Return Maya Cosmic Masters

Part 29 - 2011

Q/A session with visible and invisible beings.

Session of 22 July 2011 – recorded – English translation - Original English/French

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: Cyril, Carole, E-Maya.

Received by Kathy

Visitors: Teachers HAM and TOMAS,


Malvantra spoke after 28min…………….total time meditation: 1h28min.

MALVANTRA MELCHIZEDEK: hello my kids, it’s a long time you were with so much people together. We have a special session today with invisible mortal souls, the ones you call the fallen angels, Midwayers who come to learn how to educate these invisible souls and a great number of angels who were not so long ago still in function in this planetary government and that still hold on to the beliefs of Lucifer and Caligastia.

This session is broadcasted in your entire local universe, until Uversa, the capital of your Superunivers Orvonton. So many Celestials, the Most High of your Constellation Norlatiadek and many others are watching this session. Just as you were asked to prepare your questions, they were asked to do the same. Ham will answer the questions of the invisible ones and Tomas, your assigned teacher, will answer your questions.

Christ Michael and Nebadonia, your Mother-Spirit, are also present to watch how this is working. They are very happy to see how, we the Melchizedeks, could create with all our staff and helpers a huge team between visible mortal beings and invisible one’s for you.

You have your conscious mortal mind with which you record everything you see or hear. But you have also an unconscious mind which records everything for your soul. This means that you are not always cognizant with your human mind of what your soul learns; which means that your soul can already have much more knowledge and wisdom then you are aware of. So don’t see this kind of sessions as something only for the invisible ones. Don’t think you are just here to help them. Your soul will learn a lot but you will not be aware of it. Your soul can hear and see things that you cannot remember. Don’t look at it as a kind of sacrifice for others. What your soul learns here is of extreme value for the continuation of your ascension.

The universe gratifies always when you put yourself in service for your brethren, visible or not to you. The fact that you are willing to do this for your invisible brethren and also for the Seraphic hosts, the ‘angels’ like you call them, gives it even more value than if you would do the same only for mortals living around you. Not many people would do this. We hope in time more groups will come forth because this here is just an experiment on a small scale. Ones it works, we may suggest other groups to do the same. We think we will need another year before this can happen because then we have to give up your secrecy which is very much needed right now for your protection, to avoid undesired curiosity.

Ham will start with the questions of the invisible ones. I let him begin.

HAM: hello my friends, this is HAM here and I speak to everybody - the visible and invisible ones. I welcome you all to the 3rd session of this kind. I am going to let my group of invisible ones start with their questions and I will repeat them for you.

QUESTION INVISIBLE ONE: this is Ham here. I have a question from an angel who does not understand what went wrong and what was wrong with the ideas of their ancient System Sovereign Lucifer.

Angel: There were some problems in the universe and by the fact that at that time (200.000 years ago) it was not Christ Michael, who was really administrating his local universe, it was more ruled by the Superunivers with so many controllers who were very strict, we all had the impression that instead of helping those humans coming out of animal evolution, we rather delayed their evolution. We thought we could speed up the evolution of a mortal soul if the angels who followed Lucifer in his Rebellion, in his ideas, received much more possibilities to help and act for the evolution of the human soul. We are still not convinced that we were wrong. We have the impression that things went wrong because we were suddenly cut off from the communication systems with the local universe and put in quarantine, which disabled us to act the way we thought was right to help human beings in their ascension. Lucifer was a great Sovereign. We always looked very high up on him and we could not imagine that he would change so much to suddenly harm the evolution of these human beings or to start a war against the universe. We had not much contact with Christ Michael in those days. He seemed to be away many times and most of the time we only had contact with Lucifer and his helpers. We trusted Lucifer.

We would like to have some more explanations why we were misled by Lucifer and Caligastia? How this could be possible? Thank you. “

HAM: You see my friends, following somebody who comes to you with new ideas and in whom you put your trust can be a very dangerous thing to do.

Lucifer denied the existence of the Universal Father, denied the existence of the Trinity Deities, “The Universal Father, The Eternal Son-Mother and Mother-Infinite Spirit”. They are the ones that created everything and all creatures. They made it possible that out of animal life a human being can create him or herself a soul with the possibility of eternal life through personal decisions and actions.


