Return Maya Cosmic Masters

Part 28 - 2011

Session July, 21 - 2011 – recorded – English translation – Original French.

Place : Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present : Cyril and Kathy

Received by Kathy

Visitors: KUWAY, Master Spirit nr.2 of Superunivers nr.2, Orvando, The Voice of The Eternal-Mother Son

MAJESTON – Chief of Reflectivity.


KUWAYA here: I speak through Master Spirit N ° 2, My Voice, the Voice of The Eternal Son-Mother. We exercise us with you in this communication system through Reflectivity. Eventually it will become much more than that because you only use a very small part of it for the time being. Majeston is putting much effort into it so that this circuit will be fully launched when Monjoronson, the Magisterial -Avonal Son will come here. Majeston wants to speak to you my children. He wants to thank you for having volunteered to start this work and to continue it. He would like to reveal you something. I'll let speak Majeston.

MAJESTON: I am Majeston, I am the Personality of Reflectivity. I live in Paradise and I am the information centre which was created for The Supreme Being so that during her evolution to become God The Supreme, she would know what is happening in all the Superuniverses. Therefore the Reflectivity Angels were created in several orders including the Seconaphim, these Secoraphic personalities which are the most known by you. All these orders are linked to me and each Reflectivity Angel has his specific characteristics. Some are more sophisticated in one domain and others in other domains. There are some that are like libraries and others are specialized in the scanning of the mind, the personality of an Angel or a human being. They all have their specialties.

It was not an easy job to install this communication system by reflectivity and to test it, but it's starting to work. It’s not only on Urantia that this system has been installed. It started from Paradise, crossed the Superunivers (Orvonton) to reach your local universe Nebadon and arrive on your planet. Everybody was very surprised that your small planet received such an honor. It has been revealed that Urantia will become a planet in Honor of The Father, that it will be a Memorial of the Lucifer Rebellion and that she will receive universities to study this Rebellion and later universities where people from theCorps of The Finality” can improve to learn how to become something like Creator Sons.

There will be a Temple installed in the name of The Universal Father and The Eternal Son or Eternal-Mother, depending how you want to call her. The Finaliters will be able to receive from their Paradise Parents in this temple this connection, this ability to become like Creator Sons. The 700,000 Creator Sons that were created by The Universal Father and The Eternal Son possess the gift to create. They have to descend to learn and experience through bestowals the different Orders of Beings they created to understand how they function, what they feel and which their problems are. On top of that, your Creator Son - Christ Michael, had the misfortune to experience the largest rebellion that happened so far in all Superuniverses. But he is a special one…… that Creator Son of yours.

This means that you, human beings, will be able to choose for a career as a Creator Son after your soul has grown up from Morontia worlds to Spiritual worlds to become more and more spiritual celestial beings, to be eventually embraced by The Father and join “The Corps of the Finality”. You will receive later the opportunity to choose for a career similar to that of a Creator Son.

You will receive later something from The Universal Father and The Eternal Mother: the capacity that their Creator Sons received by Divine birth, like Christ Michael that was created directly by Them. With that difference that you have to take the reverse path…you have to ascend; you have to climb from below to the top of the mountain.

All of this makes Urantia very special.

You, Kathy, were chosen for various reasons to start with this Reflectivity communication System; it was due to your trust, your desire and the fact that you did not have a preconceived mind…… you didn't even know what was going on. Once you took the decision to transmit our voices, and thanks to your long meditations during such a long period of time and all your previous trainings, it was possible for us to introduce you slowly in this communication system. Once we could start with you, starting later with others would become easier.

You will become a spokesperson to help your brethren on Urantia, as well as others that will come from other (Morontia) worlds to investigate all what happened here by telling them your experiences. You will help them understand and you will guide them on this little planet that you love so much despite all the misfortunes that happened to her.

You will continue to work a very long time under the orders of your Melchizedek “Tontons”.

Yes I know that this little one always speaks of them as her “Tontons” and it is nice. (Kathy: this is a French word used by little children to name their uncles).

We will thus do the same. You will work for several Melchizedeks that will come here with the Magisterial Son and from which most names are unknown to you.

Your experience with all you lived and understood of the destruction of the dark energy grid and of Lucifer, will be of great help to the Melchizedek brothers, your “Tontons”, that will come here with Monjoronson when everything will be ready.

{Note Kathy: I had some doubts coming up, too much honor…..hmmm}.

Don't forget I am Majeston. I am Reflectivity. I see through everything. I can scan and know all your feelings. So if we have picked you out, with your agreement and desire to do so, believe me it was not a decision taken lightly.

Many Personalities of the Universe will once use your voice to speak at times to a public here on Earth. You will than have much improved and will be able to speak in several languages. This will be a faster way for us to facilitate direct contact.

Stay humble because otherwise our weight will crush you. If you stay simple and humble as you are now and continue gently your life, it will be easier for you to carry us.

You both have not experienced yet the danger of a public life. At that moment you'll search for much more solitude, calmness and quietness because you will be so much requested from all sides that you will have difficulties to keep a private life and we know that both of you need this. Then be patient, many things will still have to come and you will be of great help to many Celestials. Stay simple and do enjoy your little quiet lives for the moment, be like everyone else without drawing attention or curiosity of others.

We have a few more Urantia years before Monjoronson will be here with his Staff. There is indeed still much to do but all works well and gives good results, and everyone is happy and content.

So my children, I wanted you to hear me and I wanted to speak personally to you. Thank you for listening to me. Goodbye my friends.

MALVANTRA: Kathy this is “Tonton” Malvantra here. We love this nice word and we will use it with you and your friends here who understand it. We don’t think it is appropriate to translate it in other languages unless they have such a “baby word” to name their uncles.

What Majeston just said is true. You will later be spokespersons for personalities of the Planetary Government to give conferences to groups of people who need to receive certain information. This is not for tomorrow because you still need a huge upgrade, but we are preparing you to be able to do so.

You will also help the Melchizedeks that work in your specialty and who will come here. Your “niche” is the Lucifer Rebellion, helping those souls that were blocked here, the cleaning of this dark energy grid, and explaining the effects it produced in the daily lives of mortals; as well as the importance of your personal contact with your God Fragment to get out of difficult situations and having a reliable guide which does not let you down and helps you to see The Father everywhere, in everybody under all circumstances.

{Note Kathy: we are still learning here, we are far from perfect,…OK?}

Your program for Europe is not ready. We are still studying it. Don't worry; it will surely be ready at the end of next week. We know that you cannot circumnavigate the complete world in two months. This is why we need more time to properly study that what we are going to do, where, what and how, to be most effective.

Then rejoice my children. You’ll make beautiful trips; you'll see many special places, although a little bit different than the usual holiday places. You will meet many people and learn many things and you'll like it. This will be your new adventures and you are going to have a lot of fun. This is it my children, this will be all for today. Goodbye my children, until next time.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.