Each lock is unique, you can't use someone else's key.

Part 1.

Session 11 of 21 October 2020 – English translation- original French.

Place : Mezzaverde in Belgium.

Received by Wivine

Visitor: Christ Michael –Creator Son of our local universe Nebadon – known as Jesus of Nazareth on our world.

Jesus : Hello my friends, I am here to speak about the God-Man, the Divinized Human such as The Father in Paradise sees each of you. Such as I have taught it during my earthly life.

Be aware that to give a name and a sex to the Universal Father is to limit Him. You are not able to properly imagine Him, nor to portray Him because He is immaterial and incomprehensible to you, just like His Breath of Love which permeates His Creation.

Many of you call Him God - the Creator of all universes who lives through all of His Creation. So also in humanity, in every human because a human is an integral part of His Creation.

He is the one who gave you your "personality" along with a soul embryo after you were born. This "personality" which links the child to God is unique. No two are the same. It is in this soul embryo that God placed His perfect image of you, like a seed, a germ.

This perfect image, with all its possibilities and capacities to divinize yourself, is in you. Nowhere else. In you, and it is up to you to become this Eternal Human, this Divinized Human as God designed you.

If you work towards this goal you can become during your earthly life this Divinized Human - the God-Man or God-Woman.

There are three major stages that may occur in the life of a person who wants to achieve this goal and they are:

1) The birth of the morontia soul already on earth.

We can say by analogy that this soul embryo has the possibility of becoming a fetus which will grow up to give birth to a "baby morontia soul" possessing a beginner morontia mind. This “baby morontia soul” will have the opportunity to go through all the phases of morontia metamorphosis that a soul can experience in a physical body, to become an adult morontia soul ready to fuse with its God Fragment. Even being able to reach the threshold of a first stage spiritual creature that will allow it to leave Nebadon - your local universe - My Kingdom in the myriad of Universes - and undertake the ascent to Paradise.

2) Become the Deified Human.

The ultimate goal that a soul can achieve in an earthly life is to become a Deified, Enlightened Human. A soul ready to fuse with its God Fragment which it received at a very young age.

The important step to be taken here is the unification of the male and female mind in soul and body. I will come back to this later because it has many consequences and opens many doors.

3) The fusion of the soul with its God fragment or Thought Adjuster.

This can happen on earth or directly after death on the 1st Mansion world. This fusion can be delayed by your God Fragment, if He decides that you can be useful to do additional work on Earth or in other material worlds.

This highly evolved soul will then have the capacity to densify a material body for short periods to do its task in the material world where it needs to be seen. Otherwise she will actively help in her morontia form. This soul will even be able to do this after physical death.

The fusion of an evolved soul with its Divine Fragment is a mandatory stage in your evolution to be able to attain Paradise and God’s perfection. It can also happen later on the morontia worlds (semi-material) for the souls that need more time.

I am not going to expand further on the evolution of the soul after its fusion with its Thought Adjuster or God Fragment on the morontia worlds. This has already been described.

What I want to explain here is what a soul can achieve during her physical life if it is willing to do so.

You have received free will together with your "personality". You therefore have choices to make, decisions to take with full knowledge of the facts.

Which brings us to the question: is a human with an embryo-soul who wants to evolve, able to choose with full knowledge of the facts?

Unfortunately often not. Your humanity is still very ignorant and immature regarding its divine origins and the purpose of its life.

Oh, it's not religions and beliefs that were lacking. For thousands of years, Sages have stood up to show the way, the path to take. Unfortunately too often their words have been distorted, forgotten or crystallized in books often written long after their death.

Unfortunately many priesthoods have used these books to keep humanity in spiritual dependence and ignorance. Simply by concealing from everyone that God lives in the hearts of every person and that God is the only and True Teacher of the ever-evolving Living Truths of Heaven.

On the other hand, this inner path requires effort on the part of believers and in their immaturity they often seek the easy way. We burn a candle, we listen to the priest, we make offerings, we more or less follow the rules of the clergy or a Book and everyone is happy. Well, let’s say more or less.

It doesn't work that way.

We often have to push and shake very hard believers before he or she is ready to move the boundaries of their beliefs, before we can get them to work on their soul development themselves. To feel responsible for their soul growth and take it in hand instead of delegating.

Because this is what it’s all about: it is up to you to take responsibility and work on your own soul development. You with your God Fragment and all the spiritual aids that will be given to you as you go along and according to the way you want to serve. Nothing prevents you from doing it, everything is implemented now to make your job easier.

This is what I taught 2,000 years ago. It got lost which was predictable. So I am here now to bring it back because humanity is finally ready to hear it again. This time the goal of Humanity will be achieved. Not by miracle - but at a steady pace.

The Enlightened Humans - will grow in number from generation to generation. Each generation will lay a new slab (floor) so that the next can rise a little higher.

They will systematically implant with the help of their God Fragment the Universal Wisdom in the super- consciousness of mankind and erase false knowledge from its lower consciousness.

