Africa will rise from its ashes like the phoenix.

Session nr. 4 of  3 March 2022 – English translation- Original Dutch.

Received by Wivine

Place : Mezzaverde in Belize

Visitor : Chief of Seraphims on Urantia - Supernaphim of the Primary Order.

Note Wivine: To make sure that everyone understands who is speaking to us and on whose behalf, I give below some excerpts from The Urantia Book.

Excerpts of paper 114 : Seraphic Planetary Government.

114:0.1 (1250.1)The Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of men through many celestial forces and agencies but chiefly through the ministry of seraphim.

The Most High Observer.

114:4.2 (1253.5) There are certain groups of planetary problems which are still under the control of the Most Highs of Edentia (headquarters of the constellation Norlatiadek), jurisdiction over them having been seized at the time of the Lucifer rebellion. Authority in these matters is exercised by a Vorondadek Son, the Norlatiadek observer, who maintains very close advisory relations with the planetary supervisors. The race commissioners are very active on Urantia, and their various group chiefs are informally attached to the resident Vorondadek observer, who acts as their advisory director.

The Master Seraphim of Planetary Supervision.

114:6.1 (1254.7) There are 12 corps of special seraphim. These exalted angels are known as the master seraphim of planetary supervision. They are under the overcontrol of the planetary Most High observer.

Chief of Seraphims : I am here to tell you the following. I come to speak to you in the name of the Most High Observer and am accompanied by the Race Commissioner responsible for the African peoples living south of the Sahara.

You are all concerned about the impact on global peace and economy of the war in Ukraine with Russia. We understand that.

Our job is to help humanity spiritualize itself without affecting its free will. We can influence local conditions, but we cannot act directly on the human mind. Neither do you. You can only work on yourself in order to raise your mind and consciousness. Because it is your spiritualized thoughts, carried by pure Love which will be able to influence the general consciousness of others.

Only when your thoughts are directed towards Unity among all people, carried by high quality divine Love, will your Thought Adjuster be able to place them into the superconscious network of humanity to which the higher mind of every human has access.

This network has been operated by the supreme and self-acting Thought Adjusters (God Fragments) of living humans. It is in this network that humans, whose divine ideals rise, will be able to capture these Higher Thoughts. This will help to spread higher and faster spiritual and moral ideals among mankind. It is also in this way that wars can be avoided or resolved more easily anywhere in the world.

It is up to humans to help humans.

It is your responsibility and your task to rise to higher heights of spiritual love, in serenity, tranquility and cooperation with your indwelling God Fragment. This is your third solution and you are free to choose it or not.

Even The Most High - of the Vorondadek Order - is not allowed to touch your free will. They act on institutions, governments because these are groups of people and are not considered as individuals.

We the Seraphim create for them the conditions that could foster spiritual progress when they work through governmental or world institutions such as the United Nations.

The “West” has been given many opportunities. They acquired moral values, which, however, were never supported by spiritual values. Yet they had the potential to set a true example for humanity and become a spiritual beacon.

The saddest thing is that when they leave their country with weapons, they leave their moral values at home. Many Western populations have still evolved spiritually, but not their leaders. By leaders, I mean politicians and those who find themselves more in the background, even in governments, who can pursue their ambitions and their vision of the world behind the curtain. To do this, they must

- keep populations in the dark about their true motivations and therefore lie to them.

- -turn one ethnic group against another in their own country or elsewhere: divide and conquer.

The situation that led to this Russian-American war, which the Ukrainian peoples are bearing the brunt of, is very complex. Many factors were accumulated over the past 30 years that have precipitated it.

The instigators will no longer be able to hide it because the information is circulating and the truth is surfacing. We take care of it.

The awakening of the populations of the world by this war involved a greater solidarity between all people. Sympathy and compassion for both- Ukrainians and Russians without taking sides - is submerging the globe, which is something completely new.

The rulers of the West are no longer able to make their old games work because they always run the same script and the whole world sees it.

We ask everyone to keep love for all in your hearts and to bless both the Russian and the Ukrainian people with your prayers. Don't go after a Head of State either, because you don't know the real culprits. You don't see them.

Send your prayers of love and brotherhood to other populations who are suffering also from local wars, who have been held in refugee camps for years or who are currently fleeing violence perpetuated against them. Peoples who live in appalling conditions without hope for a better future, for the same reasons.

To all those populations who live far from your bed and who have little global impact.

We don’t have double standards. In our view, each person has the same value.

Treat everyone equally, with respect and love, as we do.

To the “West” we say this:

This war was orchestrated by humans, like all wars.

From those who have received much we expect much, and if they don’t deliver, much will be taken away from them.

That said, we come to today's second topic.

The spiritual leaders of tomorrow will be the people of Africa who live below the Sahara

We ask you to unite, to live and work together as friends. We ask you to help your people and stop taking up arms against your own people.

You will get all the help you need from the spirit world. God does not abandon the children who knows Him.

Your continent is not a threat to world peace. Neither your people.

You have all cards in hand to take spiritual leadership in the future.

Because :

- 2 Paradise children were born on your continent. Not in America, not in Europe, not in Asia……. in Africa.

- A Paradise Son was born in Latin America to help this continent.

- A child of the Norlatiadek Constellation was born in Latin America but of Asian origin and will later go to Asia to help us there.

- Many other wards of the constellation Fathers will be born from India to Japan, East and West Asia, from Russia to the Caucasus, Africa and Latin America.

- More than half of the Mezzaverde group that we train and that work with us are from the African continent and surroundings. The others live in Latin America, northern Europe, around the Mediterranean and the Sea of Azov.

Africa will rise from its ashes like the phoenix and become a Light Bearer. Unite as brothers and sisters of the same Father.

Since you always have to start somewhere, start with yourself. Then the others will follow. Do not let your hearts fill with hatred and revenge for what has been done to you. Get above that.

We are intensively at your side.

To all who read this, we say: keep Love in your hearts for all and put your hands in the hands of God who dwells within you. Don't let fear, anger and hatred overwhelm you. Just carry on with what “Love” is whispering to you in your heart and stay calm.

As for the Mezzaverde group, they are already in action with the Children of Paradise under our direction.

These people work for our planetary government, therefore for the world. Not only for their own country, quite the contrary. They are aware of belonging to a cosmic family and of the responsibilities incumbent upon them. They never meet physically. Nor do they communicate with each other via social networks such as Facebook. They do not know each other's address. It's not necessary. This way they stay safe. They come together at soul level. All are protected by a battalion of Angels and Midwayers. If someone leaves for personal reasons, he or she will be replaced.

This was the message from your seraphic planetary government. I salute you.


For the explanations of the words in blue see the Urantia Book.