Return Maya Cosmic Masters

Part 23 - 2011

Session July, 8th 2011 – recorded– English translation – Original French.

Place : Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present :Cyril.

Received by Kathy.

Visitors: Monsanloran and Malvantra Melchizedek

MOIRAYA Master Spirit n° 3 of Superunivers n°3, Manvando – The Voice of the Infinite Spirit

Father Melchizedek

MONSANLORAN MELCHIZEDEK: Hello my little ones. I congratulate you for your courage, your dedication and the determination with which you did this task. A very important task and I would say extremely important. We had to help some to climb on the rocks, to lose their claustrophobia and to quickly heal their small injuries. We are in admiration for the courage and determination you demonstrated passed Wednesday.

The Light Anchors you established are located in the right places and they work well. All tourists that will pass by and there are dozens and dozens every day of the year, will feel the benefits of it.

This is now the “first Memorial of the termination of the Lucifer rebellion” installed on Earth. You will install others but it will be for later and in other places and other continents. We want to put one on the 5 continents and seven (7) in total. Some will be created with much larger groups and others with smaller. We ask you to attend all of them because it is your merit as the first group that started this very hard job.

Other persons may be able to do this but the fear of the unknown will restrain them. When they will slowly know that you have done this since a long time and you can show yourselves in public and see you are unscathed, their anxieties and fears will go away. They will become aware of this invisible world which is located around the Earth and was created 200,000 years ago to prevent the human soul to follow her ascension according to the Plans of the Universal Father and Christ Michael (Jesus), which are identical.

Lucifer had his own plans and it was not the ascension of the human soul to her highest functions and to The Father he had in mind. He understood all the mess he caused when it was too late. Even then when he understood, a while ago, he could have taken the hand Christ Michael (Jesus) was offering him. But his pride prevented him from doing so, as well as the pride of Caligastia and his acolytes and that is why they all preferred de-creation. We did not cut their heads off. They were de-created without fear or harm and now it's as if they had never existed. Only their names will remain in the memories of time.

We will not give you an exact number of the souls that you have helped, but believe me it were millions, hundreds of thousands of souls. Not all accepted their path of ascension, but many did. We took those who did not accept to another location where they will be better off and that we prepared for that purpose. They will come to your Q/A lessons with Tomas and Ham. It will take time and they will receive that time. We are already very satisfied with the results of these first two Q/A sessions with your teachers.

The dark energy attacked you strongly when you arrived in the caves but you were protected and it disappeared. By the fact that it will always try to attack you as well as the Light Anchors it will disappear. This dark energy was placed there to stop unwanted people to enter the caves. It was more to protect their rituals and their holy places, in the same way it was done to protect the Egyptian pyramids and tombs. It was a way like another to protect these places but for a planet that is on his way to enter the era of Light and Life, these things must disappear.

You all did an excellent job. You all had great courage. These three Light Anchors forming a Pyramid in connection with the Centre of Paradise will be the first Memorial and the first great intense and indestructible Bastion of light on Urantia. The Rebellion is over. The leaders of it are gone and now we have to help their victims that are located between two dimensional worlds. All Angels who followed Lucifer, and who stayed in place for so long have been replaced. These Angels were also put in special places and will follow your lessons as well. They see things a little differently than the souls of human beings who emerged from animal evolution but the principles are the same. They had no reason to join this type of rebellion, but Lucifer was so clever. First, he took all the chiefs and officials and the officials took with them all those who did not know what to do and they simply followed.

Other Angels have had the courage to say no. These Angels who resisted this rebellion didn’t have it easy, not easy at all, but they were able to stand until we could make contact with them. We had cut of any form of communication for seven years after the rebellion. Until the moment we were certain that each individual, involved or not, participating or not, which had doubts and who could not decide, took his or her decision. It was only at that moment that we were able to help the Angels and others who were here to be again in touch with us.

