Return Maya Cosmic Masters

Part 21 - 2011

Session of July, 4 2011 – recorded – English translation Original Français – Mezza Verde

Present : Cyril and Kathy.

Received by Kathy.

Visitors :

MONSANLORAN: Hi my friends. I just want to make a few comments regarding your Q/A session of last Friday with Tomas, Ham and the invisible souls. We will now use this term which is a more friendly and kindly term than those used most commonly. We will start by using the term "the invisible ones" to name all human souls that have no physical body and the term "visible ones" for all human souls who live here in their proper physical body.

The session of last Friday caused turmoil, shocked others but pushed a lot to think. The statement given by the person who gave its opinion on the rebellion of Lucifer as a human being living here with what she knows and what she considered, gave an excellent effect, even unexpected. Some words spoken were pretty scathing and caused these shocks and that eddy among the invisible ones. But it gave a result.

We hope that we can still hold this kind of session before the end of July to fill some questions that remained open and which were not answered yet. Nevertheless, some strong heads that were boycotting us and who were very arrogant calmed down pretty well.

We would like you to do, together or individually, a small study on what you find in the Urantia Book regarding the important, real social role of women in your societies. What it should have been and what has been lost; because among the invisible ones there are many women who have suffered from this and who need to understand why. Many males among the invisible ones made women suffer due to their violence and lack of sense of responsibility. They must also understand where their mindal errors came from. This will help them very much when they will arrive on the Mansion worlds to get more easily used to the way of life there where you don’t beat your wife and where there is no difference between gender concerning their evolution.

The problem of races plays less on the Mansion Worlds because you have so many beings of different appearances coming from so many areas of the local universe that this issue is less acute than that of the roles of human men and women and everything what has unfortunately been done wrong here after the rebellion. We will not give more details where to seek, nor on what you need to pinpoint. You'll find I'm sure.

For Wednesday (visit of ATM caves): Please be there on time at 8: 30am for your guide, you will immediately pay him and you will enter directly with him in the caves and tell him clearly that you don’t want to see anything else. You can request information on "the black man in the jungle" and what it is. But don’t go there. Not because this could be a danger to you, but this can slow you down in what you have to do and that is what they will try…… to slow you down. You must create these 3 Permanent Light Anchors in the places that I specified: one where there is the large skeleton, one where there is the small child skeleton and one at the next round cave with pottery. These 3 Light Anchors will be very close to each other.

Each time you create an Anchor: you must sweep it over all the caves of the area with the intention to eliminate the dark energy and to help the souls to follow this light who want to continue their path of evolution and ascension to The Universal Father according to the Plans of Christ Micaël and not the ones of Lucifer and Caligastia. Use this vocabulary. We know why we ask you that. Later you will better understand why and it will be explained.

{Note Kathy: what these “souls” really are is not clear to us but this doesn’t change anything to the job….whatever it is it needs to be removed and if we can be of help in this …..we are there!.}

1) Upon entering the caves: when you begin to enter the caves.

Each time that you see small pieces of pottery and things like that you will use your former Universal Energy techniques. Each of you will use the technique of their education level. Before you start sending you say your intention: "we will use this Universal Energy to destroy the dark energy and to help the souls to follow that light that wish to continue their path of ascension to The Universal Father according to the Plans of Christ Micaël and not the plans of Lucifer and Caligastia ".

2) As soon as you see the first large skeleton:

you create your first Anchor.

You will create another one near the skeleton of a little child.

You will create one in the next round cave full of pottery and pottery debris.

Each new anchor: you will use each new created Anchor to sweep it all over the surrounding caves with the intention to eliminate the dark energy and to help the souls who wish to continue their path of ascension to The Universal Father according to the Plans of Christ Michael and not the plans of Lucifer or Caligastia to follow that light. Encourage them to follow that light.

We will take with us the souls that are not ready to follow the light of these Anchors. They will no longer stay there and will not be imprisoned anymore. We will take them with us to a place which is better for them and we will bring them to your teaching sessions. Believe-me, there are millions of souls in that place. You will not feel much difference between one or 10 million souls. But you will already have helped many, many of them.

We are thinking to send you to other locations before you will leave for Europe. It will not be caves this time and I can already hear the murmurs of relief. Nevertheless, these places are as dangerous and as dark as all those you have already visited.

But you don’t have to worry about this. There is no one on Earth who receives the protection you all have. There is no one on Earth at this time who is pampered, coddled as you. The Father would never forgive us, to use your expressions that someone would touch only one tiny hair of your head. So believe me, nobody will touch a hair of your head, you can you be sure of that.

For sure you are going to have wet feet in these caves, and it's a little chilly there so don’t be dressed too lightly. Apart of that, all the Midwayers that are at your disposal will be there to let you feel the exact locations. If you could create these light anchors in a circle as you have done last time by marking the circle with a flashlight, it would be perfect. The diameter in itself has no importance. We will also put our strength in it, but we cannot let you go into meditation in these caves as we asked you to do in that ancient Maya temple. This is why, to give it the same power, you will need to create "three" Light Anchors by yourself.

One for The Universal Father

One for The Eternal Son-Mother

One for The Infinite Spirit

So that The Paradise Trinity will be represented in these locations as an indelible mark that nobody ever will be able to remove. This is all for today my children. I'll leave you to your occupations. Good bye.

SIRAYA here: my children, I wish to assure you of my Own presence and the presence of The Father when you will be Wednesday in these caves. You will enter with your flashlights and it will be dark, but when you have turned on one by one these 3 blistering Light Anchors, you'll see how bright these caves will be. Goodbye my children, this all I wanted to say.

KUWAYA here: Yes my children. Each Light Anchor represents one of The Deities of Paradise. We will put our brands, our stamps as you say. You will see the Brightness of The Three Deities of Heaven. Goodbye my children.

AYA here: Yes my children. I speak on behalf of The Trinity and this time a little bit for The Infinite Spirit; which will also be represented in these caves. You will not be able to see that from your position, but these three Anchors will form a three sided pyramid, which will be connected with the Centre of Paradise and The Trinity. This will be the first mark of The Presence of The Deities of Paradise, impregnated on Earth in a manner that nobody ever will be able to remove, nor a created Son by the Gods nor a created son coming out of animal evolution.

This will be the “First Memorial of the End of the Lucifer Rebellion”. Goodbye my children. Good bye. We will all wait for you there Wednesday for this Ceremony. Good bye.

MALVANTRA MELCHIZEDEK here: in fact my children we decided that it is there that we will place The First Memorial of Light in honor of the termination of the Lucifer rebellion. This will be the first place where will be placed a Memorial for this Rebellion, in one of the darkest places of history of the Rebellion.

Perhaps you understand now a little better our encouragements and the importance of what is at stake. So show your smiles and your joy in your hearts and come to join us in that place to participate with us in this Celebration of Light and THE VICTORY of The Universal Father and The Trinity of Paradise on the Rebellion. Thank you my children, I wait for you there. Good bye.


{Note Kathy: it is afterwards when we came out of the caves that we understood why we received soooo many encouragements!}


For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.