Return Maya Cosmic Masters

Part 26 - 2011

Q/A Session with invisible and visible souls.

Session July  16th 2011 –recorded – English translation - Original French.

Place : Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present : Cyril and Kathy

Transmitted by Kathy.

Teachers : Tomas and Ham – introduction by Malvantra Melchizedek

Duration of the session 2h30min.

MALVANTRA: Hello my friends. We will start this session with you both here and the” invisible souls”. Ham will take care of the issues of the invisible souls because he knows very well the teachings Jesus (Christ Michael) gave when he was on Urantia 2,000 years ago and Tomas will answer your questions. Behind Ham and Tomas there is still a large group of teachers that will help both to answer all your questions. You can compare this with some programs you have on television and radio where people who must answer questions can get help from others if they don’t know the answer. Your teachers don’t have all the answers and they are bound to a program that they have to follow and from which they cannot deviate.

HAM: here is an invisible student who asks the following question. Why did it last 200,000 years before you came to help us? Why did it last so long?

HAM: We will respond as follow to this person. When the rebellion broke out, when Lucifer presented himself on the Sea of glass to make his “declaration of Liberty”, the universe had to act very fast. Already he swept along with him the Planetary Princes of 37 planets in the System of Satania from which he was the Sovereign. To prevent this rebellion from spreading in the local universe of Nebadon we had to put in quarantine these 37 planets, including Urantia. All communication systems with the universe were cut. Then there was a need to notify the tactics to follow. Many experienced personalities of the universe advised Christ Michael (Jesus) not to eliminate by force this rebellion. On the contrary, it was better to let it go all the way on so that all inhabitants of the universe could see the ugliness of it in broad daylight and to what it would lead.

Another reason to let go on this rebellion was the Love and Mercy that The Universal Father and His Son Christ Michael have for all created beings. We wanted to leave time to Angels and other Celestial Beings to redeem and change their minds; to give them the opportunity to reintegrate the Order of the Universe. Not all inhabitants of these 37 planets followed their Planetary Prince and the ideas of Lucifer, but here on Urantia the damage was enormous because of the fact that the population had not yet reached a very high level and that Lucifer received much support from your former Planetary Prince Caligastia. All this took time and time is different here on Earth in comparison to time in the universe and on Paradise. A few days in Paradise are easily 200,000 years on Urantia.

There was another problem on your planet and that was what Lucifer and Caligastia installed to prevent your ascension to The Universal Father. We needed special means to destroy what had been implemented and it is only recently that we received them. Now we are here and the destruction of what has been implemented by Lucifer is only a matter of time. We started these education programs so that you can make your choices with knowledge of the facts and that you learn the difference between the ascension plans of Christ Michael and The Universal Father and those of Lucifer and Caligastia.

There is yet another element in play and that is the fact that all 37 planets of the rebellion will each receive a Magisterial Son to help them move faster towards the era of Light and Life and that the arrival on each planet of these Magisterial Sons must be coordinated.

HAM: (after a long silence). Here is another question of an invisible being. I find that Lucifer gave us much more freedom than you and Christ Michael offer us! You don’t give us much choice or freedom of action.

HAM: The freedom Lucifer has offered you was a false freedom. The way you used this freedom resulted in the enslavement of others; which is unacceptable for the universe. Freedom Yes, I agree, but with respect for the freedom of others and being of service to one another. What you have done here is unacceptable and you won't be able to continue this nor to stay here. This is why we have developed this system of rehabilitation so that you can choose freely and knowingly between following the plans of Christ Michael and The Universal Father or de-creation.

Malvantra: There are no more questions on the part of the invisible beings. We will start with your questions. Go ahead.

Mezza Verde student: The Mansion Worlds are created to receive, resurrect and re-personalize souls. How was Lucifer able to re-personalize souls here on earth? Please explain and thank you.

THOMAS: You cannot compare the re-personalization system used here by Lucifer with the resurrection of a soul on the Mansion worlds. Lucifer was the Sovereign of the System of Satania. He had access to the Mansion worlds and the Morontia worlds of Satania. He observed the resurrection of souls coming from animal evolution on the material planets or time and space worlds in the Resurrection Halls. He deduced a few things out of it but did not understand everything. When a soul from Earth enters his “seraphic sleep” and is transported directly to the first Mansion world, this soul sleeps. The Guardian Angel of this soul who keeps all the memory of past experiences as well as the identity goes to other occupations. The God Fragment which keeps all the soul’s decisions and actions on the spiritual level goes to Divinington.