The Universal Father gives a mortal at birth a personality and later at a certain moment in his young life a Fragment of Him or Thought Adjuster.

Mother- Infinite Spirit gives a mortal his mortal mind (intellect).

Lucifer said that The Universal Father was an invention of the Paradise Sons and thus from Christ Michael who originated in Paradise, who was created by The Universal Father and The Eternal Son-Mother. If Lucifer denies that, he denies also that a human being receives a Spark of The Universal Father, a God Fragment to create a soul.

Lucifer has never been able to create a soul, never. He wanted to prove he could but could not. What he created were what we call horrible imitations of something that has a simple mind, psychic energy without personality. These creations cannot evolve because they cannot receive a God Fragment and will never be able to reach the level of a spiritualized soul and receive an eternal existence.

And you, ----you helped him in this----- because you believed him. These living creatures he made needed to be directed by a group soul. So he gave power to a few human souls to manipulate these creatures. These creatures had no possibility to evolve, to go further than the place where they were created. These creatures are not acceptable for the universe which means they will be de-created.

And you knew that, you saw what happened and you helped.

At a certain point you understood that something was going wrong. Not in the beginning, but later you understood that your great System Sovereign of Satania, Lucifer, had changed and that he was not the same anymore and could not achieve what he was claiming to be able to do.

Yes, you were all put in quarantine. This was not the first rebellion in this local universe, but here in the planetary System of Satania there were too many planets involved. We had to put them all in quarantine to not infect this entire local universe, to not jeopardize the future ascension of all human souls who were already on the Constellation of Norlatiadek. We had to stop this to protect as much human souls as we could to let them continue their ascension. Our concern was to protect the Morontia souls, which was not the concern of Lucifer or Caligastia and you all discovered that afterwards. And indeed they told you that it was not their fault, that it was the fault of the actions of others in the universe.

Now slowly by slowly you start to understand that your choice to follow such a great Lanonandek - one of the best --in his wrong ideas rather than to listen to those Angels who didn’t want to follow him, who felt and understood what was wrong in what he was telling everybody, is the reason--- yes ----why you were trapped in this quarantine. We offer you an opportunity to change your mind, to accept the possibility for re-habilitation through education, to understand the Plans of Christ Michael which are yet unfolding.

If you want to change your mind and accept our education plans for all Angels and those human souls that were badly educated thanks to you…. you can go on with your own ascension because you have, just as human souls, the possibility to ascend through an ascension plan that indeed takes much time and hard labor to achieve.

You cannot speed up the evolution of a human soul the way Lucifer taught. Nobody can create life without the Life Spark of The Universal Father, The Eternal Son-Mother and Mother –Infinite Spirit, and that was exactly what Lucifer proved. Even with the help of Life Carriers,--yes, he could have done much more damage if that was the case…… but even then it would not have been possible to create human souls who are able to ascent to Paradise because to do so you need a God Fragment and a Personality of the Universal Father. Maybe you can create something but never a creature with the capacity to create a soul with potential for eternal life.

Lucifer and Caligastia kept that entire ascension plan secret. They kept everything secret and started to do their own experiments to prove they were right. You all helped them in this but they could not achieve their plans. We give you now the possibility through a re-habilitation plan to redeem and continue your ascension in service of the Plans of Christ Michael for the evolution of every created being. Thank you.

QUESTION OF INVISIBLE ONE: Ham again here. Here is a human soul telling they did experiments to have another (physical) body or to try to use the body of human beings on this earth. They tried to tap the mind of some people to influence them to act like they wanted. They did succeed until a certain point. This soul wants to know why it was possible that they could achieve that.

HAM: The reason why all this happened was just to do experiments. Caligastia didn’t know everything, didn’t know all the mysteries, so he let you do experiments with human beings, with human beings that were open to your evil and very egoistic ideas. These mortals under influence of alcohol, drugs and sexual perversion, craving for power, were open to your influences, they asked for your help and guidance through their satanic rituals and sacrifices and that is why you could reach them. None of this helped anybody out, nobody at all; neither those who played with you or you who tried to manipulate them. This is all over now and we will not accept it anymore, which means you have to make a choice.

