Session nr 18 of 8 October 2016 -English translation -Original Dutch.

I've been busy since April 2016 to give the “activation of the Spirit receptive mind glands” via Skype (remote) to prepare people from different continents for the trip to India. A trip I had to do with my husband in October 2016. A heavy and difficult journey for us who are not so young anymore and which had only one goal: implement something in Kolkata and Varanasi for Christ Michael (Jesus). I didn't know in advance what all this meant, but I knew it wouldn’t be a classic tourist trip. It’s by looking back that I understood all the purpose.

Don't ask me: how was India? I can't answer. What I can say is that I met wonderful people. Incredibly good, religious people no matter they were Hindu, Christian or Muslim. It made no difference. Every time we felt connected by something Higher, something much Higher than us.

The first major event happened during our group meditation on October 8, 2016, when I was in my hotel room in Varanasi and the others at their homes participating like me, by bilocation. There, the Melchizedeks created above the entire city, a huge 'Light Anchor' through us. Our gathering place was the Kashi Vishwanath Kali Temple of Varanasi (Bénarès) - the Holy City.

Below you find the comments of what these people from Africa, Central America and Europe have experienced during this meditation with bilocation. My story follows at the end. Read it all because their story adds to mine.

1) Today I meditated 1h17 min with my wife because after the Light Anchor was created we were taken to see the Ganges River. The trip was short and I remember that I have spoken to you, and we all wore a white robe with the flag of Christ on our shoulder. I felt pressure on my head and lost all feeling in arms and legs. I also remember that when we got there, people ran away from us because of our "Light". That was it. I've enjoyed it a lot.

2) I have gone into meditation and have displaced myself to the Kashi Vishwanath temple. Chakra 7 was already active. After that a lot of activity on the 6th chakra with flared pressure toward the temples. Approximately halfway I got pressure on my left and then a kind of energy entered at some point to the left of my head. After that again pressure to the side. Furthermore, not seen any pictures or colors.

3) Unfortunately, I have not observed much this time. In one way or another, I'm getting a bit sick during and after a bi-location. Feels like motion sickness. In the very beginning I saw an open door where sunlight shone through. I suspect that I was facing the door. My husband was on the other side of the temple and I could not see him. You were, I think, to my left, but there were two or three others positioned between us. Opposite you someone I've never seen. I am aware that it is not important where everyone stands, but I report it to you anyway. After a while I felt like I was flying over a slum or a very intensive development. I kept thinking that I had to be at the temple. Then I had the idea to be just above white buildings and again I thought, I must be at the temple. There was continuous activity at chakra 6 and 7 and a pressing band around my head.

4) Although I had formed a good idea of the temple, I could not find him in the meditation. But I saw a large piece of barren land, it filled me with gloom, which lasted only a moment; later it was quiet, that's all.

5) I started my meditation and it lasted 39 minutes. Chakra 6 and 7 were active again and I felt more pressure in my head than the previous times.

6) When I started, I immediately felt a very heavy pressure on my head. After that I became very hot. After a while I felt lighter in my head and I felt tingling at the temples and the top of my head. I felt very happy in the knowledge that so many wandering souls were allowed to go to the Light. Then, the heat and the pressure on my head again increased slightly. 30 minutes later I was ready.

7) I do not know if it succeeded this morning, I was very nervous and tense, and frankly I found it scary too. I started exactly on time, found it difficult to visualize, also have not seen anything. Felt a lot though. Varying degrees of intense pressure to head, shoulders and arms. In varying degrees, a lot of pressure and a lot of movement on 6th chakra, a lot of energy. During the second half I felt fear creeping up along my arms and legs, I could only mentally recite continuously "follow Christ Michael". I do not know if this was actually my own anxiety or that I received it. I was finally after 43 minutes removed from the meditation by external noise and felt a little while very sad. Now just a little tired.

