The great Cosmic Love adventure of service.

Session nr 8 of 29 July 2020 – English translation– Original Dutch.

Place : Mezzaverde in Belgium.

Received by Wivine.

Visitor : Christ Michael – Creator Son of our local universe Nebadon, situated in de seventh Superunivers Orvonton. Better known as Jesus of Nazareth during his mortal life.

Christ Michael : The urge to seek God is written in everyone's genetics as well as in your brain cells. Your geneticists have by no means deciphered all genetic codes, far from it. They discovered so far just a small percentage of all codes. However, a part on this subject has already been discovered.

It is God the Father who is always pushing you through the spiritual circuits of the Eternal Son and the genetic codes in your body to seek Him. To always draw you closer and closer to Him, in order to attain higher spiritual values, until “enlightenment” or “pre-fusion” with your indwelling God Fragment occurs, even here on earth.

Many adhere to ceremonies and precepts of a religious community whose truths are usually collected in a dogmatic book. Dogmatic in the sense: only what is in their Book is truth and nothing else.

Some go on a quest because they cannot find all answers in their parental religion. They look at other religions, read other holy books, or search other philosophies for answers. They go from one to the other and pick up everywhere some wisdom. This is how they create their own faith, their own religion which they regularly update, following new discoveries and acquired knowledge.

Until they decide to go on an inner quest and no longer join an organized religious or spiritual group, nor stick to what is written in Holy Books because they have perceived that all in it is not true neither complete.

Where to look than?

It is then that they begin to speak to God intensely and directly in their hearts. Until they involve God in everything they do in their life. They come to realize that they are being heard even without hearing his "soft voice" and that their life is changing as a result of the intuitions God whispers in their heart, as well as through interaction with their environment.

They will regularly reject what they once thought to be "truth" because it no longer serves them, because new truths come to them intuitively through their life experiences, meditations or prayers.

They want to tell others about it, but it’s not easy. It becomes even more difficult over time because others are holding on to their beliefs, their sacred books or have even lost any form of belief. As a result, tensions arise in families, between friends, religious congregations and so on.

Until they get to the point where they can't talk about it anymore. Many than start to feel lonely, different, a foreigner between their friends even with those they walked a long path in their religious quest.

Their soul grew so much that they adopted other values. They begin to feel unity between each and everyone. They develop a different sense of love and compassion for their fellowmen. Demonstrate righteousness, loyalty and tolerance that increasingly differs from the thoughts and attitudes of their environment. Even though this environment has stuck the label "highly spiritual" on its forehead.

They start worrying about the fate of all peoples on the planet, of all the countries. Not just their compatriots, those who live in their city, their village or their family. They will begin to feel themselves citizens of the world, and when they move on, they will begin to feel themselves cosmic citizens.

Cosmic citizens because they are aware that they belong to and are surrounded by a huge loving and caring celestial family. This is when the feeling of loneliness disappears. They constantly feel God within them and the Celestials around them.

They also feel their connection with all souls, also those that arrived in the celestial worlds before them. Especially with their parents, family and friends with whom they had close ties. Even sometimes with their beloved animals who are no longer there.

Next these human souls rise a little higher, develop a bit more. They are urged to seek the highest spiritual status that a person can attain in their earthly life: to become the Illuminated Human, the Divinized Human, the God-Man.

They subconsciously feel that when they open this door, more will be asked of them. They will understand that they have to improve themselves first, they will feel a pressing need for it. Their soul pushes them to dust themselves off. They are no longer interested in changing, nor in evangelizing others according to their own beliefs, how noble they may appear. No! They know inwardly that it is with oneself that one must begin to reach that Divine level which will help the spiritual transformation of the entire world in a profound, unifying way according to the visions of God.

This is where it gets difficult. Most stop there. This is where they give up.


Because an intense and deep desire arises to Unite with one's indwelling God Fragment, a desire of complete surrender which requires a lot of will and endurance.

It creates a need to take a closer look to yourself because you will become more and more aware of your own flaws, your own imperfections. You will feel that pointing fingers at other people doesn't help. The desire, the need to refine and improve, takes over.

This is the period when your Angels, your God Fragment will tell you very clearly where you need to improve, the period when you are constantly being corrected. Where doubts can arose. Sometimes it is also called the “inner dark period”.

Above all, it means going through a difficult and painful time ; it is taking a heavy burden and a responsibility on your shoulders. It means examining one's own dark sides, studying and smoothing out one's own imperfections and appease those tsunamis in the heart that result from intense emotions.

You have to show a lot of love for yourself as well as for others. Certainly to those who make you cry, who despise you, who want to hurt you or harmed you.

Becoming a Divinized Human, a God-Man does not happen by miracle. It is not a blessed state given to you because you follow some rules or receive at birth.

God never made any rules. He leaves you free.

Its men who set the rules to judge and condemn others. But also themselves, which often gives them a bad self-image, guilt and feeling worthless.

It doesn’t bring anything.

After all, God finds you a nice guy or a nice girl!

God expects from you that you love Him and be willing to serve His Creation. Not for profit, not to receive honors or fame, and certainly not by putting yourself on a pedestal to feel important. It doesn't matter to Him how you do it. As long as you involve Him in all your decisions and ideas, that you ask Him for advice in your quest for personal improvement. He will answer you honestly and openly. It's up to you to accept it or not.

It is your desire to serve more and more by becoming more and more spiritual and divine that is the driving force. It is this desire that will give you the will and the persistence to make it happen.

Be aware that it takes a lot of effort to attain the status of a Divinized Human in an earthly life. A lot. And when you get it, no one can take it from you. Neither will you be able to share or donate it. Many in their ignorance will try to steel it and not everyone who comes to you with a smile will be a friend. You will experience this just as I did back then.

Anyone can do it. No matter the age you start. Where there is a will, there is a way. The doors are wide open for you to embark on this great adventure of cosmic love of service. Nothing and no one can stop you but yourself.

No one is alone. God is assisting you with much love and patience and He is your greatest supporter. He will show you where and how to improve. He knows everything about you. Your Angels will create the circumstances in which you will get to know yourself better and in doing so you will discover where to improve.

He says to you and I say to you: “Hold on, do not give up! Nothing is impossible with God! "

Your "indwelling little God" has many surprises in store for you. Pay attention to everything that happens to you and what is going on around you.

You are all living in a time of great change with many possibilities. Everything is going fast, very fast.

Let go of the old and jump into the water.

Goodbye, my children. Goodbye. I'm never far away, call me if you need me.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.