Return Maya Cosmic Masters

Part 20 - 2011

Session 37 the 3rd July 2011 – recorded - English translation – Original French.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present: Kathy

{Note: I was alone, a little gloomy and sad that day and I wasn’t very keen to spend hours in caves full of skeletons, I am 58years and not very sporty, you understand? The Maya consider them as their sacred caves and they tell full of doleful stories about them……so imagine... I needed a little encouragement, certainly because the Mayas had more fear than I had and we had to pass the place where they stop and tell that there is a risk of not coming back and things like that. I had to show me strong, confident, sure of myself… the style... "Forward the battalion, the Victory is ours!"}

Received by KATHY

Visitor: KUWAYA, Master Spirit n°2 of Superunivers n°2 called Orvando, The Voice of The Eternal Son-Mother.

KUWAYA spoke after 45min of meditation Total time meditation: 1h05min

KUWAYA: This is Kuwaya here. I am your Eternal Mum and I just come to encourage you in the work that you do to help my Sons to transform this planet in a little jewel for The Father and for all Finaliters. Yes, the first lesson that you received yesterday, or your second for the invisible ones like you call them, is already a preparation for those schools which will study the Rebellion. This is why it's placed under the direction of Malvantra Melchizedek, because it has a connection with the studies of the Rebellion done in the schools on Edentia.

One day you will come back here to study. You will come back to visit this planet where you worked and grew up. Don’t underestimate what you and the others are doing. It takes a lot of courage, soul greatness and trust to undertake this work. We are here to help you all. One day they will speak about your group and once you will come out of your secrecy you will help with the training of others.

I have no revelations today but I came to encourage you for what you're going to do next Wednesday with the others. We prepare you more and more for the communication system with Reflectivity to show you pictures and things that you need to see and sometimes to give you a bit fun. We are in admiration for the courage of all of you and you have our support. Do not forget this. For the moment everyone has so much to do and I wanted to encourage you.

Thank you my little one, thanks to everyone for your courage and to accept to do this dangerous work. Good bye. This was KUWAYA who spoke.

SIRAYA here: The Voice of The Universal Father. My child, your Universal Father, to whom you are evolving a little bit faster than you think, but still, is looking forward to you. He thanks you for your desire to do this job co-creatively with Him and His Sons. He encourages you and also the others for your work on Wednesday. We will explain you more afterwards and will try to show you the actual work that you are doing so that you have a better idea of it.

Already, the dark forces start to be absorbed slowly by your Light Anchor here in Placencia and the Cockscomb one. The more you will create them at strategic points, the more it will be absorbed. They can no longer continue doing things their way, they will be blocked. We will break this network which has been maintained for so long and we will release all together, with your help, the souls who were detained here.

{Note Kathy: Carole saw them leave this Earth by the millions many months later. They were from all races, from all types of age and era’s, going all together to a heavenly Light that attracted them in which they disappeared}

All those who have yet to make their choices and who must follow schooling, will follow this at your place. Don't worry, you'll learn with them. Making a study of this rebellion is something very important for the local universe and for all other local universes and thus for the entire Superunivers. It is a very important matter. You will better understand why later.

These schools were already placed on Edentia a long time ago to investigate this. And now you're studying it as well and the more you will study this, the better you will understand it. This will already be a schooling that will give you a kind of diploma to continue your path. Others in your group will also receive their diploma. There are older and younger ones in your group, more experienced and less experienced ones. But everyone will be according to their desires, the work and the efforts they make, obtain the requested level.

What you do here is like a small primary school of what these schools will become for those that will study the Rebellion here on Urantia. It is used for the moment to help the invisible souls and later they will develop in major universities. A rebellion is something that can explode across all local universes and it is a serious matter. This Superunivers is young, all these constellations and planetary systems are young, as well as your local universe and therefore it is important to be able to study this. This are still experiences that not all (local universes) have undergone and it has to be studied to know how to address this problem and understand its origin.

Urantia will become like a Memorial for this rebellion as you have them for the 2nd World War in Europe and other wars in the world. It is here that later one will come to study everything which caused it, all the good and evil that came out of it and how we could come up with a solution that this happens no more. We explain this to you this way so that you can understand a little bit the magnitude of your mission and the importance of what you are implementing here.

You are working on 3 things:

These are the 3 important things that I wanted to communicate you personally.

So don’t underestimate the role you are playing. There is always someone needed to start and implement things and without knowing it you did it. You are unknown, no one refers to you. It is better like this. Let others call them as they want. There will come a time where your names will be known and admired for the work you wanted to undertake and you are doing now at an embryonic and very small stage. One day one will speak about your courage. It will be on the lips of all Angels as they have done for other heroes of the Rebellion. You are the heroes of the post-war period, of the aftermath of the Rebellion.

We read in your hearts. We know that somewhere you love to help and you love to do this and that you enjoy it. Then keep this joy, because the results are already felt. If you had not been a danger to those who wanted to maintain this network for their own needs there was no need to strengthen you. This means that you are dangerous for them and important for us and for all humanity.

Don't worry, they cannot harm you. You have battalions and garrisons of Angels around you, no one can approach you. You can do your job in peace as long as you stay hidden, simple and humble the time you will be asked to stay in the shadows and don’t search publicity in what you do.

Believe me what you do is extremely important and you're the only ones at this moment that volunteered for this; who knows very well the negative effects of this and requested our assistance.

And now we're here.

The Father ordered: "first these little ones and you will help them with all the means available and you will protect them."

And that is what everyone is doing. Believe me, that is what everyone is doing. We had an eye on you since a long time. We knew, but needed the agreement of The Father in order to actually activate you and receive the means that The Father liberated so that you could start working. Everything is there now, everything is in place.

So my children, we follow you closely, we are close to you and you have all the encouragements of The Father you need. He is so happy to see that you want to do this and that it comes out of your heart, out of love for Him, to serve and to help your brothers and sisters.

Thank you my children, so have courage, have courage.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book