The Paradise Father has tightened his grip on Urantia.

Session n° 6 of April 9, 2022 – English translation - original Dutch

Location: Mezzaverde in Belize, Placencia

Received by Wivine

Visitor: Manovandet Melchizedek

Note Wivine:

The war in Ukraine has moved many Europeans and there are also Europeans among us. It was so unexpected and incomprehensible. After a few days, I knew what was happening, what had caused this war and its purpose. But I had to keep it for myself. Everyone had to form their own opinion and learn from it. A soul learns from challenges.

The subject was particularly sensitive to Europeans. There was fear, disapproval, a centuries-old Russophobia popped up following the sensitive images that the media presented to them daily, always pointing to a single culprit. Because of that some found themselves in duality – the good guys and the bad guys – thus helping to build a tremendous “egregore of hate” that would sweep across Europe and other countries. . They shouldn't fall into this trap.

Those in the group from other continents felt less involved at first. Which is understandable. They have their own problems, even serious difficulties and this was happening on the other side of their world. They knew how to free themselves more quickly from this “duality”. A duality which was not born of the age-old Russophobia of the Europeans but rather towards West-Europeans, from which their countries have suffered for centuries and some even still.

You should also know that Europeans are not in the majority in the Mezzaverde group.

It is very important for us not to fall into “duality” by getting carried away by negative human emotions, otherwise God cannot act through us. We then place a screen that filters, even blocks his Great Pure Love.

Since every human being has “free will”, it was important that we made an individual decision about this. We all had to transcend some "inner conflicts" in our hearts.

I think we all succeeded quickly, which allowed us to spread the Power of God throughout the world, according to the Will of God and not according to our own will.

We were able to raise our soul mind to the higher level of Divine Mind as a group. This allowed us to spread God’s Energy coupled with Gods Love that we had instilled in our hearts, “exponentially” to all populations and in all conflict zones of the world. Because we have indeed traveled around the world in a few weeks, not just the Ukraine / Russia region.

This was our “true mission”, our great challenge for which we have been prepared for so long. Not to receive messages from the celestials to put on the web, not clairvoyance, no. All of this is still too close to the human mind and ego. The Celestials needed a group capable of transcending all that which took time, training and above all a lot of humility, and even more humility.

But how far had we succeeded in implementing this part of Christ Michael's plans?

We had one of our group meditations on March 5, 2022 to help many war zones around the world and to protect certain countries. Sometimes there are some who bring back memories of our bilocation’s, others don't.

Here is the report of a member of the group - who is not European of that day:

I went to the conflict zone in Ukraine, sent energy to the affected countries, then returned to the temple in Placencia. I was upset and asked the Universal Father to avoid an escalation. I briefly received an explanation of how the "Reserve Corps of Destiny" intervenes and will intervene. A voice told me "now you can see beyond everything". Then, I was able to calm down a bit.

However, I remained concerned about this conflict between Russia and Ukraine and I received the following explanation: “This conflict was inevitable. The configuration (of world powers) had to change. This war is controlled by us to prevent something much more serious from happening.

Manovandet Melchizedek: My children, you do not know me. Yet I know you. I come to give you hope and encouragement.

I am going to do a little recap of the aftermath of the Lucifer Rebellion to help you understand the current events on your planet.

When Christ Michael ended his life as Jesus of Nazareth on your planet, he ended the rebellion of Lucifer and his acolytes in your planetary system Satania.

But not on the 37 planets of the rebellious Planetary Princes, including yours.

He then became Almighty Sovereign of his local universe Nebadon. Thus, he was able on his own to put an end to this rebellion in the Heavens.

Gabriel of Salvington, the firstborn of Christ Michael and your Mother Spirit, had filed an appeal with the courts of your Superuniverse which act on the orders of the "Ancients of Days". This "appeal" called for the destruction of all rebels in the planetary system Satania who stubbornly refused the hand extended to them or to be rehabilitated.

These High Courts did not immediately rule. Lucifer and his closest henchmen were imprisoned. But the rebellious planetary princes could still roam freely on their planets with their rebellious angels.

The trial and systematic elimination of the rebels on the rebellious planets, including your earth, only began between 1985-1990 according to your western time. Humans who remained sympathetic to Caligastia, Satan and Lucifer could hitherto still be influenced by Caligastia and conspire with him.

What was this rebellion of Lucifer about and how did it translate to the planets?

