PART 2 - 2011

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Received by Kathy

Date: April, 8th 2011

Present: 3 Mayas and Cyril, Carole and Kathy.


- Malvantra Melchizedek

- SIRAYA, Master Spirit n° 1, of Superunivers nr.1, The Voice of The Universal Father

- Tomas - Teacher

PRAYER: Dear Father, You are the Creator Source of all life forms, called by different names in so many cultures and religions. It is You who created all humankind in one form. You gave us so many abilities and potentials to develop. You created all of us to experience life,...........................................

MEDITATION: We come together with the intention of going into Silence, to learn to listen to our Inner God Fragment. Let the Spirit of Christ and the Spirit of Truth come into us. We ask God’s Aura and His Light to surround us and protect us. We ask our Angels and Spiritual Guides to help us

TOMAS: Hello my friends, this is Tomas here. I welcome you in this classroom where you came together for the first time.

I will try to speak a little bit French and a little bit English.

I present myself, I am a celestial teacher, an ascendant being who already did a long journey and I am allowed now to come here, to teach you and answer your questions. I am very pleased and happy to do so and to have been chosen to join you by Christ Michael (Jesus).

I know you are all eager to start and ask your questions. That’s why I suggest starting with the first English questions (the French questions came later).

Maya student: Thanks for giving us this opportunity to ask our questions. Why those people who do “obeah” (African name for practices of white and black magic, (terminology taken over by the Mayas in Belize) use their knowledge to hurt others, while our Superior Higher Being (God) gave us the ability to live in this world?

TOMAS: what you call OBEAH, is a practice based on fear. They use lower psychic energy to harm other people. Because everybody has so much fear of it, it starts getting dangerous; if you would not fear it you could master it. Not all human beings are on the same level. You have people who learn their lessons fast, who learn to love God, who learn to serve their brothers and sisters, but you have seen people who follow their ego, who want power above others, who want to harm other people. There are different ways to harm people and “obeah” is one of these means.

Once your people will be more educated, will go to university, will meet other scientists, you will be able to look at this from a different point of view, and study everything they do and use, and you will discover that their magic is not so great than you think for the moment. This magic is based on fear. If you are a God centred person and you don’t fear you can drive that evil, like you call it, away without a problem.

Does this answer your question? (no answer)

Do you have another question?

Maya student: How can we stand more to ourselves to resist superstition in our society?

TOMAS: The only way to get rid of superstition is by knowledge and truth, that’s why science is here because science studies the facts and tries to understand facts. And slowly by slowly, with knowledge of physical events, superstition will go away and the fears of what you do not understand and which leads to superstition will disappear. So we come back to the same point: education is needed, science is needed, is very, very strongly needed to get rid of superstition. Superstition comes from ignorance and fear and then people start putting things together which have no relationship with one another but because they have no other explication, they believe it and because they believe it, they give it life. Generation after generation when people will get more educated, through science, they will start being less and less superstitious. Do not think superstition is a thing of the Mayas, in all cultures, the western culture, Asian culture and African culture, superstition still pervades and persists.

In the white culture they are so afraid of the number 13 that they sometimes make buildings and when it comes to the numbering of the doors they jump from 12 to 14 and this is the great western culture.

They too have lots of little things that are only based on ignorance and superstition. Once you are not ignorant anymore and you go for facts and you ask God every day for guidance, to learn the truth, these things will go away. To help your people, your family, your neighbours with this will take time. You can only help the young people by telling the stories you know and motivate them to go to school so that they will not stay ignorant. That does not mean they have to abandon the values and beliefs of their culture, no.

Does this answer your question (no answer). Do you have another question?

Student : I have had a vision of one of my guides and I would like to know who he is and what’s his name?

TOMAS: your spiritual guide is your spiritual guide. To know his name and his function with you, you have to go in silence and while you are doing your meditation ask your guide who he is, and what his function is. I cannot reveal this to you, because I do not know the names of all the spiritual guides of many million people. I am here to teach you knowledge. So if you want to know who this person was in your vision, go into inner silence, meditate, ask your question and wait for the answer because this is a personal, very personal matter that only concerns you.

Do you have another question? (no)

Maya student: Should we continue to keep our society changing, our religion, believes and values are mixing and we lose our heritage.

TOMAS: can you repeat your question please? (Yes)

TOMAS: nobody asks you to change from religion. I am gone ask you another question. Do your beliefs answer all the questions you have in life? If so, then it is ok, but if your religion or belief system does not answer all the questions you have in life then shouldn’t it be normal that you would look for answers somewhere else. There is no religion for the moment on Earth who has the complete truth. We come here to help you fill up the gaps of your own believe system and to bring it to a higher level of understanding. You cannot explain a child of 5 years what you explain a child of 12 years, nor what you explain to an adult person. Your religion helped you but has not all the answers and that is why you are here, to receive a teacher that can help you understand more things and give you answers.