It Is only at the moment that the resurrection Angels receive authorization for your resurrection that your soul (dormant) is led into the Resurrection Halls and that your Guardian Angel and your God Fragment return to recompose you. You then receive a new body made of Morontia matter, you will receive your personality and your identity back, as well as the memory of your past actions through your Guardian Angel and all your spiritual values acquired during your earthly life through your God Fragment.

It’s only at that point that your soul will receive actual opportunities and capacity to grow, to evolve from one Morontia World to another to then at some point fuse with your God Fragment to continue your ascension by becoming more and more a Spiritual Being to arrive eventually in the Spiritual Worlds and thus continue from one Spiritual World to another to reach Havona, and by passing through all what Havona will offer as experiences and teachings you will reach Paradise where you will still learn and evolve until you are ready to stand before The Universal Father and be embraced by Him. All this is possible thanks to your God Fragment that will help you in this evolution.

What Lucifer did here with the mortal souls is a parody of this ascension path. First he prevented human souls to enter their seraphic sleep to be transported by a Transport Angel to the First Mansion world or the places where souls sleep until there is a dispensation. Then, thanks to the fact that he received cooperation of many guardian angels, he awakened those souls by giving them their memory and their identity back which their guardian angel kept and in addition he gave them a Morontia body due to the fact that Caligastia gave him access to the Morontia Energy Systems in existence around Earth. This was Lucifer’s re-personalization.

But these souls that were "re -personalized" this way could not evolve according to the Plans of ascension foreseen for this purpose because they were missing an essential element, and that was their God Fragment. Many things happened here and we will not extend us on everything. The fact is that these “re-personalized” souls were kept on Urantia to serve the goals of Lucifer and were prevented from continuing their ascension towards The Universal Father.

Many things have been done to help the more advanced ones, but others remained blocked here and sometimes kept imprisoned in ignorance and fear and that is why we are here to resolve this.

Mezza Verde student: Lucifer has developed around Urantia a network of dark energy which prevents our souls to move towards The Universal Father. He also implemented long ago a system to prevent souls after mortal death to enter their seraphic sleep to prevent them to be transported to the Mansion worlds where they could have continued their evolution and their ascension. He did this to keep them in the astral spheres around Earth. Does this system to prevent souls from going into their seraphic sleep still work? And if so, how can we escape from it, and how can we help the souls of our deceased friends and families, to pass through this so that all can continue their path of evolution and ascension according to the Plans of Christ Michael?

TOMAS: The system to prevent souls from going into their seraphic sleep still works. However we are here to address this and to help all the souls to continue their path of ascension and to release the imprisoned souls which were kept here. However you received in your previous teachings techniques to help the souls of deceased friends and families, as well as from others to continue their path of ascension. Other programs are now in operation to do the same thing.

All means are now available to destroy all networks implemented by Lucifer and Caligastia without causing problems to the free-will of all souls in evolution currently on Urantia. It’s only a matter of a short period of time and this problem will be solved. Don’t worry. Not one soul will be lost nor forgotten.

Mezza Verde student: in paper 133 of the Urantia Book Jesus saw a man beating his wife very hard in public. He said the following thing to him:

My brother, always remember that man has no rightful authority over woman unless the woman has willingly and voluntarily given him such authority. Your wife has engaged to go through life with you, to help you fight its battles, and to assume the far greater share of the burden of bearing and rearing your children; and in return for this special service it is only fair that she receive from you that special protection which man can give to woman as the partner who must carry, bear, and nurture the children. The loving care and consideration which a man is willing to bestow upon his wife and their children are the measure of that man’s attainment of the higher levels of creative and spiritual self-consciousness. Do you not know that men and women are partners with God in that they co-operate to create beings who grow up to possess themselves of the potential of immortal souls? The Father in heaven treats the Spirit Mother of the children of the universe as one equal to himself. It is Godlike to share your life and all that relates thereto on equal terms with the mother partner who so fully shares with you that divine experience of reproducing yourselves in the lives of your children. If you can only love your children as God loves you, you will love and cherish your wife as the Father in heaven honors and exalts the Infinite Spirit, the mother of all the spirit children of a vast universe.”

