You are all still children at soul level.

Session nr 16 of 20 June 2016 – English translation – Original Dutch.

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize (Carole and Wivine).

Received by Wivine

Visitor: Monssoen Melchizedek.

Monssoen here: let’s set things straight, my daughter.

What happens now, including all these people from different continents who are contacting you, was planned by us for a long time.

Most of them are readers of the Urantia Book which some know very well and others just start reading.

The advantage of the Urantia Book is that it will be there for a long time and it gives us a base to teach people individually.

Thanks to this base we avoid that through a human like you with developed gifts, a new sectarian philosophy would extend that would revolve around your person even after you left this earth. It also prevents others from suffering the same fate or fall into this booby trap.

Namely those you will "activate" and train in the future how to use the 'Energy of the Paradise Trinity', learning to meditate, until they are approaching so much their Thought adjuster that they will be able to use his PURE Energy coming out of them to others.

You were clearly showed on Salvington that on the morontia worlds the Urantia book is far from sufficient as knowledge and that the parts that describe the history of the human races and physical evolution of your planet are not relevant.

Human souls will learn other things out there and if they are still interested they can always go to the celestial libraries to study the evolution of the human races and their planet in a more complete way. So they will better understand the issues and will have a quite different vision of it. They will also be able to make comparisons with the evolution of human souls on other planets who have experienced the rebellion or had a normal development.

Compare it to a child who understands his surroundings at his intellectual level and the way an adult would understand it.

My friends, you are all children at soul level and you know only your material environment and your physical body. When we give explanations or a revelation it will never be the Great Full Truth because you cannot conceive it. This is why we explain things in a simple and acceptable way according to your beliefs and your ability to understand.

This way your souls evolve and according to their growth we can tell sometimes additional things or work with symbols during your meditations or alpha-sleep.

That is why we want direct individual contact and with small groups composed of individuals of the same nature. A group can be two people or more.

If you study and meditate in group your souls will evolve much faster than if you walk alone. What one suddenly understood will then jump on the rest of the group. The experiences of others will be shared and people of a group will thus get confirmation of what they live as an individual.

We welcome the arrival of people from Guatemala and Madagascar, and others will follow, you will see my daughter. Other people from Africa will come, from Europe, South America, Russia, India, China, Japan, and many other areas. Wait and see.

They will be the new little "Lights" that will help your world live in peace with economic development for all and respect for each other’s faith. They will be silent workers and prepare the path with us for the next generations of men, women and children.

In the meantime, the Most High - Vorondadek works at Government level with their leaders. He does this with coworkers who are part of the Seraphic Government of your planet.

No global catastrophe will occur or third world war of which nobody would benefit. This is not the Plan of God, and certainly not the plan of our father, Christ Michael-Jesus.

Your planet is not stable... she will always cause earthquakes, tsunamis may occur locally and hurricanes have existed for a long time.

Those who will work with the 'Energy of the Paradise Trinity' will have assets and capabilities which can alleviate much.

Trust us and put your hands in ours... you'll get your proof when you work with us provided you put your spiritual ego in the waste bin. We are not here to serve you to magnify your own greatness or do what you think is needed. We are here to promote your soul growth by a humble service under celestial guidance.

If there is a physical spiritual teacher who will come for the spiritual elevation of mankind it will be the two Paradise Sons of which one is already born and the other is to come.

The Avonal Son who is already born is not here as a Magisterial Son coming to do a Magisterial Mission in physical form. His role has a different function as well as that of the Creator Son to come who doesn’t administer any local universe.

I will only give a single explanation for those who can understand and want to understand.

"Paradise Sons who are born as human children receive a Thought adjuster. With what Energy are Carole and Wivine working now? With the Pure Energy of their Thought adjuster. Of whom is the Thought adjuster who is currently working together with them in the physical world and the 4th dimension around Earth to perform certain tasks relating to the "Light"?


Your planet needs still a great clean-up, both on the physical plane as on the 4th dimension, which requires large resources. Be glad that Christ Michael got it for you from his Father, the Universal Father.

You are welcome to reach this stage and participate. Thus it will advance a little faster.

I thank you all. We welcome you with all our heart and are there with open arms.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.