Each lock is unique, you can't use someone else's key.

Part 2.

Session nr 12 of 1 December 2020 – English translation– Original French.

Place : Mezzaverde in Belgium.

Received by Wivine.

Visitor : Christ Michael (Jesus)- Creator Son of Paradise – Sovereign of our local universe Nebadon.

Jesus : The highest spiritual state a soul can attain during her earthly life is to become a God-Woman or God-Man. A soul ready to fuse with her God fragment, a soul that has gone through all spiritual stages that can be reached here on earth. A soul with whom her God Fragment has decided to postpone fusion so that she can serve longer on her material planet and gain more experiences for her subsequent career during the coming era of God the Supreme, the Oversoul of all universes.

A person goes through 12 stages where unwavering faith, strong will and huge character strength is most important.

I am not talking here about compulsive and obsessive evangelism of a personal believe nor forcing conversions in this personal believe. But of service to ones fellowmen while respecting the believes and holy men of all. Your "free will" is inviolable to us, learn to do the same.

(note Wivine: These 12 steps are outlined in session 16 of November 27, 2017.)

When your soul longs for the pure inner Light from her God Fragment and enters a phase of great discernment with spiritual insight, a very strong need will arise from within to take charge of her own shortcomings.

Not those of others, that's too easy.

Your own failings. All the spots that remain on your white dress will be revealed to you one by one. After a while you will realize that this is a long process, a hard and lonely work.

There will always be something new that will arise because you will find yourself in situations that you never experienced. Or it's the umpteenth banana peel behind the corner that you didn’t see. The umpteenth car you haven’t heard while crossing the street.

We call this experiential learning.

It’s a job that everyone has to do before you have access to the last stages, the last summits to climb.

There is no magic wand or miracle pill in the universes to make it easier.

I, Jesus of Nazareth, have gone through it. The two Paradise Sons and the Paradise Daughter, currently incarnated, will have to do the same. It is not possible to live a human life from start to finish without making mistakes, without ego issues.

An embryonic soul has no prior knowledge in her mortal mind of divine truths, of the difference between good and evil. She must discover, choose and learn everything and it will be the same for the incarnated Sons and Daughters of Paradise.

Why do you think that We, Sons and Daughters of Paradise, receive a Thought Adjuster after birth as a mortal child ? We do not fuse with our Thought Adjuster or God Fragment like human souls of mortal origin. They need to fuse to be able to reach Paradise and become Godlike, where we already are that because we were created by the Deities of Paradise.

The important thing for a human child is not so much where and how it was born, but how it moves spiritually forward during its life ; how it ends following its acts of goodness and quest for God and His Truths.

It is you, and you alone who decide your spiritual place under the stars of your world and later those of Heaven. You work, you act, you fall, you get up and we provide the spiritual means according to your progress and spiritual aspirations.

It’s a fact that we are not going to offer you a huge truck full of valuable equipment if your soul barely knows how to stand on its own legs.

The Spiritual world never imposes, it only reacts to your actions and choices. You are all free to choose your moment to take a step forward, to choose for the survival of your soul, to decide your speed of spiritualization, the paths (good or bad) that you want to explore.

The more progress you make, the more you will appreciate, recognize and give to others this freedom of choice that God has given you. A freedom of choice that you will experience at its ultimate when you will become a Godman or Godwoman.

After doing this great work on yourself and before you become a God-Man or Woman, you will go through the stage of the Enlightened Man. The one who knows how to love and give without conditions. The one who no longer needs adulation, flattery or appreciation from others; who knows how to walk alone with God in his heart even with a headwind.

God is unconditional Love. It's up to you to learn to love His way. There are no words, no concepts to describe Divine Love on your world. It's up to you to experience it, to live it by loving more and more.

Your God Fragment lives in your heart and works in the superconsciousness of your mortal mind. Because of this, you cannot hear His Voice when He speaks to you. Your brain is not fit to pick up the Spiritual and Divine Wisdom that He wants to convey you, nor to hear the sound of His Voice. This is not the case with the growing morontia mind of your soul.

In order to consciously receive or capture His Wisdom you must first let grow your morontia soul by cooperating with Him. To help you in this, He will put difficulties on your path on moral, emotional or financial level. To help you overcome your fears, to help you recognize and heal your old wounds, to erase your little egos, to increase your discernment between right and wrong, good and bad, to strengthen your character and faith.

He will, for your own good, go as far as to put road signs on your path which will say "road temporarily inaccessible" follow signs "deviation" because there might be works on that road or you must first learn other things.

Your soul will grow as your desire to draw closer to God increases, as your need to help others selflessly spreads from your family and close friends to the whole world.

As your soul becomes more adult, energetic circuits and connections for reception and transmission will be activated and created in your physical brain, in all your cells at DNA level, as well as a strengthening of your nervous system.

All of these physical transformations will take place during your sleep and meditations, and through energy transfers for those with this ability.

They are necessary for you to have access to information of an ever higher spiritual level as well as to bear increasingly strong spiritual energetic powers.

Spiritual information is carried by Spiritual Energies to those souls which possess an elevated morontia mind. From the morontia soul they are to be transferred to the mortal mind. A mortal mind that works electro-chemically.

Your mortal mind is not able to receive divine spiritual information directly if it is not adapted with morontia relays (cables) and morontia decoders. Compare that to your radio, satellite, television transmissions. There also you need a device that can decode sound and image information to enable you to hear it with your ears and see it with your eyes.

