We are ascending and descending creatures.

Session nr.14 of 24 May 2016 – Recorded – English translation – Original Dutch.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize (Carole and Wivine).

Received by Wivine.

Visitor: Kuwaya – Master Spirit nr. 2 of Superunivers nr. 2 – The Voice of the Eternal Son-Mother.

Kuwaya spoke after: 1h30min                 Total time meditation: 1h56min.

{Note Wivine: Monssoen Melchizedek came a few hours before the meditation to tell me to take my recorder with me because there would be a surprise, which I did.}

Kuwaya here: I am Master Spirit nr.2 of Superunivers nr.2 – The Voice of the Eternal Son-Mother.

You managed to connect with My pure spiritual circuits and My spiritual energy. Thanks to the fact that you achieved to reach this stage those who come next will have it easier to reach this goal if they make the necessary efforts.

The harmonization within you of all these related Energies will be done gradually.

So far, only a few people could get there; individuals who possessed a greater part of the Adamic genetics or descendants of the corporeal staff of the planetary Prince. These Nodites which maintained the original faith of Christ Michael whose blended descendants are still currently working with him.

These people, of whom there are only a few left on your world, had indeed superhuman abilities and knowledge of birth.

You proved that an ordinary person can achieve this through her faith and love for God and her fellowmen, by her will and tenacity, associated with a spontaneous and selfless service.

What you had to reach patiently for so many years without knowing neither what it was nor where we brought you, the next generations will reach much more easily.

The spiritual development of a human soul begins with one step forward, then another one and yet another one until she has walked the long road that leads her to the maximum height a soul can achieve in a human life.

This comes with a price: namely the sacrifice of self, sometimes material comforts, the loss of loved ones and friends; making continually difficult choices and the right decisions at crucial moments.

As soon as you adjust to this status and you’ll fully control it, you will advance again and will learn to control matter in accordance with the Will of The Father.

Then you’ll have always what you need for your physical requirements and you will be much more able to help as well in the 3rd as in the 4th dimension.

Go on, my daughter, continue. My Son still wants to talk to you.

Note Wivine: Christ Micael had no spoken message.

I was suddenly invited to a sort of festival where everyone sang and danced. They said that it was feast and invited me to celebrate with them. A little later Jesus told me that I was an “ascending creature” and also a “descending creature ". But I did not understand what he meant with "descending creature”.

Then Jesus took my hand and our Mother Spirit my other hand. They brought me on the edge of a cliff and showed me where I would go later: the Superuniverse. I saw lots of lights shining in the distance, it was beautiful and attractive.

Then they turned me around to show me our local universe of Nebadon. It was dark and I couldn't see any lights. There was a lonely planet in the distance and I assumed it was Urantia. I continued to watch and suddenly I understood what he meant by a "descending creature”.

Nebadon is new and there is still a lot of work to do to bring it into Light and Life as a whole. Yes, I would have reached something but I would lack so much experience and knowledge of Nebadon. Moving on to the Superuniverse like this would be nonsense and I felt that I had to do my part.

Then I stated:

I will descend to learn and know all Nebadon with all its Orders of created beings. I will restart my climb from below and from left to right. I want to serve everywhere and learn from bottom to the top. I want to know and serve all Orders of beings who operate in Nebadon; I want to know all those kinds of humans of all different planets and help. I want to know how Nebadon is managed and administered.

I would like to honor, thank and serve this way my Divine Parents - Christ Michael and our Mother Spirit – for giving me eternal life, and I want to shake hands with all those who helped me on Urantia.

I asked God: "Father in Paradise, I would like to take the time to do this and I promise you that I won't be lazy. When I’ll achieve it, I will be ready to leave Nebadon for the Superuniverse. My backpack will be so full of lived knowledge and experiences that our Queen Mother - the Supreme Being will be delighted, I'm sure of that. Thank you, Father for your understanding. I know that for You time plays no role and please, continue to see me as if I was already by your side. "I am on my way!

Then I asked kindly to Jesus what would happen with that fusion with my God Fragment and I got an unclear answer in the style: don't worry, there are several forms of pre-fusion and fusion situations. You’ll understand when you arrive here.

OK, I don't worry about it. I went back on my chair and came a bit later out of the meditation.




For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.