The only thing we ask you is this: you have the name Hunab Ku for God, well Hunab Ku lives in you, has given a part of himself to you, go every day in meditation, in silence and learn to listen to what Hunab Ku has to tell you. You don’t have to listen to my words; you don’t have to believe my words. The real truth and the great knowledge is in your own heart, in your own mind, because Hunab Ku is in YOU and is only waiting that YOU would but listen and then you will receive your answers and your guidance and slowly by slowly he will show you more and more and more.

We cannot learn and give you every answer because you would not be able to understand it immediately. This is the reason why we built you up, step by step, but if you want your truth go in inner silence every day, ask your question and then wait and listen to that little Voice of God, of Hunab Ku that speaks to you. This is the only thing we ask you and then you will be guided on your own path.

Does this answer your question?

Does somebody else have a question?

Maya student: What are the guidelines to gain better and wiser knowledge to help others to think positively?

TOMAS: Can you repeat? I am not sure to understand what your question means; can you explain a little bit more?

Yes (question was repeated)..........................

TOMAS: Before you want to change others, start with yourself. Start questioning yourself and see where you can improve. When you start thinking positively and you act like that, you will be the example and your life will be much easier and others will see that and ask what your secret is, and then you can explain. Lots of your brothers and sisters for the moment and in future times will have problems because they don’t have like you the knowledge to have a connection with God, with Hunab Ku and that you can always ask for His guidance, that His guidance and His Truth is in you and if you meet people who want to listen, you just tell them.

If you meet people who are always sad and negative, give them love, give love from out of your heart, send them love, smile to them and you will see they will change and they will feel that love and they will start feeling better. Because people who are always sad, never full of joy, it’s as if they have created a habit of always thinking sad, and the only thing that helps, that is not to speak to them or try to convince them to change their minds, no………..just love them, let them feel you love them, let them feel you like them, smile to them, because that’s what they need most. By showing love to people, kindness, being just helpful, people will change. So many people need love, so many people need consideration and by giving that love, that consideration to other people, that respect, you will see how they will change and have faces full of joy. Just give love and then later, when they can listen, maybe you can say that they also have a little Spark of God in themselves that is just waiting for them. Tell them they can ask questions; listen to that guidance, because that little Spark of God loves them so much.

Does this answer your question?

Another question?

Student-French: We have read in the Urantia Book that now a child receives a God Fragment when it takes his first moral decision. For the moment this is approximately between 5 and 7 years. Are there children who do not arrive at this stage of taking a moral decision and who can therefore remain without God Fragment the rest of their mortal life and not having the possibility to create a morontia soul with a capacity of survival after physical death?

TOMAS in French : It may be that a child, because of some physical disabilities, would not be able to make this decision, to take that decision. This child will evolve in its own way and will have its opportunities for development, afterwards on the Mansion worlds. But yes it is true; it is possible in some specific cases. Normally all normal mortal beings evolve to the point, some earlier than others where they will take a (moral) decision and will receive their Thought Adjuster and a Guardian Angel to help them develop a morontia soul with the opportunity, depending on their life choices, of survival or not.

Do you have another question?

Student in French: Questions about the period between physical death and the "resurrection" of the soul on the First Mansion World.

Why so many souls sleep after their physical death and must wait for a dispensation to be "resurrected"?

Can you explain us what a "dispensation" means?

What happens with good and high moral persons, that don’t believe in a life after death, neither in God?

TOMAS in French : What was the first question because there were several questions asked at once?

\Q: Why so many souls have to sleep after their physical death and must wait for a dispensation to be "re-personalized"?

TOMAS in French : We will first answer this question here.

A person that received a God Fragment and learned quite fast to know God, to submit his will to God and follow His guidance will create a much stronger, a much bigger soul with already a great potential of survival. These souls don’t have to go in what might be called "dormitory halls" to wait for a dispensation. They can directly be brought and resurrected or re-personalized on Mansion World No. 1 and may even continue immediately to the World’s No. 2, No. 3, No. 4…..etc. Maybe… all depends of the soul.

Those souls that were not able to develop sufficiently because they did not want to know God or because they got so far away from God due to their actions and decisions, will not be strong enough. These souls, after death are put in dormitories, to call it that way, and every more or less …1000 years … anyway at certain well-defined periods in time ….. will be judged by censors. This means that all those sleeping souls at some point in time will be checked out to see if they have a capacity of survival and if they do they will receive a second chance and will be re-personalized by thousands at once in the Resurrection Halls (and receive a new Morontia body). It is a question of development of the soul.

Another question?

Student in French : Can we receive more explanation on what is in fact a "dispensation"?