It is for this reason that you need to achieve sufficient soul development and exert these efforts as described above.

No human can give you this ability. At most, give you some advice and means to get started, nothing more. The messages you read on the Internet are just signposts, including the Books (also The Urantia Book) that you read.

They are not those “divine truths and information” that we are talking about here.

Everything we are talking about in these sessions are just signposts, manuals, to encourage you to follow this path. Path that we are currently preparing to facilitate your task and those of future generations to achieve the status of God-Man and God-Woman.

The phase of the Illuminated Man begins when the female mind of the heart and the masculine mind of the brain join in your superconsciousness. A burst of golden light will appear far above your head when it happens which might be visible to some people.

This is the great “portal” that opens to cosmic spiritual knowledge. It will allow you to receive information on your questions, to get you out of confusion due to all these religious or philosophical writings as well as everything that is posted on the Internet.

These information’s or Truths are carried by adequate spiritual energies and will reach you in a compressed, encoded, non-linear way.

(Wivine: +/- comparable to encoded data-compressing in computers).

It is up to you to decode them, to decipher them with your personal key (decoder), in order to understand them in a linear way or in a way understandable to you.

These truths will come to you intuitively and will penetrate you through this “portal” that you have been able to open.

The decoding of these truths is not done by your intellect. Neither by following a correspondence course, or a course in a university which addresses only your mortal intellect.

It is through your living, active and ever-growing love for God and your fellowmen that you will be able to decode them.

You have to live these truths, experience them to understand them.

Here too there are no magic wands and no teachings in the universe to make your job easier. This is your job, your work, your cave full of gems to discover and understand your way.

As you advance, as you "enlighten", they will enter like "intuitive flashes" without understanding exactly where they come from.

These are not "voices" that will dictate messages to you to share over the internet. It is absolutely not that.

This "portal" has been known for millennia and is described in several ancient scriptures such as Vedic, Hindu, Buddhist, Jainism and ancient Egyptian. Some speak of chakra 8, others speak of the "wheel of Dharma" which the “enlightened one” turns.

You will thus continue to evolve until you become capable of being a channel for the Pure Energy of your Thought Adjuster. Energy which is also carrier of Divine Wisdom, which He will dispense through you to humans, animals, plants and minerals at different frequencies. This is the beginning stage of the God-Man and God-Woman.

Those who received "the activation” of the “mind glands to help them better understand what comes from Spirit" have also received the ability to transmit the Paradise Energy from the Trinity to the world.

Be aware that it is not just a healing energy that you are taking in and transmit. This Paradise Energy carries spiritual information from which each soul receives the quantity she is able to carry. It is not just another ‘Energy’ that works on the physical level. It is much more than that.

It is a spiritual way to help your entire humanity grow spiritually and individually without touching their free will.

Those of you who use it to help their fellowman, who meditate regularly for the purpose of making contact with God and being taught, will achieve more rapidly the unification of the female and masculine mind by combining the transfers of Paradise Energy with the love of their hearts.

It is your living path, a means through which you will gain access to the spiritual information and spiritual insight you need.

By using it you speed up the necessary transformations in your body to be able one day to work with the Energy of your God Fragment and to approach His Divine Mind.

(Wivine: not all who received this “activation” use the Energy of the Trinity : Free Will).

Using it in combination with your solitary and group meditations is the fastest way by which you will come to work with the Pure Energy of your God Fragment, the bearer of divine and spiritual information to which your humanity aspires.

These are the means by which you, who received this "activation", will come to a state of enlightenment to then become eventually the God-Human : he or she who accomplished all that an adult soul can accomplish in a human life.

Don't think that if you continue to live here as a full-fledged God-Man, you are graduated ; that you can stretch out in a hammock under a palm tree, or be a sage under an olive tree with people bowing down to you, or become a holy evangelist speaking to his faithful from his steeple.

God will constantly urge you to surpass yourself, to acquire more practical knowledge as a human being among men. Your family and loved ones won't see anything changed in you. You will continue to choose new challenges or tasks that you would like to experience. You will remain an ordinary person among your people. You will live a normal and active life according to your age and physical abilities.

You are all entering a new era where more and more people will find this inner path of faith. Whose children and grandchildren will be more open to the guidance of their angels, spiritual guides and those spiritual energies that are spreading around the Earth.

Observe, encourage, approve, refer to, go into a dialogue, let them think for themselves, but don't preach and evangelize because you will limit them.

The closer you approach the status of God-Man or Woman, the more you will understand these words and apply them.

It is through selfless love for your fellowmen, by working behind the scenes, by living an active life like everyone else, there where I have placed you, that you will get there.

Our activities with you are not over yet, the reconstruction has only begun. Keep your hands well in mine and those of my Sons, the Melchizedeks. We are still waiting for many of you who are in a transformation phase to be able to work with the Energy of their God Fragment. In the meantime we are doing some tests to prepare your field of future activities with us. Don’t worry, everything will be explained in due time.

I hug you all and have no fear for the future of your planet.

I ask everyone who reads this:

Put all the love you have in your heart in your Christmas and New Year prayers.

Love is very powerful.

If your love is genuine and you ask me for help to add My love to empower your love in your prayers, you will feel my contribution in your heart as a pleasant strong heat. This way you will know that I am by your side.

Your world is sorely lacking love. Give it and you will receive it.





For explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.