As a soul you have a long ascending journey to become spiritualized and we will help you. If you do an effort you will receive all help you need. If you have no desire to follow the Plans of Christ Michael you know that we will de-create you, you cannot stay and you are running out of time to decide. We don’t oblige you to come to these lessons although here you can hear directly from these mortals that they know and feel the Love and Mercy of The Father in their hearts. These people here, knowing the horrors you did, still want you to take their hands to go back to The Father; which is up to you to decide. We wanted to show you that there was another possibility then the one Lucifer told you because you cannot continue on his path anymore.

So instead of immediate de-creation, which Christ Michael can decide without a problem, he still gives you a chance to change your mind. That’s all, the decision is yours. You will not be allowed anymore to play and do your tricks like you were used. Now it is not a human being that is imprisoned, it is you. You have only two choices and your time is short because we have to go on. Thank you.

HAM: we will stop here the questions of the invisible ones and give you time to ask your questions to Tomas. Goodbye my friends and thank you for doing this for all of us.

TOMAS: Hello my kids it’s our turn now. I am ready. If you want to start your first question, I am listening.

Student: Hi Tomas I have two questions for today. There are studies documented where under hypnosis many individuals explained in details passed lives, is this the result of possession of an invisible soul? Thank you for your comments.

TOMAS: Thank you for your question. This is a topic we normally don’t answer but because it is a very special session we will try to explain what could have happened. There are different possibilities.

First of all it depends a bit how you are put under hypnosis and how the questions are asked. No human being receives more than one (physical) life. When you go back in the past it is possible that you are helped to see things from a long time ago through the eyes of a person that lived in an ancient time. That doesn’t mean that it was one of your past lives. This is one possibility.

It can also be that your Thought Adjuster had a long time ago helped more than one human soul to develop and a Thought Adjuster keeps those memories. When a Thought Adjuster leaves a soul it can be that this souls continues her live on the Mansion worlds without a Thought Adjuster. So it is possible that your Thought Adjuster has remembrance of lives of different human beings in different periods of time from other planets. Your Thought Adjuster speaks to your soul and it is possible he gave you images which were not yours but his. This a second possibility.

The third possibility is to be in a state of possession. It could be that invisible human souls are around and are speaking through you about their own life they had in the past. These souls had a previous life and they can come one after the other to speak through you about the life they had.

These are the three options I am allowed to tell you. Believe me, you never had a previous life. A soul doesn’t come back in a new born mortal to continue her evolution on Earth. This is a false believe. You create during your mortal life your own soul. That soul will continue her journey on the Mansion Worlds like it was decided in the Plans of Christ Michael a long time ago. If it wouldn’t have been for Lucifer and Caligastia, no soul would ever have been blocked here like it happened. Does this answer your question?

Student: Yes Tomas it did. My second question is: “Mortal deaths occur every day here on earth, many of these souls were, like these invisible ones present here today, victims of false teachings from birth. Will these souls in this 21st century be able to join us here for knowledge so they won't have to endure years of frustration before they can ascend to the Mansion worlds?”

TOMAS: Thank you for that question. It is an important question. No soul will have years of frustrations anymore here. In a very short time we will be able to get rid of the “dark energy grid” Lucifer implemented with the help of Caligastia. Once this is done, automatically the blocked souls will leave and we were already able to liberate many. All souls that could not go on are now helped to leave for the Mansion Worlds. They couldn’t go on because Lucifer installed this kind of grid. Mortals who didn’t develop a soul strong enough with their God Fragment, with a belief in the Universal Father, couldn’t get through it. They were not able to enter into their seraphic sleep to be transported to the First Mansion World.

This is all taken care of, don’t worry it is just a question of time. Much has already been done to help them to leave for the Mansion worlds to be resurrected there in a few days depending on their soul evolution or to go to those places where souls sleep until the next dispensation which is not far away. There will be a next dispensation when your Magisterial Son will come here in the flesh. It is just a question of a few earth years which is not much in comparison with the 200.000 years they already had to wait. So don’t worry. Much help is given and even if there are a few who still have difficulties to go on it will not be for a long time. Thank you. (Thank you Tomas, these were my questions).