I have always taught with simplicity the greatest truths that lead to this inner path.

I have always encouraged those around me to think with their hearts, not with their intellect.

All the secrets are within you, and there is a whole celestial family that will help you find them.

Your soul will grow -

As you strive to spiritualize yourself the way God sees it.

As life shakes you up to make you think and ask the right questions.

As your love for God and your brothers and sisters grows.

As you render service without expecting anything in return. Just for the joy it brings you. Service is the trampoline that will take you to the highest spiritual heights.

As you eliminate all forms of ego that lie dormant in you because we will show them by putting you in situations where they will surface. Of course, it's not always going to be cheerful if they're recalcitrant.

As you become more respectful of those who are different, of those with other believes ; as you leave behind your petty bourgeois judgments ; as you overcome your jealousy, your anger, your frustrations and your feelings of hatred.

You will than discover that the germ of evil is within you and not outside of you. It is therefore imperative that you start with yourself so that your own darkness can no longer cloud your spiritual insights and discernment or worse, prevent you from moving forward.

Reading the Bible or the Urantia Book a thousand times, or any other Holy Scripture, won't help you if you don't put it into practice, if you don't experience it first, if you don't live these truths in your heart, soul and body.

Yes, in your heart, soul and body.

Material life was created to give the soul embryo a support to evolve. The material is densified spiritual matter. Physical life is necessary for both, you and your God Fragment to learn by experience.

Your life in a physical body is also indispensable to you if you want to play an important role in the future era of the Kingdom of God the Supreme.

You have to live it all, experience your beliefs, your love for God and for others. You have to put everything into practice. The understanding of the Spiritual Truths which will follow one another will come. First the experience, then the theory.

As you learn, your God Fragment also acquires experience in matter which gives it the experiential knowledge necessary to guide more evolved humans on material planets. Until He can accompany a soul that carries in it the possibility and has the will to fuse with Him.

The more your soul grows, the more your morontia mind grows, the more your believes, your spiritual truths will change. They will be systematically replaced by new Divine Inspirations which will be of such magnitude that you will leave behind your old beliefs. Both, those with whom you started and those who took you forward. They will become worn out like old clothes that you loved to wear.

The Living Truth, the one that evolves all the time as you advance, cannot be crystallized in books and isn’t a playground for scientists and philosophers to bring forth intellectual philosophies or scientific theories. She is the engine behind your personal religion, one that will evolve as your soul evolves.

So do not bother trying to convince others of your new spiritual discoveries, because tomorrow they will no longer be true. They will have evolved.

Be aware that no soul will be lost or delayed because it does not believe what you believe. Because it doesn't have your intellect or your education. Or simply because it takes a different path than you.

We make sure of it because it is our job. Everyone is taken care of. We don't have the same view of time as you. We don't punish, we improve souls, no matter what their beliefs or their actions are. Do the same. Be careful not to believe that there is only one truth: yours. Truth has many facets and there are many ways to approach it.

Know that the soul of a person without an academic education whose heart is full of goodness towards its brothers and sisters, who overflows with love for God and all His Creation, who accepts her destiny and learns from it, will receive from God all she needs in divine and intellectual knowledge, as well as all material necessities to reach the stage of a Divinized Man or Woman.

God wants joy in your heart and abundance in your life. Oh, not always how you want it or when you want it, but you will receive according to His Wisdom. For sure some of you have already experienced this and know what I'm talking about.

Your growing kindness to others and your love for God will be enough to constantly develop your soul, which will metamorphose regularly to reach higher mind levels which will approach the Cosmic Mind, God’s Mind. Even during your earthly life. It is all possible.

Develop first the mind of your heart through love and goodness, which will than steer the physical mortal mind in its actions. Only this way will you achieve the unification of the male and female intelligent, divine mind powers in you.

This process of "unification" will bring forth many transformations. Not only of the soul but also of the physical body, starting from the heart up to the brain, during your sleep, your moments of "silence" and your meditations.

Although you were not born into divine perfection as God designed you, you received all potential to achieve it.

It's up to you to make it the goal of your life and work on it by giving love, and more love out of goodness, without expecting anything in return. Everything you give from your heart, out of kindness, has spiritual value, whether it is money, food, a smile, wisdom, listening, or bringing help to others in misfortune.

Set an example, live and experience it all, ask God to show you the way and He will put the experiences you need on your path. Live your life as a teenager, newlyweds, new parents, responsible adults and finally the wisdom of old age.

Do not separate your material life from your spiritual life.

Unite both.

Spiritualize your material life by sharing it with God at all times, in all your decisions and actions, out of love for HIM and others: humans, animals and nature with its plant and mineral life.

The key to all mysteries, to all spiritual knowledge is in you, in your heart. Nowhere else. Each lock is unique. You are all "unique" and therefore different. You can't use someone else's key.

End of part nr 1.



Nothing is only good or bad,

black or white,

both are opportunities to express LOVE to develop our soul and mind.

For the definitions of the words in blue, see The Urantia Book.