Receiving higher spiritual truths.

Session nr 12 of 6 May 2016 – English translation– Original Dutch.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize. (Carole, Wivine)

Received by Wivine.

Visitor: Monssoen Melchizedek. (I added a 's’ to his name because when he comes he says Monssssssoen. I hope that he’s happy with it.)

{Note Wivine: recently different European Urantia Book readers did contact me by email. They told me that they read our sessions and from a session they would look sometimes for the corresponding Papers in the Urantia Book and encouraged me to continue. I had tears in my eyes; I never expected this.

On top of that I received the day before yesterday an email from a gentleman of an African country who wrote me the following in French:

Hello how are you doing? My name is M… and I'm Angolan (Africa) and also a reader of the Urantia book.

Last year, I met your site (Mezzaverde) of which I read all the posts and I am always ready to include a new one. I admire your work and your group, and I give thanks to the Universal Father for the capability that you acquired over the years.

As for me, I would like you to help me communicate with my Thought Adjuster and other Celestials just as you do, if you want to. I practice meditation, but I'm not sure to do it well so I would like to receive advice from someone who has practice.

I don’t speak very well French but I understand it or otherwise I write a text in my language which is Portuguese and then translate it into French.

Att. M.

I didn't understand what was happening or how to react. I've never put my email address on my web site, and yet people find me. So I asked council.

I am Monssoen: what is happening now is only the visible part of the iceberg. Much more will come of this kind and you'll help people otherwise. It is important to understand that not all are interested in working with the Energies. Follow very well our guidance to be able to give each person what she or he needs.

You cannot read in other people’s minds, but we can. Then trust us.

Let's talk about the Urantia Book and the Bible.

Both are read and studied in the Christian world. You, like many others, chose to read the Urantia Book at some point in your life. You do your best to find wisdom, explanations and answers in it on which we then expand.

Receiving directly higher spiritual truths is not obvious for a human being and neither is it obvious for the Spiritual World to answer your questions.

A person who prays to God and asks questions about the survival of the soul, what happened to relatives who have already left Earth, how the Cosmos appeared and many other things, are always heard. However the answer doesn’t always come instantly and there are several reasons for this.

1)   Is the Spiritual World able to give a clear and understandable answer to this person? If not, that person will have to wait until he or she arrives on the Morontia worlds or sometimes even Paradise before getting all answers to his questions.

2)    If a person has a belief system containing false truths, with in addition a few superstitions, it becomes even more difficult for us.

3)    There are also people who ask questions but who have not the patience to wait for an answer.

4)   There are even people with questions whose minds are completely inaccessible to the Spiritual World.

5)    And so on.

Therefore it is an advantage for humans as well as for us that there is a ‘Book’ that they can study. A ‘Book’ that contains truths, even if it is a difficult one, can still be understood with the help of others or ours.

These people then have a great advantage if they apply this knowledge in their daily lives. They will then meditate upon many topics of which many answers can be found in the ‘Book’.

If necessary we, the Thought Adjuster or the Angels can offer a helping hand through symbols during their meditations or moments of silence; or indirectly through other people, TV programs, other books or via intuitive thoughts that appear suddenly.

It provides the Spiritual World a framework and a basis to respond more easily.

We knew that the people with whom you started in Belize had a problem:

- the Mayas spoke and read barely English.

- another person grew up with the Bible and had problems to switch to another ‘Book’.

- another didn’t like to read, and so on.

This is why we invited you to always seek first your answers in the Urantia Book and if you still did not understand then the Spiritual World would give you a helping hand to sort things out.

This way the others in your group obtained also information from the ‘Book’ and learned about the different Orders of Celestials who spoke to them.

The ‘Book’ became alive. Knowledge became alive and could stimulate the growth of your souls. Thanks to our interaction with you all, we became a reality you could live. All have actually felt our presence during the meditations and when we talked and this experience will never leave anyone of you.

We could connect you differently to the Spiritual World during your group meditations and following your increasing abilities to work with The Energies. The goal was to help you feel and hear better our guidance to do your work during your actual travels, your bilocation exercises and to answer your questions.

Compare it to install new cables for television and telephone.

Meanwhile much has changed; the "Light grid of the Melchizedeks" is in place and does his job.

Thanks to this we will be able in the future to better assist those who wish to contact us directly in order to serve their brethren selflessly. For some this will be easier than for others.

This is why we send you at the moment these people so that you can help them stand on their own legs with your experience and abilities and they will come from all over the world.

Don’t worry, my girl, we will sweep aside the curious, the sneaky and those who want to play tricks on you. Thus follow always our guidance when you answer.

This is something new for you and for us. So, let’s go for it or are you still suspicious because of your bad experiences in the past?

OK, let’s go for it! Trust us and don’t let all this attention go to your head or it’ll be you that we’ll have to sweep aside.

Take care and goodbye everybody!



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.