8) After a sleepless night, a switched on alarm clock and my cell phone in hand, I doubt whether I've actually been there. About 15 to 10 minutes before the start time began an activation on my forehead without me starting it deliberately. I waited until about the start time and then I started to focus consciously. My forehead remained active but I have all the time been aware that I was in bed and felt my body too. But I got some kind of pressure on my heart area and later in my spine at some point. I then said to myself that the Light be victorious. I "saw" myself among others on the brink of or in the city (?). I also saw me at one point "standing" in the Ganges with the small boats on the shore but it could very well be that my imagination was playing tricks on me. Eventually, I thought it would be now over and opened my eyes. I had been meditating for one hour. I assume that Christ and the Higher Spiritual Beings have done a wonderful job with those present. I have a happy feeling but that could be because I know there is a great Light that has been created in a place where many souls have access to.

9) I have recited the "Prayer for All Nations, All Religions, All Cultures", then my declaration of intent. I then sat down in my seat which is in the midst of my Light Anchor, closed my eyes and went into meditation and have completely surrendered to the Melchizedeks and other Celestials who came to me after ten minutes of which I just saw the contours of their bodies. I "sunk" away, if I may call it that way. And from that moment on I do not remember anything anymore. I awoke one hour later a bit drowsy and saw one or two beings leaving who, presumably as a thank you, left an image behind in the shape of a heart the size of +/- 50 cm. I felt peaceful and good in my skin. This was, presumably as intended. I hope with you all that we have made a good contribution.

10) I got up in time for a cup of coffee. For me the big question was: Where do I go into meditation? Both children came after a restless night in our bed and my husband was one floor higher. "Girl, we keep your children asleep, go now, sit on the couch downstairs". 5 minutes before the hour I get humming around my head and I get into over-concentrated mood. Because I was confused and thought that I would receive a text, I waited with my cell phone in my hand. Then the meditation nonetheless started two minutes after the scheduled time. I felt we had to wait long until we were complete. I think the Light Anchor was placed 20 to 25 minutes later. I saw a circle of many people. Then it was dark and I saw many flashes of light (such as storm lights) and blue light spheres with green in it. After that my body felt relaxed and almost liquid. I saw only white bright light and a moment I couldn't feel my body anymore. I've equally enjoyed the heavenly feeling and I've got my eyes open 37 minutes later.

11) When I started I felt after a while the connection with everyone. Nice. I saw a large white dove (very large) and then there was a huge pressure on my head and my chakra 6 stood 'on fire'. The pressure was later less (it looked like a break), but came back violently again. I saw two small flashes of light in an indescribable color, something blue / purple / white and had the idea that this was the end. Then I wandered a bit and remember nothing more, after an hour and fifteen minutes I stopped. I would like to thank all Celestials and you and I hope that Jesus our Master is satisfied with the important task of this morning.

12) I hope it went well. I "flew" to the temple and descended to the dome. Getting a heavy burden on my head and down my ears. An hour later I opened my eyes. I have a very peaceful feeling. Furthermore, I was not able to experience anything. Perhaps you or others have experienced more, let me know.

13) I have not noticed much while meditating besides the fact that my body was translucent at the time of departure.

14) I have felt many complications during my meditation. At a time, I noted various types of colored lights around me: once blue, white, yellow and the most dominant was the violet light.

15) I have met Jesus during my meditation. He said nothing, but he wanted me to stand a little aside so that more space would be available between me and the person next to me, who was a colored woman. My time was 45 minutes. When I returned there was a huge thunder with lightning. It has been explained to me that this means that the Light Anchor was well grounded. When I flew back, I saw that the color of the sea was black between India and my country. Then I saw a "light" in the form of a flying bird and that "light" approached me until it united with me. What does this ‘light’ mean? I would like to know how many we were, because I have only seen 15. An immense joy overwhelmed me when the meditation was done. But when I then came home, I was suddenly so tired as if I needed a lot of rest. Why is that?

16) My experience was very serene and have sometimes seen a light while my eyes were closed. It lasted 36 minutes, but I have found nothing special outside that peace and tranquility that caught my attention.