You receive now immediately tremendous help through this system of communication by reflectivity for the transmissions and the fact that the circuits are re-opened. It’s only a matter of time, perhaps for you this will seem long, from 5 to 10 years, to take away all the remains, all these souls and all these beings that were stranded here on Earth. After that the Magisterial Son will begin his Mission and Christ Michael will join them later.

You are not allowed to connect you to this pyramid (to the 3 Light Anchors) in these caves. They are very different from the Merkabah Light Anchors you created elsewhere. For the moment continue to connect at the beginning of your meditations to the Permanent Light Anchors of Divine Energy that you helped to create around you and to the one of Cockscomb, as well as to those you have created abroad. But you must not connect to the one of Mayamopan or the ATM Caves.

We are very pleased that you have successfully implemented them. Thank all Midwayers, all Angels who were there and us all for assisting you in doing so. It was a co-creative work, teamwork between you and us and it worked extremely well. We did not have to give you a lot of signals. When they phoned you to tell that you could not access the caves because the water from the river was too high, you still continued your journey and that allowed us in the meantime to lower the level of the rivers. Everything worked out very well and it was an excellent teamwork between you and us. I hope that we can continue to work together.

We don’t have other projects yet prior to your departure (for Europe). We are working on it. We have two choices, but we will let you know in time before you leave. Thank you very much my children and we are pleased to have you in our team. Goodbye.

MALVANTRA MELCHIZEDEK: Hello my kids, I have to tell you something.........(2minutes silence)

Master Spirit N°3 of Superunivers N°3, The Voice of The Infinite Spirit wants to talk to you. You don’t know the name yet; we will try to reflect it to you as we will do to other T/R’s to confirm the name

Moraya”’s not quiet that. We are going to try again.

Moiraya”......M O I R AYA.......MOIRAYA. We will leave it like this. It’s not quite correct but it’s getting closer. The name of Superunivers N°3 has already been given to you by others. I will let speak MOIRAYA. Goodbye my kids.

MOIRAYA: I am Master Spirit N° 3 of Superunivers N° 3, Malvandon (Manvando). I represent The Voice of The Infinite Spirit.

I am the (ancestor) of the Cosmic Mind.

I represent and I implement the thoughts of The Universal Father and the words of The Eternal Son-Mother. The Universal Father has the ideas, The Eternal Mother-Son expresses them and I, The Infinite Spirit realize and materialize them. The materialization of the Superuniverses through the Master Spirits I created came from me.

I am another aspect of The Father that He externalized and which is also, for your understanding, a rather feminine aspect. The aspect of a mother that gives birth to her children; the womb in which worlds are created and come into existence. This is the best image and the easiest way for you to understand a little bit my essence.

The Universal Father externalized in fact two parts of Himself.

One part being The Eternal Son-Mother, more commonly called here on Earth in various religions and in the Urantia Book The Eternal Son


the other part is what you call The Infinite Spirit.

We are both rather feminine aspects. Our two female aspects are found in every woman that is created here on your planet.

The nature of the woman is therefore twofold.

On one hand she expresses these feelings of Mercy which are most represented in her and which come from The Eternal Mother-Son.

On the other hand she gives birth to children, feeds them and takes care of them. This is an aspect which comes more from My nature.

The Universal Father pulled these two aspects out of himself because it is much easier to create worlds, souls and other beings with the feminine aspects.

We are Pure Spirits, we are 3 parts of one Deity – The Trinity - , we are linked to each other and the three of us are working together co-creatively and each of us has his/her own domain.

The Universal Father has given you a Fragment of himself, your God Fragment or Thought Adjuster, so that you human beings could create yourselves a soul. He also gave you a part of His Personality because He represents Personality.

Your Eternal Son-Mother represents the spiritual gravity that attracts you to her through her Creator Sons and yours is called Christ Michael (Jesus).

