Return Maya Cosmic Masters

Part 24 - 2011

Session of 11 July 2011 – recorded –- English translation - Original French.

Place : Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present : Cyril and Kathy

Received by Kathy

Visitors : KUWAYA, Master Spirit nr. 2 of Superunivers nr.2. The Voice of The Eternal Mother-Son.

Malvantra and Monsanloran Melchizedek.

LANAFORGE, Sovereign of the planetary System.

KUWAYA spoke after 43min Total time meditation: 1h23min.

KUWAYA here: I am Kuwaya, your Eternal Son-Mother. I come to you to talk about my partner that you call The Infinite Spirit.

As MOIRAYA (Master Spirit nr.3) explained you, we are in fact rather two feminine parts that The Father has externalized. We have each a different function and we create together Avonal Sons – Paradise Sons, and one of our Sons will soon come to your planet to begin his Magisterial Mission.

We create by thought, by visualizing and one day you will receive a bit of this capacity which will allow you to create life later, much later on the outer space worlds.

We are both represented in the aspects of the human woman. The human woman has a dual role to play. She must bring her children to spirituality when she educates them, which is rather my aspect and she brings forth children through her womb which is the feminine aspect of The Infinite Spirit. The woman's body is different from the man’s body. You will tell Me you can see this…..... But it is not only in physical appearance, also the brain is different.

There is this connection that women have with Spirit which is less explicit in most men. Many women call it intuition. They have certain insights which make men laugh because they do not have them. A man is logical, has another vision and approaches things differently. He has an in-depth vision; he may focus on a topic and will deepen it. On the other hand a woman is able to do many things at the same time, her brain works horizontally.

She has this much easier contact with Spirit and that is why in your churches you will find more women than men. Women will feel the presence of their God Fragment much faster and will make faster and easier contact. This does not mean that her soul will evolve better or faster than men’s, but she will be more aware of it. This is why much more women will hear the call to move towards the era of Light and Life.

Now that the communications with the universe circuits are restored, they will mostly answer the call.

Lucifer knew this. Thus you can understand the reason why for the last 200,000 years the social role of women was very unfortunate.

They have been exploited, raped, burned, terrorized, growing all the time in fear and kept ignorant for decades.

Apart from a few countries where women have acquired their valorization many still remain ignorant and illiterate especially in these environments where some very ancient religions still have such practices and where men does not allow women to receive education.

Men need women because they will inspire them to higher ideals. She will inspire him to keep peace so that she can educate her children, so that she can provide them with everything they need. Women need a man, their logic, their calmness, strength and support which means you will have to evolve together, as complements.

Women must find themselves back and Moiraya and I will help you find the role of women and their significance in your development to the era of Light and Life.

Every child needs both parents to grow harmoniously, their father and their mother. There are two things that will have to change so that you can grow children as it should be.

  1. When a man decides to take a spouse or even before, he must be aware of the responsibility he has when there is a child born out of this union. Because it is a life lasting responsibility that goes even further than this child, it goes until the grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Women must be empowered and understand the danger of a union that is too young and too easy. She also has to assume her share of responsibility.

  1. When you have children, grow as spouses together with your children because for a child losing one parent is something terrible. A child considers this as a rejection and abandonment. A child does not understand the live of adults or their problems and this can cause delays in the development of its potentials and capabilities.

It is time women resume their true role of inspiration and care for their families. This is one of the finest careers that may exist on Earth, helping little souls to grow in the knowledge that there is a God Fragment living in them to give them full opportunities to achieve in life. It is the role of a woman to take care for her home, her children and her husband; to let them feel that she is always there as a loving, forgiving mother, giving them directions and the support they need.

This does not mean that a woman cannot exercise a profession, cannot study. On the contrary she must be able to develop her creativity, her intelligence. But when she wants to create a family and bring children into the world, she must be aware of her responsibility. How much it is important that these children can grow up with her, in a home where there is a father and a mother always present. It is from these children and the core family that come forth great civilizations and loving human beings because they received precisely this love and this attention.

Family life on a planet that is in the era of Light and Life is something highly considered, much more than this is the case on your planet because the role of women is poorly understood and the responsibility and role of the father is not sufficiently highlighted.

It will take time and a change of mentality, but we will slowly implement these seeds and we will reevaluate the role of the house-wife. Not as something pitiful but as something highly regarded by men, women and society. That’s how humanity will be ready to take a great leap forward to the era of Light and Life. Thank you my children, I say goodbye.

MONSANLORAN: we still do not know where we are going to send you. I think that within a few days we will be able to give you more details. We will certainly send you somewhere and if you could do two places the same day, it would be very well but we believe that the distances are too long. I will return with more details next week. Thank you very much my children.

LANAFORGE: I am Lanaforge, sovereign of the planetary System Satania, I replace Lucifer. I wanted to talk to you and especially introduce myself personally. Be aware that I am following you and that you are under my responsibility just as you are under the responsibility of Gabriel of Salvington, the Bright and Morning star ,the Administrator and the Governor of this local universe Nebadon. Much aid is granted you because you all are a key element in the destruction of this network implemented by Caligastia for Lucifer.

I wanted to thank you for the work you already did and still are doing. You were heavily equipped and trained for years to be able to do this work, understand therefore how precious you are for us. We cannot train in a few weeks hundreds of people like you have been trained or upgrade them at your current level. It will at least take a year before others can be trained and educated to do the same job. And yet, they should tell us and take their decision now to be ready within a year in order to be efficient.

Many can learn how to create Light Anchors, however we need time to encircuit these people, to protect them, to make them understand what they have to do and learn to listen to our messages…….and this takes time. We ask for help and volunteers to assist in this work and we will let you (Mezza Verde) do the heaviest and most dangerous places.

There are many dark places that need to be cleaned by placing permanent Light Anchors exactly there where the Melchizedek brothers will tell you to break this network. It is not enough to create permanent Light Anchors anywhere. No, they must be created exactly where they tell you. That is why it is important that you are connected to the system of communication by reflectivity, to receive very precise and correct information where you need to go... and that takes time.

Each person can take his or her own decision; can write it on paper, read aloud by stating you want to volunteer. At this point we can organize something to educate them in what to do and how to do it and trying to put them on the reflectivity communication system and protect them with a Light encircuitment.

I have no more to say for now and I thank you. It was an honor for me to meet you and speak to you. I know what happened on your planet but now we are all here with all possible means and we will address this so that future generations on Earth can evolve just as on a normal planet. Thank you my children.

KUWAYA : this is Kuwaya here. My children I still have something to tell you………

(5 minutes of silence)

Malvantra Melchizedek : We had to close the circuits and we also raised your vibrations and your frequencies. The session is over my children. Goodbye.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.