Life trials make a man small and great at the same time.

Session nr 1 of 10 January 2022 – English translation– Original Dutch.

Place : Mezzaverde in Placencia, Belize.

Received by Wivine

Visitor : AndromedaGuardian Angel and Guardian of Destiny of Wivine.

Wivine :this message came to me indirectly from the Guardian of Destiny of a member of our group who is currently going through a severe emotional ordeal. This person shows great courage and deep faith. We all had or will have life trials. I think everyone will benefit from this message that came urgently through Andromeda who is more familiar to me.

Andromeda : My friends, for a long time there has been a struggle between those who adhere to the written word, to philosophical thoughts, and those who prefer the lived experience.

What do you think is the most important? The living experience! Of course!

If this were not so, an illiterate person would not be able to achieve spiritual development. So spiritual development would only be for a few initiates? Be serious !

Human memory is not infallible, it is short, tends to distort and tarnish anything that takes courage and willpower. As a result, what has been passed down through the ages by the Spiritual Masters has become completely bogged down over time. If it hasn't been destroyed to reintroduce ancient rituals.

Man does not like to make an effort for spiritual things. He prefers to delegate it to the priesthood or worse: pay for it. This is how people continue to live their lives as they see fit because their souls are taken care of by others. What then with a person who has no money? Who cannot buy or redeem their soul salvation to have a clear conscience? Be serious !

Give us rules to follow: they scream! And when they get those rules, they break them.

So many prophets have asked man not to portray God, and certainly not as a man. Yet they continued to do so.

Each portrayal limits Him.

God is the Omnipresent. He is inherent and inhabits all life expressions such as animals, nature, the mineral world, the stars, and therefore also men.

God is not an ideal human, but the human soul, the immortal one, can become Divine and this is the purpose of your creation.

To become Divine, man must desire it, show the will to awaken his or her soul and possess the perseverance to make her grow.

This desire is born in the heart of a human being who wants to know God and therefore he or she will turn inward in silence and prayer.

In the beginning, a person will always see God as separate from himself. Until that dividing line begins to blur when God begins to speak through him or her. Eventually, this person will destroy this dividing line in his mind in order to achieve complete Oneness with the Divine Spark that lives in him or her.

It is then that a human being will live in Unity with his or her indwelling God Fragment.

This Divine Spark will finally be able to express itself fully through this human being to have direct contact and influence on his or her environment.

Then, when the human soul sheds its physical body to enter the Mansion worlds or the Morontia worlds, she will fuse with her Divine Spark to be able to continue her path to Paradise.

This, in short, is the unique and great mission of your life on Earth. Man has no other mission than this.

The process that the soul goes through to get there takes a long time.

The human soul is multifaceted and complex, just like its growth.

Each person has a unique personality which will be expressed more and more in all phases of soul growth.

Humans have "free will" - they can choose:

when - how and how much spiritual growth they want to achieve in their lifetime.

For this reason, there is no standard procedure for the spiritual training of the masses.

The soul is taught individually, tailor-made and learns by trial and error. The more a human soul rises, the more difficult it becomes, the harder the life lessons.

Spiritual knowledge must be experienced at all levels of existence (material - morontia - spiritual).

These life trials

- teach you humility.

- to get rid of your illusions by trial and error.

- Teach you to look at yourself with a magnifying glass.

- Help you get rid of the need for power, greatness and prestige.

It is these life trials that make the human soul small and great at the same time.



For explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.