I create the Mother-Spirits, the conjoints of the Creator Sons. When a Creator Son is created by The Universal Father together with The Eternal Mother-Son, automatically at the same moment I create his eternal companion that suites him like a glove. When your Creator Son Christ Michael and your Mother-Spirit Nebadonia of this local universe Nebadon created you, you received also a part of myself. You are therefore human beings influenced by and connected to The Trinity.

It is important that you understand this and that you understand this female aspect on a much higher spiritual level than sexual reproduction, sexual attraction and the levels of dominance between two sexes.

I will try to help you in this because it is important that this comes into the collective consciousness of humanity and that women realize the role they have to play and their value. Now they are denigrating their own feminine value and due to the fact that this role model disappeared,… I'll try, I was asked, and we decided to help you recognize it and accept it. This will be a gradual process.

Thank you my children to let me speak for the first time on Urantia, in this local universe on this small planet that became so important to this Superunivers of Orvonton. Good bye.

MALVANTRA here: We tried to let speak Master Spirit No. 3 for the first time, from there the delay. Father Melchizedek wants to talk to you. He also has something important to tell you.

FATHER MELCHIZEDEK: I'm glad that I can let hear my voice again. The reflectivity communication system works better and better and we have good hope that other T/R’s will be trained in time. When you will come out of your secret situation and you will be able to speak in public, then, what you did, how you started, everything you installed can be explained as a way to help other people develop a system of transmission by reflectivity. In one year everything will be tested out, will work better and will be put in place so that you can explain this to others.

If we could form small groups as you have done here, with the system that you used to enter into meditation around a Permanent Light Anchor, letting you prepare for weeks and weeks to get to the point where one of you could put this system of transmitting in function, we could obtain much easier these many transmitters with the communication system by reflectivity we need around the world.

Meanwhile we still have a great need for you to clean the House of Urantia for the coming of the Magisterial Son so that he can start his Magisterial Mission. Thank you my children, you do a good job. With you we can test out many things on lots of levels. The fact that you did not understand much of what you were doing, the fact that you did not have a preconceived mind in what was expected of you, did help us. You have let you guide by your trust and your experiences and this has facilitated many things for us. Keep it that way my children. We are happy for the excellent results of the work we did all together and the simplicity, the very natural trust you demonstrate for the assignments Monsanloran gives you.

Many tasks are awaiting you and everyone in the group is very capable. You grow much more through these experiences than if you would only read books. It is quite different to actually make the experience yourself and have dared jump literally into the water than to watch films or read stories where others are acting. This is why you received this life here on Earth which is so important, to make those kind of experiences where you have to act and move forward even if you are not very sure where you are going but you have the faith and trust and you go for it, you launch yourself. By acting and advancing you will feel more and more our presence up to the point where you will be ready and able to see us just as the Ancient Maya priests did. Keep it that way my children and I hope you will encourage others to do the same.

Your group is composed of people between 18 and 65 years and it covers a bit all ages in the world. So if you can do it because you are in good health, all others who are in good health will also be able to do so if they want to with our assistance. All these other people will receive our assistance if they wish and if they want to start.

Your group started just with the two of you. Then others came until those who had to stay remained. Now your group is complete and with the missions that you receive you must not attract more people to you. You won't have time for them, they will want to participate in what you do and they will not be prepared for this, nor mentally, psychologically, or consciously.

Thus be quiet and stay only with the members of your group. Your place (temple) is free and open to those who wish to start meditation sessions. Let them do if they wish to do so but you will not join them.

This is all I had to tell my children. We are proud of you and send you all our encouragements. Take a break a few days because you earned it. Good bye.

MALVANTRA MELCHIZEDEK: It's finished for today and we thank you very much for everything you did and indeed my Melchizedek brothers and I encourage you all. You give us lots of joy and sometimes we have to laugh a bit, but it is good and cheerful. You grow; you are not these little small children anymore; however you have still to grow up a lot. Goodbye my children.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.