17) I joined the meditation. I felt pressure and heaviness and in my mind I was in that place. But it becomes an obsession in my mind that I have to experience for myself what others describe ...... but it does not work. So I do not know if the Energy I send has been able to contribute. I will question the Celestials and trust that my efforts will not impact negatively in any case, but the harder the group progresses, the more uncertain I become! I am asking advice but it remains silent or do I not listen properly? Can / will you help me?

18) I was completely lost for about 45 minutes and remember nothing of what happened. I have kept a good feeling about it.

19) I have meditated two hours and have no memory left over from it. I have not even observed the presence of the others, something I otherwise perceive.


When I stepped onto the plane Friday morning from Kolkata to Varanasi I started having trouble with my stomach and when I sat down my bowels began to rumble. I had paid attention to what I ate so I could not believe it. When we landed after one-hour flight it became more difficult and when we were at the hotel I was barely on my feet. Still, it was not like a traditional "turistica". My legs were heavy, I could not radiate Energy and felt much darkness around me. Varanasi was the "holy city" but I did not feel a lot of "holiness". We drove around in the afternoon with a taxi but to get to the Kashi Vishwanath temple in the ancient city was not an option. The taxi driver told us that we had to walk on foot at least an hour as no cars were allowed to drive through the streets. Photos were not allowed to be taken and the temple was under strict police surveillance because of problems with the Muslims who went to the mosque next to the Kashi temple. It was therefore impossible in my condition to walk around in the filthy alleys for 2 hours. Then we decided to drive to the university campus to visit there the new (white-pink building) Vishwanath temple. It was a holy place, and felt comfortable. This enormous Hindu University campus was lying in a green oasis and the temple was not polluted by darkness, to the contrary. Around 4pm we were taken back to the hotel. My husband still went by taxi to the old town because he wanted to see the Ganges. He had a long walk on foot to get to the first Gath or steps but he did not feel like stepping into one of the boats to see the sunset from the river. He then just returned. Meanwhile, I could rest somewhat. We went to bed early but all night I was restless. Then the alarm went off at the arranged hour and I quickly sat in the sofa to start the meditation. I really could not remain seated, I vomited and was ordered to lie again in bed. So I did and I “sunk” immediately away. After a time, I felt I was attacked. I saw many shady characters bombard my stomach and abdomen with prongs. I could not resist and did not manage to radiate Energy to them. When I asked why it was that I did not manage as always, a voice whispered in my ear (one of my Tontons Melchizedek) that it was almost over. At that time some obscure men walked away to fetch their leader, who triumphantly arrived. They had managed to get me down and now the final blow was coming. Suddenly there was an opening in the black screen behind them and the hole got bigger and bigger and a blue and white light came out. Those dark men could not see that because they had their backs turned to it. The opening was wider and wider and the light became bigger and bigger until a human form appeared in the opening: it was Jesus in all its Glory and Splendor. Finally‼‼‼

He looked at me, smiled and gave me a wink in the style of ...... "now it is your time girl". Then I jumped right and yelled to them: “You think you have won because you all thought that it was about me and the others. Stupid ones, we were only the bait and you are fooled. It's not about me and my friends but about HIM WHO IS BEHIND YOU.

They were terrified and looked back and cringed. Then they were led away in a line with their head down by a multitude of Angelic Armies and brought to other places to be judged. They had to be ‘morontia personalities’ or fallen angels that still belonged to the followers of Lucifer. Therefore, they were not destroyed on the spot, as those created ‘thought forms’ with a dark consciousness that look like monsters, but rather taken away. Moments later I woke up. It lasted about 40 minutes and felt that I was better. I could stand again on my feet. But I still didn’t understand why my God Fragment did not send Energy as usual to make them go away. It was only when I read the story of the woman who was flying over the ocean between India and her country seeing a great light in the shape of a bird, that united with her, that I understood.

A God Fragment is often depicted as a dove in the Christian world (bird). If the soul is under the control of her God Fragment and He knows that the "fusion" is a certainty in the future, this God fragment may occasionally leave a human to adhere to other "special tasks" and comes back.

It is described in The Urantia Book in Paper 109 – paragraphe 2 – The Self-acting Adjusters.

I feel better and nervous just as you to create next week the 7th Memorial at Kolkata.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.