Are you ready for us?

Session nr 17 of 13 August 2016 –English translation - Original Dutch.

Place: Mezza Verde in Belgium.

Received by Wivine.                                   

Visitor : Monssoen Mechizdek.

In addition there is a written Message received on August 16, 2016 by Inirah from Madagascar who joined recently our new group.

{Note Wivine: since the beginning of April 2016 people came to Belize or contacted me by email to receive 'the activation’ of the spirit receptive glands; people who also wanted to be part of our group meditations and possess capabilities to work with the Energy of the Trinity. Suddenly, I received the ability to do this 'activation' remotely and thus people from distant countries were able to receive it through Skype, which was not possible before.

We will be in total 28 people on August, 21rst, 2016 over 3 continents (Africa, Europe and Central America). All have good results with the use of ‘The Energy’ and manage now to meditate more and longer in a way they lose all sensation in their body.


It means work for me instead of taking holidays, but I am so happy that after 9 years of hard work without really knowing where they took me, those who are ready finally come forth.

The most amazing thing to me is that they manage so fast to be in contact with their own spiritual guidance, much faster than it has been the case for me. They aren't followers, NO, nor choirboys. They are all forerunners, pioneers and founders with a huge heart.

It deserves some explanations. Isn’t it?}.

Monssoen here: We are pleased with the progress made. More people will work with us directly on the reconstruction of the “new Morontia light network” which is put in place around your planet. This network will generate new opportunities of higher spiritual development and communication for your current population; for those who are ready and of course for generations to come.

Be patient because you have a long training before you to be operational in the way we want. You will receive gradually more clarity: individually for those we are able to reach, in general through messages.

You remain free to decide to what extent you will participate in this new project because everyone has a different family structure and other obligations.

This new project will be revealed step by step and will become understandable.

Your abilities will increase constantly and will be used in different domains. We mean that your cooperation will affect the higher consciousness of humanity and the areas of the borderland between the physical and Morontia domains close to your planet.

There are many types of people on your planet. You can classify their differences in dozens of categories, and yet all have something very important in common.

All have the same blueprint for spiritual soul development and thus race, culture, skin color, received education or how one calls and imagine the Almighty Creator in Heaven doesn’t matter.

Once someone searches God and creates an intimate and personal relationship with Him, that soul or person will grow much faster on moral, spiritual and mind level compared to someone who only looks for truths in many books, different religions and spiritual philosophies, than someone who does not want to hear about God or who places Him somewhere very far away as if he or she is afraid of Him.

Many people are attracted to organized religions, Eastern philosophies, Masters or new forms of spirituality when they are looking for the salvation of their soul. Most of them are looking for readymade ways of life and wisdom with understandable and acceptable rules; rules to which they will more or less comply for the safeguarding of their souls after death.

In general it stops there and be sure that from those many will arrive somewhere. There is a very broad range of career possibilities in your local universe of Nebadon and they engage constantly; there are no economic crises in the Heavens.

Even Orvonton, your Superunivers or the billions of Spiritual Worlds of Havona may open to them.

We don’t even talk about Paradise where each Spiritualized Human Soul that reached Divine Perfection is welcomed with great joy. Unfortunately, it is true that very few from your planet actually reached this stage.

The need for a human intermediary is a normal occurrence in the development of mind and spirit of men and this is currently the situation of the masses on your planet. They look for advice of a priest, a shaman, a Bush doctor, an Imam, a Rabbi, a spiritual person and expect the arrival of a Paradise Savior or other Saviors to solve the world problems, punish the wicked and reward the good. Is there something easier? One wonders?

It is different for those who by conviction and with a loving heart bring forth an intimate contact with God; who commit heart and soul to help their brethren; who open themselves fearlessly and with confidence to their inner spiritual guidance; who plunge into an adventurous and individual schooling under the guidance of the Higher Spiritual World.

Those will be the ones who will reach True High Spiritual Insight. It isn’t even important what Books they have read, what Masters and Teachers they have followed.

After a while they will discover by themselves that any "Book of Revelations", as grandiose it was, that each Master or Teacher as much he or she helped them out…..... Will be exceeded in time.

They are the ones who will read the Books that have not yet been revealed to humanity.

They will soon find out that their dualistic, cultural and material perspectives about good and bad will be thrown upside down as their soul will grow and approach Mota insight or Morontia wisdom; wisdom which prevails on the Morontia Worlds or half material-spiritual worlds.

Those who received the 'activation' of the spirit receptive mind glands through Wivine will all experience it. Many already help selflessly their neighbors in their environment and globally by using the Energy of the Trinity or Paradise Energy centralized by Jesus - Christ Michael.

If they use it regularly, and their soul will approach their indwelling Spirit or God Fragment, they will realize in time that the “Energy” they send out will suddenly come from them. It is then that they will be able to work with the Pure Energy of their indwelling Thought Adjuster. This “Pure Energy” will certainly be tempered and directed according to the wishes of the Thought Adjuster.

As they gradually advance by consulting more and more their God Fragment, they will one day be able to reach the point where they can say: I AM GOD! THE WILL OF MY FATHER AND MINE IS ONE.

Thus will come the time where their soul will be asked to choose consciously and clearly to fuse with her God Fragment and leave Urantia for the Morontia Worlds or to postpone this fusion to take part in Christ Michael Plans for the reconstruction of Urantia; to place your planet on the high speed train to Light and Life or Paradise state.

In short, this is what lies before your door and within your possibilities.

It will not be brought to you on a silver plate, don't worry. You need to develop your character strength and perseverance, an unwavering confidence and faith in God, discipline and do what we ask if there are tasks. This won't be easy, therefore keep always some handkerchiefs in your pocket in case of….....

Place your spiritual ambitions a little higher and see it much further than your earthly life and your arrival on the 1st Mansion World. Your Paradise career begins here and now. It is now that you lay the foundations for it, in this life. The quarantine is over and spiritual influences are immense. Make your choices!

Are you tired? Relax and resume later. You want to discover first other things? Do not hesitate. All the Celestial Family is here to help. You make the effort, we give the means.

Don't become evangelists because that’s not what it’s all about. Stop cleaning the doorsteps of others and tell them what they should believe or do. Start first with your own doorstep. Your own knowledge will change so fast that what you think today is of great truth will already seem false tomorrow as it will be replaced by higher spiritual insight.

Each person has his own pace and everyone is helped by a large loving, generous and capable Celestial Family. So don’t make the mistake to underestimate us!

We are ready for you! How about you? Are you ready for us?

I am Monssoen Melchizedek.


Written message received on August 16, 2016 by Inirah of Madagascar in Malagasy - English translation.

Visitor: unknown.

Message: Hello everyone.

I confirm that God gives His Love to everyone in a different manner and of a different type. He confirmed this donation because He gave; He gives and will continue to give.

God accompanies you in your work and He ensures the ease in what you're doing now and what you will have to do in the future.

He also tells us that meeting with Him during meditation won't be difficult if we implement the next three things:

Try daily

- To avoid selfishness;

- Behave always humbly;

- Let tolerance and flexibility always be visible in your way of life.

God respects your choices.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.