Return Maya Cosmic Masters

Part 27 - 2011

Session 19 July 2011 – recorded – English translation Original French

Place : Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present : Cyril and Kathy

Received by Kathy

Visitors: KUWAYA, Master Spirit nr. 2 of Superunivers nr.2, The Voice of The Eternal Son-Mother.

Monsanloran Melchizedek.

…………….Malvantra Melchizedek

KUWAYA: Hello my children. I still wanted to speak to you for a moment. I could not finish last time all that I had to say.

My children you have done such a beautiful work. Already we see the results and you will complete this work that is dedicated to the honor of The Universal Father.

The work that has been done with the invisible human souls, the fallen angels and others gave unexpected results.

Yes I'm your Eternal Mother, a Universe Mother and I talk through Master Spirit n°2, which is My Voice. This is all new for us and we need also to get used to it.

One day you will receive under the direction of Malvantra the opportunity to review your Q/A sessions with these invisible beings and Tomas and Ham so that you would understand the impact these sessions have on these invisible souls and beings. The fact that they can see you and that they notice that you are also beginners in all this knowledge, that you are in the same class to learn just like them, makes them feel more comfortable; with that difference that you feel a very strong contact with your Thought Adjuster, with your inner Divine Fragment. The certainty that you have in your heart that you really speak to your Father in Paradise makes them more confident to believe in The Universal Father.

There lies the problem. They want all eternal life but they were poorly guided. They have been taught false stories. They were promised that they could always have new (physical) bodies to evolve here up to a certain level and then could go to heaven. But it became impossible for these souls to leave these places around Earth in the way Lucifer and Caligastia acted. They start slowly to accept that they don’t have 3 choices. They have only two and it is their last chance because otherwise they will have to be de-created. The third option to stay here is unacceptable and must be terminated since it blocks the evolution of humanity and prevents the coming of the Magisterial Son which again delays the evolution of humanity.

Many things have been done by the fallen angels and the human souls to whom Lucifer gave Morontia bodies that you would call astral bodies, to work for him and to work for him was something else then to work for the well-being of humanity. Due to the living energy grid of fear, jealousy, wickedness that he implemented and the fact that these souls wished to have a new physical body to continue their life here, many things happened that are difficult to explain. We will reveal this to you little by little.

Reincarnation, which means that a soul can regain a physical body more than once is an ancient belief. But the souls that remained here, without physical body and who could not continue on the Mansion worlds wanted strongly another physical body. They tried to squat the bodies of people who were easily influenced to satisfy their needs, such as those who abuse from drugs and alcohol or who engage in sexual vices and many other things.

This is something difficult to explain, but all of this happened and is still happening. This is why we ask you, for your protection, to avoid going in these areas.

(Note Kathy: we are protected against this but they can push another person to attack us physically. We have the means to remove them from the bodies they squat and so we are a danger to them).

All of this will be finished when we have cleaned up the grid and have replaced it with our grid of Light and that all these blocked souls will be gone. Already they become limited in their movements and it will not be accepted anymore that they use bodies of others to engage in the pleasures of carnal life. This will therefore disappear with your help and the help of others. You don’t know each other and it is better like this for the moment.

This is all that I wanted to tell you my children. Goodbye my children.

MONSANLORAN MELCHIZEDEK: Hello my friends. I see that you are all impatient to do your job in your continent of origin. Unfortunately we are not ready yet.

Tulle in France and Huete in Spain are places to be visited by both of you. We will tell you later where the exact places are where you have to pick up all the stored data. We will give you guidance during your meditations and information through other people.

We might send you to some Nazi concentration camps in Austria and Germany. We are looking for the most strategic places because this is a work of high precision. We ask you for a little bit more time and patience so that we can guide you to specific areas.

We are showing right now to this little girl a place in the Vatican City in Rome where there is a large round square, and a kind of obelisk in the middle. This is certainly one of the strategic places where we will send you.

The Nazi concentration camps on which we are thinking are those of Mauthausen (Austria) and Dachau (Germany).

(MAUTHAUSEN opened in august 1938 to eliminate Hitler’s political enemies. Prisoners came from over 30 countries to work in the factories implemented around Mauthausen.

DACHAU opened 31 MARCH 1933 to eliminate Hitler’s political enemies, starting with his own people and later with the ones from other European countries.

The camps in Polen like Auschwitz started only in 1942 to eliminate the Jewish people from all over Europe.)

France – de beaches of the invasion in Normandy (D-Day), where there is a large (American) cemetery with a round memorial. (This is at Omaha Beach – the cemetery of Colleville-sur-Mer – Omaha beach was the most bloody of all the beaches)

Belgium : The « Grand Place » in Brussels.

France (south) – Montségur where they burned 250 people at once. (war of the Vatican against the Catharses in 13th century – Montségur was the last city to surrender in 1244 of that immense region of the South of France)

France (south) – Carcassonne (same region as Montségur – ancient land of the Catharses - 1209 – the Catharses of Carcassonne were taken out of the city to be burned.)

ITALY : Sicily and Calabria in the south of Italy

France - Paris where you have the great obelisk that they brought from Egypt.

Russia : Arkhangelsk near Finland (White Sea).

(Near Arkhangelsk in the White sea you have the six islands of Solovky which are very high sacred islands since 3000 BC but were used in 1920 as a brutal forced working Soviet prison camp. In 1922 Lenin started a campaign to destroy the Orthodox Church by assassinating thousands of priests and monks and deport christians to Solovsky. In 1937, Stalin reorganized it into the one of the severest Gulags in his empire. Prisoners lived and worked in intolerable conditions, with officers torturing or killing them at will. Over a million prisoners are estimated to have died here, many of whom were priests, artists and writers. The prison was closed in 1939 and the Monastery was given back to the Orthodox church in 1990.)

China Goby Desert and Salt Mountains in Turkey.

You see my friends, there are many places and we do not know yet which you need to do or if you will be able to do them all. We have lot of choices and we only have indicated you now a few places to which you maybe send. We will try to organize your journey by country so that you do not have to run several times to the same country.

This is it my children, I still leave you a bit of holiday; enjoy your last few weeks here before leaving. We expect you for the next Q/A session on coming Friday. If you could organize one next week to complete your season we would much appreciate this as will these invisible souls and beings that have such a need to know.

Thank you very much my friends. I will soon come back to you and you will certainly have a program before you leave. Good bye.

MALVANTRA: Hello my children. Indeed, we had not much to communicate to you. But we are all working very hard to organize your trips in your continent of origin (Europe) and your work there.

Don't be afraid, we know that travelling is time consuming. We will organize this. This is all for now my children, we will finish the session. Goodbye my friends.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.