Return Maya Cosmic Masters

Part 25 - 2011

Session of 14 July 2011 – recorded – English translation – Original French.

Place : Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present :Cyril

Received by Kathy

Visitors : Monsanloran and Malvantra Melchizedek.

Monsanloran spoke after 28min Total time meditation: 53min.

MONSANLORAN: Hello my children. I have something important to announce. It concerns the needed work you'll do to break this “luciferian network” that prevents your brethren to evolve according to the Plans of The Universal Father and Christ Michael.

We, the Melchizedeks, have worked tirelessly to create a second network around the luciferian one.

This network is almost finished, but we still must connect it to Earth. This connection will be done by creating some “permanent Light Anchors by us through you during a meditation”, on places that you could compare with high voltage plants (of electricity) in this luciferian grid. This is what we will do first.

We will anchor in all the points of high voltage of this dark network some permanent Light Anchors that will be linked to the” Pure Light network” that we have installed around Earth, which is located exactly above the luciferian network with the same grid and the same connection points and made out of Pure Light.

We now have to anchor it and we will do this by using Light Anchors that you will put in strategic locations such as connection pillars between Earth and our “grid of Pure Light”. The places where you will make connections with these Light Anchors between our grid and Earth will already break the flow of information which crosses this dark network.

Compare it to your electricity grid where you have large high voltage plants from which electricity is distributed regionally. The luciferian network also has these high voltage plants from which information is distributed to the regions. When all these “Melchizedek Light Anchors” will be installed in these strategic locations, we simply have to paste our “Pure Light network” above that of Lucifer and it will disappear immediately.

Thanks to your efforts, your courage and your determination and the first trials we could make by implementing these Light Anchors to stop the flow of dark energy information in the strategic places of your area (Belize), we saw that if we do this on all strategic points all over the world we would advance easier and faster.

You will have to work. Others will do other jobs, not on places of high voltage, but on secondary distribution points. There are indeed thousands of small roads, but there are not thousands or billions of strategic locations. So do not be discouraged before the upcoming task, it will go much faster than you think. Already when some crucial points will be done, the rest will follow more easily.

All efforts that this living dark energy that flows through these grids could do to prevent you from doing your job will be in vain. It will only weaken it more and more everywhere you will be. Know that you are as strong as a Permanent Energy Light Anchor with the difference that you are walking ones.

The dark energy will be brought up short if it tries to attack you, as well as the Light Anchors you already created in some strategic places in your region (Belize) with our support and help.

Now comes the time where we ask you to travel. You leave already for another continent (Europe) and there we'll send you to some strategic places like those in your actual region. You are three and if someone capable wants to join he can. It is a mission of utmost importance and we ask you to follow our instructions, to do it, and not to worry about financial consequences. You will be helped financially according to the means that will be most suitable for each one of you. Don't worry, as we keep our promises.

Your problems with your partners should be solved now. It is up to you to show your determination. You go there alone or with your partner, it is up to you to decide to see how things are going to happen. You volunteered, and I think we have sufficiently explained the seriousness of the situation. This lasted now 200,000 years and it is time that we release your brothers and sisters with your help among other means. It is a team effort between us and you of the utmost importance for the future development of your human family.

We will not send you anymore to a location in your area before your departure. We changed our plans due to your successful actions and results that followed. We couldn't quiet anticipate them because it was a new experience. The results are fabulous, and gave us other ideas and possibilities to go faster in the destruction of this dark network. This will be a very precise coordination work, with great potential and a great chance of success, ……sorry, we are certain that we will succeed.

We already told you that we would use you to do different tests in different areas or activities. And it is true! And when these tests are good, we can continue and expand our activities in this field that we tested with you. What we tested with you, were these Light Anchors that we helped you to implement in your region, where it was extremely necessary, because it fed the entire region of Central America with ramifications to North and South America. The results are great and we have changed our plans. You get a little break and we'll prepare what you need to do in your regions of origin (Europe) where you'll spend your holiday.

The protection we put around you works very well, so have no fear, nothing can happen to you. Just stay alert and don't go into dark places where there is abuse of alcohol, drugs, and petty crime. Do not try to change the world this way. Stay unknown, don't talk to anyone of what you do, and stay with family. When you are on vacation, people won't find it abnormal that you wish to visit sites you've not yet seen. Be like a tourist and don’t say too much, act as if you were taking a vacation and at the same time you will work.

The Father follows closely all what you do, very closely. You have no idea how close He is to everything you do.

{Note Kathy January 2014: this is one of their jokes with us. In those days we were not very well aware of the indwelling Thought Adjuster or God Fragment, how he was trying to guide us and have us come closer to him and that our God Fragment was The Father, one and the same thing.}

He applauds and His heart fills with joy with every movement you do to destroy this network. After that, other tasks await you of another order. They will also be adventures with new things to live and experience.

That is all for today my children. I wanted to tell you this good news because it is good news to know that we will be able to act otherwise, faster and easier. The blow that has been brought to this dark network in your region has weakened it. This is comparable to the bleeding of an artery in your body and they will have great difficulty to close it, not to say they will be unable to close it. But we must continue to move fast, because the beast is tricky, and it could still hurt and this is not necessary, already enough damage has been done.

Goodbye, my children, and I thank you very much for working with us. We wish you all, my group and I, welcome in our team. As from now you are part of our team. You are doing the work on the ground and we help. You're a bit our kamikaze, who are bold and fearless. Unfortunately it is this fear that prevents so many good Light workers to do this work and dare go for it. You had a blind trust in us when we told you about the protection you received and this has allowed you to do this work. Thank you my children, we are all proud of you. Thank you very much.

Malvantra: My children we are all preparing your Q/A session of next Saturday with Tomas and Ham. You won't be the only ones to ask questions. We will bring your invisible siblings. They will ask perhaps many more questions then you, thus you will learn much from this situation and the misfortune that hit them. Then make an effort to ask questions on the role of women in society and its evolution, or on other topics concerning the rebellion or the ascension of the soul. Regardless, all subjects are good to help these souls to learn or tickle at least their curiosity for other topics on which they have not thought. They don’t have the Urantia book near them as you do. They stayed so long in ignorance, in fear, in hate, in anger that has been intentionally maintained to keep them imprisoned and prevent them from continuing their ascension.

Consider this act of Lucifer as you would on your planet: a crime against humanity. Now we must help the victims of this crime, and this requires courage. We know that you are not afraid anymore of them and after a few sessions you will find it quite normal that your invisible brethren who received less possibilities and opportunities than you come here to your classes. Believe me, many thank you for welcoming them with all their heart. Thanks to this, many take more and more the decision to go on, to continue their path of ascension on the Mansion Worlds that have been created for this purpose.

Many believed or at least tried to regain a physical body to continue their evolution on this material globe. This is still a subject of which we will speak, and which has not yet been disclosed. This concerns the belief in continuous reincarnation on Earth before being able to continue your ascension and this topic will be revealed later. You will then understand better why we never wanted to continue in that direction and that belief because it was not part of the ascension Plan of Christ Michael, but from the lies of the ascension plan of Lucifer and Caligastia.

I said enough on this topic, and I think you will understand a bit where this will go, and in which direction you must reflect. Thank you my children and goodbye. The session is finished for today. Goodbye.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.