My 3 questions:

  1. Man has no authority over women unless women spontaneously and voluntarily gave him that authority. How can a woman in our patriarchal societies where she is often very dependent on men spontaneously and voluntarily provide this authority?

THOMAS: This was an incident that happened where a man began to beat hard his wife on the street in front of everyone because she picked all the time on him in public and this made him lose his temper. This scene shocked the friends of Jesus.

It is very dangerous to submit your will to someone else’s. If the person to which you submit your will starts to do things from which you feel inwardly that they are not good nor fair, you will let you lead in these evil actions and you will cooperate with it by keeping silence, by silencing your conscience and by doing so you may strongly damage the evolution of your soul.

We warn here anyone who submits his will to the will of others, whether it is the will of your husband, your wife, a religious organization, an enlightened person, a true or false Spiritual Master, etc.

You should always follow your own path and act according to your own conscience to let evolve your soul by letting your Guardian Angel and your God Fragment guiding you.

You may listen and follow the wise words of another person and you will learn from it and it will help you evolve to a certain point. But you will always have to take responsibility for your own actions and follow the path which is yours and that your God Fragment will try to show you and that’s not necessarily the same path as the one of your partner with whom you share a complete existence. You must make your own experiences and develop your own capabilities in the conditions given to you in your earthly life to develop a strong and courageous soul.

To follow the teachings of a Master is good until a certain point. However don’t forget that each Master speaks from out of his own experiences and wisdom that he has gained through the path he followed and which was his own. It’s up to you to grow and follow the indications he gave you if you wish to do so, but we advise you always to listen to the Voice of your Inner God Fragment which will guide you to the experiences your soul really needs to evolve and gain the wisdom necessary to your own soul development.

Each soul received a different personality from The Father and therefore has her own path of evolution and it is your God Fragment, which you also received from The Universal Father, who knows that path. Although even then you have the right to choose or not to follow this path he is suggesting you.

  1. men and women are partners of God, in the sense that they cooperate to create beings who grow up to have the potential of becoming an immortal soul. Can you give more comments about it?

TOMAS: When The Universal Father stated the idea of "creating beings like Him", He received entirely the support of The Eternal Son and the cooperation of The Infinite Spirit to achieve this. Immediately The Infinite Spirit began to create the Master Spirits and many other Celestial Beings to create the Superuniverses, the local universes with their Constellations and their planetary Systems. On these planets could be implanted material life, animal-life, vegetation and by evolution out of animal life humans beings could develop until your stage. The human being could received at some moment in his development Father Fragment from The Universal Father and a Personality and from The Infinite Spirit a part of the Cosmic Mind, which is the mortal mind to be able to create a soul that could grow from an embryonic stage during mortal life into a Divine Being similar to The Universal Father.

After mortal death, the soul will have the opportunity to grow gradually on nearly 500 Morontia Worlds where she will receive each time a new body to then become a Spiritual Being and continue her evolution as a Spiritual Being on about 700 Spiritual Worlds and so on, until the soul reaches The Father and that she has learned to do only the Will of The Father by her own free choice. Until the time of the fusion of the soul with her God Fragment, the soul will always have the choice whether or not she wishes to continue her path of ascension. The fusion means that the soul has chosen irrevocably to submit her will to the Will of The Father and wants to become like Him.

Who plays the role on the material plane, on earth to create children and ensure that they have the opportunity to develop a soul which can become immortal? These are the women and the men of your planet. Therefore, the parents here on Urantia cooperate and are partners with God to develop strong, capable and courageous souls, who know the Inner Presence of The Father and who will have the endurance and the ability to initiate this long path of ascension to The Father to obtain Eternal Life.

3) “The Father in heaven honors and exalts the Infinite Spirit, the Mother of all the spirit children of a vast universe.” Jesus speaks here of The Infinite Spirit as a mother and uses the term "Mother" of the spirit children of the universe. Why does Jesus compare The Infinite Spirit to a Mother?

TOMAS: Jesus (Christ Michael) compares the specific function of The Infinite Spirit of Paradise to a Mother because the women on Urantia play a similar role; they have a function comparable to that of the Mother-Infinite Spirit of Paradise.

