The youth is ready and certainly the generation of children born in this century, as well as those who will be born.

They will surf on this new wave as blessed ones and sweep along their parents with their enthusiasm.

A long struggle is finally completed between those who loved God and those who hated Him, as well on the celestial morontia worlds as on the worlds of time and space to which you belong.

One will not think anymore in races or skin color, intelligent or stupid, in rich or poor.

The power struggle between Luciferian thinking and Christ Consciousness has tumbled. The Christ Consciousness triumphed. How could it be otherwise?

The ethnic groups that have been disadvantaged due to the Luciferian influence will be able to return to their original faith without persecution. Those who have kept secret their true spiritual knowledge on the American continents and in Africa will be again heard and respected.

We have heard the call of the "Afrikaner" long ago and are actively busy with the Race Commissioners to rebuild this continent with its beautiful people. Good trading partners will come to meet them and African leaders will emerge that will put the welfare of their people at the forefront……… and not only in Africa.

African leaders will be respected and heard in the future. Africa has known great civilizations that travelled to several continents thousands of years ago.

Your people knew architecture, mathematics, metallurgy and carpentry. You had many books and could read and write long before the Arabs and Europeans swept over you and destroyed your cultural heritage.

When Machiventa Melchizedek incarnated here about 4,000 years ago to elevate humanity spiritually worldwide, his succeeding emissaries visited all Africa, each nation and each tribe who lived there.

The caste and slavery systems in all its shapes will disappear everywhere in the world. All will be treated equally as brothers and sisters under One Great Creator, regardless of how He is called.

God knows only two kinds of people: those who love Him and those who don't.

Nations and countries, large and small, will unite on other foundations than in the past. Respect for the sovereignty of each country and the people will be essential as well as honest commercial, scientific, technological and educational exchange with a sustainable monetary system.

Destructive technologies for people and planet will be put in the closet and destroyed afterwards. If the great powers don’t do it themselves, we will take care of it.

Don’t be afraid, my girl, they already know that but they don’t like to talk about it. Humans can make themselves invisible for a human but not for us.

These destructive technologies and energies were symbolized by the "black circle" on the flag of Lucifer when he declared secession with the High Leaders of the Universe. The flag of Lucifer was white - in the middle a red circle and in the red circle a black circle. Many of those who have perpetrated destruction, genocide and racial discrimination during the last century had these colors in their banners, and some still exist.

New technologies and energies that will not produce pollution or destruction will come back slowly but surely. They exist, but we have no intention of causing drama or global economic crises.

Many countries will form new alliances for economic reasons and this primitive, aggressive behavior following that thirst for power of government leaders will not be accepted anymore by the people.

Transparency, courtesy and economic exchange will become the new vogue among Nations and within each Nation.

We work since a long time with the Most High of your Constellation in all areas to achieve this change on the material and spiritual level. We work in your governments, in science, organized religions, spiritual and para-spiritual structured organizations.

We work with people and will do so much more in the future to bring about a change of mentality where people will be in peacefulness and have respect for man, animal and nature.

Thank all men and women who cooperated in this for many years and who are still alive. Thank all men and women who gave their lives so that all mankind would know Freedom, Peace, Prosperity, Love and Enlightenment.

They posed with us the very foundation on which the populations of today and the future will continue to develop on the condition that they make the right choices; that they choose for righteousness, honesty, sincerity, openness and have respect for each individual and their environment.

The indwelling God Spark which lives in every human being on this planet and the others of the Celestial Family such as the Midwayers and the Angels will certainly do their work. Now it’s up to you to do yours.

There is already a Paradise Son born and a second will follow to give support to the 'Millennium of peace and spiritual enlightenment'.

The Spirit of Jesus and his presence will be felt increasingly among those who will turn to him and are closely associated with him.

Mother Spirit will also speak to people in all populations through her Superior Seraphim and the help of the Power Directors. Although she will be called differently everywhere her comforting words will bring peace and happiness in the hearts of every man, woman and child.

Roll up your sleeves because there is work. We are ready, now it’s up to you.

I am Monsoen Melchizedek.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.