Origin of the Energy of the Paradise Trinity.

Session 15 of 11 June 2016 – English translation – original Dutch.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize (Carole and Wivine)

Received by Wivine.

Visitor: Christ Michael – Jesus of Nazareth –Creator Son of Nebadon, our local universe.

Christ Michael: I'll help you as promised 7 years ago. Follow well my instructions and it will become clear for everyone what it means to work with the Energy of the Trinity as well as "the activation of the spirit receptive mind glands”.

A Creator Son who receives a local universe in one of the seven Superuniverses to create life according to the plans of the Trinity has several options to achieve a higher status as a novice Creator.

What we all do are seven bestowals in different Orders of Beings created in our local universe, including the lowest order of intelligent beings which are the humans who live on material planets. We need these experiences to understand all our creatures by living their lives and doing their tasks. Without these experiences, we cannot rule our local universe in our own full power and right.

Therefore my seventh and final bestowal was an incarnation: to be born like all humans on a planet after fecundation of a mortal mother by a mortal father. The consequence was the loss of consciousness of whom I really was to allow me to grow as every human being and to reach the highest spiritual level possible for a human soul that still lives on a planet.

It is only after accomplishing all these bestowals that we receive full authority over our local universe and that we can reign as Supreme representatives of the Paradise Trinity.

However, I had a few additional ambitions and wished to become Supreme Master Sovereign of Nebadon, my local universe, in order to obtain the highest power and authority that a Creator Son can receive; then my power would be unlimited and unquestionable. I also wanted to reveal the Supreme Being to all my creation, and this meant that I had to submit myself during each of my seven bestowals to the Will of one of the seven possible combinations of the Deities of the Trinity.

This meant that I had to live during every bestowal the life of that creature, and at the same time highlight and accentuate one of the facets of the Trinity by submitting me to their will.

My first bestowal was as a Melchizedek Son where I lived the combined attributes of the Universal Father - the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit — by subjecting me to their common Will.

My second bestowal was as a Lanonandek Son; where I exercised temporarily the function of Sovereign of the local system of planets Palonia. The first Sovereign of Palonia rebelled against me long ago and caused the 1st rebellion in Nebadon. There I made the experience and submitted me to the combined Will of the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.

My third bestowal was as a Material Son or - planetary Adam - where I took the temporary function of planetary Prince. The system sovereign of this local system of planets got also lost which caused the second rebellion of Nebadon. During this bestowal I submitted me to the Will of the Universal Father and the Infinite Spirit.

My fourth bestowal was as Seraphim of the Highest Order of Angels where I was an advisor and assistant to a Trinity Teacher Son. During this period I submitted to the Will of the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit.

My fifth bestowal was a spiritual ascending mortal on Uversa - headquarters of Orvonton - our Superuniverse. There I submitted to the Will of the Infinite Spirit.

My sixth bestowal was a fully developed Morontia creature of human origin at the headquarters of a Constellation where I submitted me without reservation to the Will of My Mother, the Eternal-Mother Son.

My seventh bestowal was my birth as a human child on Urantia, your world, under the name of Joshua Ben Joseph later known as Jesus of Nazareth. Your planet is located in the local system of planets Satania where the 3rd and last rebellion broke out in Nebadon. During this life I subjected me to the Will of My Father, the Universal Father.

That is how I became "God and man" for eternity, the two forever united in one Entity. Similarly, when you will reach Paradise and stand before My Father, you become "God starting from man" for ever and ever.'

That is how I became Supreme Master Sovereign of Nebadon and Supreme representative of the Paradise Trinity.

During these bestowals, I also took the necessary steps to end these rebellions and brought these lost planets back on the path to My Father; which was my duty as a Creator Son.

My daughter, the people you have trained in recent years and those you will train in the future have to learn to work first with the Energy of the Paradise Trinity, just like you did. It’ll only be later that they might receive the opportunity to work with the Pure energy of their indwelling God Fragment.

I could only give all these possibilities after my seventh and final bestowal as a human child on your planet; after becoming the Supreme Sovereign of Nebadon and only after the main actors of the third rebellion had been brought to justice.

For the good reason that this Energy from the Paradise Trinity


to those who received the "activation of the spirit receptive mind glands" and I assure everyone that this "activation" means much more than the good functioning of some glands. The child needed a name, but the name is not the child.

This Energy can NEVER be used for wrong purposes and is fully harmonizing. This Energy of Paradise can only be received and transmitted by loving people who want to help their fellowmen anonymously and selflessly.

By using it and putting yourself at the service of the Melchizedeks who run this training program, more opportunities will open to you for your soul development; to increase your capacity to help humanity on levels of consciousness that are unknown to you for the moment.

Those who want to work in group, meditate together in order to receive their personal guidance in one of the programs to serve their country, their continent and help this way the world on the road to Light and Life will be helped by the Melchizedeks and their helpers such as the Midwayers, the Angels and Morontia Guides. They will slowly be connected on the information circuits, on the morontia mind circuits and on the spiritual circuits of Jerusem, headquarters of your local System of planets Satania.

All of this will not happen by miracle. All will have to exercise patience by practicing regularly and meditating. The groups should not be large. Several small groups with people who can get along and work towards the same goal are even better.

Receiving messages will also be different from what you usually understand by that.

You will gradually learn to restrain your thoughts during the meditations. When you’ll have more practice and get to meditate regularly for at least 1h in a row, it could well be that one day you’ll hear a voice (without sound) inside you 'between your throat and your heart', but never in your head. The voices will occur inside you, far away from your head and mortal mind, to avoid that which comes from the spiritual world blends with your thoughts and belief systems. If it ever happens that you interfere with your thoughts during such a communication you will notice that the message will be interrupted immediately. This also will be a learning process for you.

If one day you feel pushed to pronounce words during a meditation use next time a "voice recorder" to record and transcribe afterwards because you will only remember a few parts of the message when it is too long and sometimes what you remember will be taken out of its original context.

If you meditate in group then talk afterwards about what each one of you felt during the meditation so that all can learn from these individual experiences.

It is a communication system between man and the higher spiritual world which is not really new on your world, but which we redesigned and tested out in Placencia-Belize with some people of this group and we are very pleased with the results.

We want to extend this now to other groups in other continents in order to obtain direct contact. It is not our intention to centralize all around Wivine, on the contrary. We want direct contact so that we can work in time in a decentralized way.

Every country, every population, every continent has its own problems and history; its own belief systems and ancestral origins. It is important that these groups desire to learn to work directly with us after they have been trained. So that little by little more people can grow up in these capabilities and are able to do what she can do to then subsequently transmit it later to others who wish to learn this.

Don't worry; Wivine will stay until she has fulfilled all her tasks. But we don’t want people to become entirely dependent on her or place her on a foot stall by laziness, curiosity or ease. What she has done, you can do…………. if you make the effort and want to cooperate with us.

Always ask yourself the question: do you really want to commit yourself to help others by sacrificing a bit of your spare time under our immediate guidance? Or do you just want a slice of the cake and let others solve the problems for you? Or do you simulate an interest without being really convinced?

Don't forget that you cannot hide from us; perhaps from another person, but not from us.

That being said I welcome warmly the three people of Angola (Africa), who presented themselves as well as the various people of Europe. I came personally to address some of your questions. There is still much to do and you are all welcome.

Goodbye, my children see you soon. I'm never far away, don't worry.




For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.