TOMAS in French: A dispensation is a term which means that we will pass to the judgment of the sleeping souls and decide which soul will be able to be resurrected. If they would not let these souls sleep and wait for this judgment, these souls would be lost forever because they do not have the ability to reach the first Mansion World by themselves. To reach the First Mansion World you have to receive a Seraphic Guardian or a Guardian of Destiny that will help you with your God Fragment to go immediately to the Mansion Worlds.

What the meaning is of "the sleeping souls" and where they are located, cannot be disclosed yet. They are indeed somewhere. These topics have still to be revealed to the world and this is not the right time to clarify this point, but it will come.

Another question?

Student in French : What happens with people who are good and moral persons, but who believe not in a life after death, neither in God?

TOMAS: I give you an example. It all depends on their lives, their moral actions and their connection with God. It is possible that these people will be part of the “sleeping souls” and will have to wait a dispensation, as it is possible that these souls have many benefits,…. we cannot judge …..and then they can go immediately to the first Mansion World and be re-personalized/resurrected faster.

Another question?

Student-in French : Question on the 7 psychic circles that the mortal has to cross in his life. At what point can we start to enter the 7th psychic circle? Is that at the moment you receive your Thought Adjuster or is it later?

TOMAS: All depends on the evolution of the person; of his mind, of his decisions, from where he starts seeking a higher moral life, or seek God. It all depends; it can be at the time the Thought Adjuster or God Fragment arrives, as it may be later in their lives. Anyway these seven psychic circles, if you don’t complete them all during your mortal life, you will need to complete them during your evolution on the Mansion worlds or Morontia worlds.

You are able to pass from psychic circle No. 7 to psychic circle No. 1 during your mortal life, you are very capable of this. Many people arrive only at circle No. 7 which is the first you penetrate and they also create themselves a morontia soul with a capacity of survival, with still a lot of potential to develop and they also can be resurrected or re-personalized, depending on the case, on the First Mansion World.

Another Question ?

Student in French : Question about the received “personality “of the Universal Father. We understood that this unique "personality", still has to be developed, just like our morontia soul. Can you explain us a little more about that?

TOMAS : indeed, you have received a (unchangeable) unique personality of the Universal Father with the ability to realize herself through experience. You might compare it to the soul when the Thought Adjuster or God Fragment creates the Morontia soul together with your mind. This soul in its embryonic stage will have a great potential to develop, and your personality will flourish while your soul will grow.

Your (soul)mind, your soul, will grow more and more and your personality will realize herself according to those decisions you will make and by submitting your own will to the Will of the Universal Father and this will be done during the long journey of your ascension to God.

You must develop character strength and a will capable of directing your soul on the path to the Universal Father. You need to be able to make good decisions and have what might be called "a strong backbone” to undertake this great ascension adventure. Many characters traits still need to be developed and it's all part of your growth. Your personality and your soul will gradually flourish and grow as you assume this journey.

You will pass through all the Worlds of Mansonia, all the Morontia (semi material-semi spiritual) worlds. You will become less and less morontial and become quite spiritual to finally arrive on the Spiritual Worlds. You will continue to change until you become a great Spiritual Being reaching Paradise. It is in the center of Paradise, that the Universal Father will embrace you and you will become a perfected being, a Finaliter. Then, you will receive another destination and another job to do.

Another question?

Student-French: No, I thank you very much.

TOMAS: If there are no more questions we gone stop this first session. It was nice and I hope we will have more sessions as this one and slowly by slowly we will all grow and learn from each other.

Are there more questions? (no)

OK, then I say goodbye. See you next time.

MALVANTRA : Siraya wants to speak to you. The Voice of The Father.

SIRAYA: My dear children, I am Siraya, the Voice of the Father and I speak in the name of the Father. You have been explained who I am. I am Master Spirit n°1 from the First Superuniverse and when the Father wants to speak to his children He uses always my Voice. So that’s why I come to you.

This is all very new for you, but Father is so pleased that you did this effort, that you want to learn and recognize His presence in you that He wants to be part of this each time you come together. I am just here to tell you how pleased He is, how much He loves you all and how much He cares for you, his little children. For the moment, you are for Him just grown up babies. But He loves you like you are and He will help you do your little steps and grow and grow and grow until you can reach Him as an adult. He will always be there, keeping your hand in His and guide you slowly by slowly, as you wish, so that in time you will become partners. Like a Father and a son, like a Father and a daughter, you will decide everything together about what you want to do in life.

Thank you my children, this is Siraya, the Voice of the Father.

MALVANTRA: This is Malvantra here, we gone finish this session. I thank you all for being here at our request and I hope you will do other sessions. Thank you all and have a good evening.


Mezza Verde Group – Placencia, Belize.

For the definitions and explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book