- Luciferians do not believe in a God in Paradise and in attaining the Divine Paradise state of the eternal soul. They believe in personal freedom, a right of self-determination for planetary princes and were convinced that all forces and minds were inherent in the energies of the universe. Lucifer being the obvious leader of this "rebellion of freedom" against their Father, Christ Michael, and against the laws and legislations of the Ancients of Days. The Gods of Paradise and the Sons and Daughters of Paradise were but an invention to control the created Creatures in the local universe of Nebadon. Lucifer recognized Christ Michael as his father, but not as a Paradise Son from a non-existent God who did not have to impose his laws on him.

- Prevent souls from developing into the state of “Light and Live”. They did this and their current human followers still do it by sacrificing people in horrific conditions, through torture, targeted or untargeted world population reduction, bloody wars, terrorism, organizing hate campaigns against a person or a people, through genetic manipulation and by inducing constant fear among populations. By developing weapons of mass destruction and biochemical weapons.

On the other hand they were unable to affect the human mind or soul that believed in God, they could not reach Gods children. They could destroy someone's body through other people, but not the pious soul. They never succeeded in doing so, neither on the material worlds nor on the morontia worlds, even less on the spiritual worlds where they could not enter.

Faith in God was and still is for humans and ascending souls the most powerful weapon against darkness on all planes of existence.

The entire morontia planetary system Satania, was completely quarantined after the rebellion 200,000 years ago, as were the 37 rebel planets. To be able to lift the “quarantine” the Luciferian rebels had to be judged and destroyed first.

The elimination and trial of the Luciferian rebels began +/- 35 Earth years ago.

Meanwhile, the planetary system Satania came come out of quarantine and communications have been restored with the Norlatiadek constellation to which Satania belongs.

But not yet on all rebellious planets!

The arrival of the 3 Paradise Children on Urantia, your planet, of

- the Avonal or Magisterial Son – Aaron

- the Creator Son – Luova

- the Creative Daughter – Uni

have made it possible to reopen the communication circuits of your planet with your planetary system Satania and its capital Jerusem. They have helped to establish many powerplants of spiritual energy on your planet with the cooperation of a group of people belonging to the "Reserve Corps of Destiny".

This has implications for the balance of powers on your planet between the sons and daughters of God and the followers of the Luciferian philosophy.

The Paradise Father has now tightened his grip on earth, on Urantia, pouring out "His Power and His Love." on the planet.

Consequently, Gods children will feel strengthened and realize that God empowers them in their fight, in their contribution to establish a better world for all.

A child of God will instantly recognize another child of God anywhere in the world. They will be characterized by the fact that they do not judge others to divide and push one against the other, that they know how to forgive and that they will radiate love extensively. They will treat everyone with respect and reverence in a natural way, without putting themselves on a pedestal. Without boasting that they are the biggest, the smartest, the best, the strongest and the most spiritual.

Those who do not know God, who only follow their own lust for power and Luciferian ideas, will find their plans thwarted as nothing is backing them anymore. Many things could have been avoided if they were aware of God and were able to love their fellowmen. But they are not, and they do not know the word love or limit it to a few people in their environment. They are only aware of and intoxicated by their own worldly power.

These Divine Forces, now pouring into your planet, will stir and awaken every child of God.

This also means that not everyone on your world is a child of God. That there are people on your planet who cannot be touched by the 'Power of God' or who will refuse it. People who are totally unable to develop a soul.

The Power of God will so stir the hearts of Gods children that there will be many who will unite to establish a peaceful world where God has His rightful place, no matter what religion or name you give Him.

The reign of the Luciferian adepts and their grip on your world is broken. The tectonic plates of your world have shifted and it will have some turbulent consequences. Certainly on those who do not want to question themselves and do not want to let go their worldly power.

All of that will soon change. From a wicked, faithless world, you will pass to a better world that knows God.

All we ask you is to support all people with love, whether you perceive them as friend or foe. All are your brothers and sisters, all have suffered from Luciferian wrongdoing. Pray and meditate to know the Will of God so that you understand how to do real good things and question yourself. Always point the finger at yourself, never at others if you want to resolve a conflict. God never thirsts for revenge, does not punish and always reaches out. Your humanity still has a long way to get there.

Let us separate the wheat from the chaff.

Yes, Wivine, you have all succeeded in accomplishing this "mission". Your Angels have tears of joy in their eyes. Be sure of that.

Keep your spirits high and your courage. There is still work to do.

It was a real pleasure, my children. Goodbye. We will meet one day.


Fort he definitions of the words in blue see the Urantia Book.