Mezza Verde student: this concerns the passage in the Urantia Book where Jesus and Ganid were accosted by public women. Jesus said to Ganid who condemned these persons: «There lives within every human mind a divine spirit, the gift of the Father in heaven. This good spirit ever strives to lead us to God, to help us to find God and to know God; but also within mortals there are many natural physical tendencies which the Creator put there to serve the well-being of the individual and the race. Now, oftentimes, men and women become confused in their efforts to understand themselves and to grapple with the manifold difficulties of making a living in a world so largely dominated by selfishness and sin."

My question:

Jesus said that we have a Divine Fragment to lead us to God, but that we also have our natural physical tendencies to serve our welfare. Does this mean that sometimes we are in situations where to survive we act in ways that we wouldn’t do under normal circumstances, and that God forgive us this kind of misconducts as soon as we want to go back to the path that brings us directly to Him?

TOMAS: You cannot let evolve your soul without doing good and bad experiences. A soul who begins to make her first experiences will make mistakes; will do the stupidities of youth. She will slowly understand what is right and what is wrong. She will evolve by experiencing the consequences of her decisions. Little by little she will grow and understand more what helps her to evolve well in society and what will lead her to her own destruction. It is not possible to live without doing mistakes, sometimes even serious mistakes. When you will realize your wrong doing and you change your attitudes to what is more consistent with the laws of the universe, The Father forgives you immediately. It is only when you start deliberately and knowingly to harm others and deny the existence of The Father, that in time your soul will not be able anymore to continue her path of ascension or will not even want to continue it.

I would like to notify here that souls that did a lot of mistakes in their life, that had some habits who were detrimental to them, which they acknowledged and that started to listen to their Inner Voice of The Father, will serve, help and understand much better their younger brethren that are still acting in error.

A person who never did something wrong, who always followed the “holy” guidelines, will often have a much more harsh and belittling attitude to those younger brothers and sisters and be less inclined to be compassionate, merciful and of service to help them out.

Mezza Verde student: Here is another passage from paper 84 of the Urantia Book.

Men and women need each other in their morontial and spiritual as well as in their mortal careers. The differences in viewpoint between male and female persist even beyond the first life and throughout the local and superuniverse ascensions. And even in Havona, the pilgrims who were once men and women will still be aiding each other in the Paradise ascent. Never, even in the Corps of the Finality, will the creature metamorphose so far as to obliterate the personality trends that humans call male and female; always will these two basic variations of humankind continue to intrigue, stimulate, encourage, and assist each other; always will they be mutually dependent on co-operation in the solution of perplexing universe problems and in the overcoming of manifold cosmic difficulties.”

My questions :

1) How does it come that a man and a woman will always have these difficulties to understand and go along with each other even after having been embraced by The Father in Paradise?

TOMAS: All of you on Urantia have a connection and are under influence of all Deities of the Trinity. Each Deity has her or his own domain and personality and they are represented in each human being, as well in males as in females. The aspects and functions of The Universal Father are more pronounced in men than in women and the aspects and functions of The Eternal Mother-Son and of The Mother – Infinite Spirit are more represented in women. As you are different in many ways here on Earth, you have different roles to play and by having different roles to play in your society, you have it difficult to agree with each other and to understand each other. A woman cannot put herself in the shoes of a man and vice versa. You can try to understand your differences, but you can never feel them.

During your Morontial evolution and then your Spiritual evolution you will develop and harmonize more all the aspects that you have of The Trinity. However the male or female (personality) polarization will always stay, even after being embraced by The Father in Paradise.

Nevertheless I still would like to clarify that spiritualized human souls don’t beat each other, don’t quarrel anymore as is done here in a rough manner on Urantia. If that were the case, they wouldn’t have been able to access their Spiritualized State. The male and female Spiritualized human beings work together with respect for each other and it is only when they approach a problem that you see the difference.

2°) Do we find among the Deities of Paradise a similar difference as we have here on Earth between a man and a woman because from what I understood by reading the U.B., is that the Deity called The Eternal Son is our Eternal Mother and that God is The Universal Father and that all humans beings of all planets in the universe are their "universal spiritual family". But Jesus speaks also of The Mother-Infinite Spirit who creates material worlds on which we life. Therefore I conclude that we have A Universal Father and two Cosmic Mothers with different functions, who are The Eternal Son and The Infinite Spirit which tells me that you can also find in The Trinity the difference between what we call here a man and a woman. They are Pure Creator Spirits and they always go along very well with each other, which is not the case here on Urantia. Thanks for your comments.

