The Love of Jesus for Mankind.

Session nr. 13 of 13 May 2016- English translation – Original Dutch.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize (Carole and Wivine)

Received by Wivine.

Visitor: Monsanloran Melchizedek.

Monsanloran here: Dear friends, those who are willing to help us make a better world of this planet are welcome.

We are here for you through our people on Earth, through the Midwayers and Angels.

If you want, the people of Placencia will help you with pleasure. They have the capacity to activate your "spirit receptive glands" so that you can then develop later your "morontia glands" that will help you better hear and see. This will also allow you to work with the Energies from the Trinity, and so on.

You need this to access the superhuman abilities that you can use to bring your planet a little closer to the era of Light and Life.

Let us know by making an open statement to us, to the Order of the Melchizedeks.

We will then ensure that you can get in touch with the people of Placencia.

After meditating regularly and using The Energy to help your fellow men, you will later have the opportunity to work with the Pure Energy of your Thought adjuster or God Fragment. This offers a very big advantage for your planet.

We will also include you in a special program where your soul can learn with us during your meditations. It is true that at the beginning you will not recall any of it.

However, it is expected that small groups will form in the future that will work together with us to help their close environment, their country and continent.

If these groups uphold they will receive a teacher of the Morontia worlds who will instruct them directly. He will be in their midst in a visible morontia form and will speak to them in their language. This will also allow us to occasionally come to you in the same way to address you directly and give you our guidelines.

This is the goal that we aim for the future.

It is a road of responsibilities for which you will need to reach the right motivation in your heart. Without 'Love', there is nothing.

Feeling this 'Love' for people you don’t know and those who have hurt you is feeling the 'Love' that Jesus has for Mankind. It is this 'Love' that you must try to approach in order to work later with Superhuman and Divine powers.

If you want to help and work on the change then it is there, in the depth of your own heart, you need to start.

There are a few who know how to work with the Energy of the Paradise Trinity, and some achieved even to work with the Pure Energy of their God Fragment.

Then there are other steps :

- receiving the « Love » that Jesus feels for all Humanity and combine it with the Pure Energy of your Thought Adjuster.

- next combining those two elements with the Spirit Luminosity of the Eternal Son-Mother.

Unfortunately, several of them stagnate after being able to use the Energy of their God Fragment or even before.

The stumbling block is always 'Love':-I cannot forgive. I'm not ready. I just can't do it. Or: I no longer want to be involved because this is not how I see things... or having an attitude towards others like: I'll have you there where I want!

Ego lays still in the way. The 'Love' for others isn’t unconditional, one wants to but it takes this... or it has to be like that... or you get something like: "if the situation is like this then I quit".

It isn’t done from the beginning for the right reasons. One does it to feel great or higher than others, or to participate in something that one doesn’t really support because there are other priorities.

The ego is still hiding in a small corner. Be aware of it because you will be tested.

Never ask or require to be able to do immediately the "great job". Do first of all the small work, grow and be happy that you can contribute. If you do this with ease and humbleness, be certain that one day God will place you on the highest chair.

Never put yourself on it because you will certainly fall and that hurts.

Any progress means climbing a step higher on the ladder of Love, Divine Love.

No one asks you to take a hypocritical attitude, or to pretend with your enemies or those with whom you cannot go along, but don't hate them or wish them evil things. In addition, don't be envious or jealous. God loves you all. He makes no difference between you.

Learn how to put your human feelings aside and fill your heart with the Love of Jesus. Then send this Love to those with whom you have a problem. Do this also for criminals because this will make better persons of them as God desires and does.

Only then will you be able to transmit the Divine Energies properly and grow in them.

If you work in a group for a common goal, be honest and sincere towards each other. Don’t play one off against the other because this brings nothing in time and the group will dissolve.

All of this requires training and commitment; having the will to make the effort.

If you don’t achieve this you will stagnate and you will see others who can do it move forward.

The ones who advanced steadfast with small steps may not even be able to help you anymore and by staying close to them with your demands will not help you either. You will neither be able to prevent a person from continuing his or her progress. Instead you'll be put aside because you will slow down that progress which is not allowed in the Superuniverse.

All stages of higher spiritual progress through service with the Divine Energies are a personal struggle you need to master yourself.

You cannot steal or buy it. You won't be able to take it away from someone else and another cannot give it to you.

Jesus reached this during his human life.

You can achieve the same!

The key is Love; Love for friend and enemy. Love for God and man.

Not love of self or your own glorification to feel a little better than another. Nobody has ever progressed this way.

Don't ever expect a rapid progress. Be patient and consistent.

The people of Placencia worked years to develop their capabilities by serving in a selfless way; each time with the capabilities that they had at one point in time and they are still learning every day.

The human soul doesn’t become suddenly adult; only gradual growth can give the soul a good basis to gain eternal life through service.

God doesn’t give gifts, you cannot buy Him and you won't be able to make little deals in the style: "if I do this can I get more money on my bank account because I need it? ''

God can give you a lot if you turn towards Him, but He doesn’t interfere in your material life.

Everything requires efforts and if we see you are serious we will always give you a helping hand.

I am Monsanloran Melchizedek. A Melchizedek who works for AYA – Master Spirit nr.7 of Superunivers nr.7 – Orvonton.


For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.