TOMAS: Earth human beings are sexual beings and we try to make you understand the differences of the Deities of the Trinity in a way understandable to you. We call The First Creator Source "The Universal Father", because you can compare Him to a Father who loves all His children. We call The Second Creator Source "The Eternal Son" because it is a descendant of The Universal Father. However to make you understand the difference we are saying to you that The Eternal Son is also like an "Eternal Mother", because She creates together with The Father….. the Creator Sons. We call The Third Creator Source “The Infinite Spirit” and we can talk about Her as a Mother to make a comparison with your women who bears and rears your children and who cares for them until they can continue their life alone. It is a question of denomination to try to make you understand their attributes and functions. On a non-sexual world we would use other terms to try to make understand the differences between the Deities of the Trinity.

I would also like to point out that these Deities have been brought in existence all together and not one after the other.

Mezza Verde student: In paper 84 about Marriage and Family Life is said :

Let man enjoy himself; let the human race find pleasure in a thousand and one ways; let evolutionary mankind explore all forms of legitimate self-gratification, the fruits of the long upward biologic struggle. Man has well earned some of his present-day joys and pleasures. But look you well to the goal of destiny! Pleasures are indeed suicidal if they succeed in destroying property, which has become the institution of self-maintenance; and self-gratifications have indeed cost a fatal price if they bring about the collapse of marriage, the decadence of family life, and the destruction of the home — man’s supreme evolutionary acquirement and civilization’s only hope of survival.”

  1. Question: this was written in the beginning of the 20th century. We are almost 100 years later and we live now in a period where there are about 60% divorces, where education is directed to physical pleasures, gain and the development of intelligence, where mothers doesn’t want or cannot take care anymore of their homes and their children. Where children grow up in kindergartens and schools that should take over the parents responsibilities for their education. Where there is an incredible moral decadence. Where family life disappears, and the children must grow up in the streets where they find a different kind of family that raises them in crime and drug abuse, and so on. Personally I am convinced of the importance of the family nucleus where there is love and where there is the loving presence of a mother that listens to her children when they tell her their problems, where there is a father who comes home and who gives the child the discipline, the logical sense and other things. How will we restore this situation? Is this still possible? Thank you for your comments.

TOMAS: We know the current problems regarding this. All of this will be put straight little by little when the Magisterial Son will begin his Magisterial Mission and that his influence will be felt on Urantia. New values will be issued and they will resonate slowly with the hearts of the people of Urantia. This will take time, but the situation will come back to other values that will lead you into the era of Light and Life. When the dark energy grid of Lucifer will be destroyed, people will breathe a new air of agreement and this will already have a great influence. Then your Magisterial Son will come with his entire Staff and his Melchizedeks and everything will change. It cannot be otherwise. Don’t worry.

  1. Question on the multiple reasons for disagreement between parents why people divorce these days even if they have children. If the parents don’t agree anymore and they argue all the time before their children and their lives and those of their children suffers much from it, is it not better to divorce and to find an arrangement for the education of the children in our current society?

TOMAS: If there are children, parents must take responsibility for the education and the development of their children and must consider the welfare of their children. If the family situation deteriorates in such a way that the children are in great danger because of violence, and other mistreatments, you must first think on the safety of the child.

We are not going to give you any advice or attitudes to take. It is all part of your experiences, your learning process and the level of your spiritual evolution. However parents who quarrel continually before their children are a sign that their souls have still to grow a lot.

If you don’t have children and that you cannot get along anymore with your partner you should still ask yourself if you learned all the life lessons that this relationship could give you. Because if you have not yet learned some lessons about your own attitudes, it may very well be that you will experience the same problems with your new partner.

What humans consider as love at the very beginning of a relationship, is a volatile sentiment that disappears after a time when you live together with your partner. Much more is needed for a couple to stay together for years, passing through many difficulties and growing together with all the obstacles in life. The love that will continue to keep a couple together will transform over the years and will be of another essence than the one of the beginning.

MALVANTRA: As the invisible students don’t have any questions for the time being we will end this session. We see that this little girl here is very tired. Our invisible friends will certainly have lots of questions at the next session because they received today much stuff to ponder. Goodby my friends.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.