Next question, please.

Student: Hello Tomas. When Jesus was 14 years old he lived in Nazareth and went often to meditate near a hill that was called in earlier years “The High Place of BAAL”. Who or what is BAAL?

TOMAS: Thank you - BAAL was an ancient false God, but was also the name of a leader of some rebels who followed Lucifer. He was a God of sacrifices. You would call him a great demon, a great devil. He was not a nice deity. Massive sacrifices have been done in cities and places where he was adored in ancient times. He is not here anymore and the time of BAAL is gone. Does this answer your question?

Student: yes Tomas. Why does the Urantia Book say that the 14th and 15th year of Jesus life were “TWO CRUCIAL YEARS”?

TOMAS: Many things happened when he was 14-15 years old, a young person of that age changes a lot, physically and mentally. He was 15 years old when his Father Joseph died and he had many younger brothers and sisters. He took the responsibility of his family on his shoulders as the oldest son which was a very heavy responsibility for his age.

When you look at kids of 15 years around you, they still play; they don’t know what it is to take care for themselves and certainly not for a whole family. They don’t take responsibility, nor work to earn money to spend on their family to sustain them. Jesus did, he didn’t run away from it. He took that responsibility and did so all his life. He always worked and when he was travelling he always sent money to sustain his family. That’s why these years were so crucial, because of all these dramas. It was very important for him to make the right choices so that his last bestowal would be a success.

These were very hard testing years for him and that’s why we call them ‘crucial’. Taking at your 15years such responsibilities means that you have to become in one second an adult and only adults are able to take such responsibilities; although you have many humans on Urantia that call themselves adults that are still not able to take responsibilities. That’s why The Urantia Book called these two years “crucial years”. Does this answer your question? (Yes Tomas).

Next question please.

Student: Questions on Paper 89 – Sin, sacrifice and atonement of the U.B..

Excerpt : concerning renunciation on sexuality.

Many of the world’s great religions have been adversely influenced by this ancient cult, but none more markedly than Christianity. The Apostle Paul was a devotee of this cult, and his personal views are reflected in the teachings which he fastened onto Christian theology: “It is good for a man not to touch a woman.” “I would that all men were even as I myself.” “I say, therefore, to the unmarried and widows, it is good for them to abide even as I.” Paul well knew that such teachings were not a part of Jesus’ gospel, and his acknowledgment of this is illustrated by his statement, “I speak this by permission and not by commandment.” But this cult led Paul to look down upon women. And the pity of it all is that his personal opinions have long influenced the teachings of a great world religion. If the advice of the tentmaker-teacher were to be literally and universally obeyed, then would the human race come to a sudden and inglorious end. Furthermore, the involvement of a religion with the ancient continence cult leads directly to a war against marriage and the home, society’s veritable foundation and the basic institution of human progress. And it is not to be wondered at that all such beliefs fostered the formation of celibate priesthoods in the many religions of various peoples.

(977.2) 89:3.7 Someday man should learn how to enjoy liberty without license, nourishment without gluttony, and pleasure without debauchery. Self-control is a better human policy of behavior regulation than is extreme self-denial. Nor did Jesus ever teach these unreasonable views to his followers.”

Question: still now many people think, in whatever religion or belief, that growing in spirituality doesn’t go together with a normal mundane or matrimonial life. They think that in order to reach higher spiritual levels you have to live as a hermit and refrain from participating in mundane life. Thank you for your comments on this subject.

TOMAS: Thanks for this question. The Apostle Paul was not a disciple of Jesus. He met the teachings of Jesus much later and he had his own ideas on many topics. When he came in contact with Jesus teachings through others, he had a major problem with two things: his personal problem towards sexual life and the proclamation of Jesus that women had to be treated as equals, that women had the right to teach, that there souls were as valuable as male souls to God, that they had a different role and should therefore be liberated. Those words of Jesus were extremely revolutionary in those days, as well for men as for women. Women listened to this in disbelief and men were terribly shocked. Therefore Paul adapted some teachings of Jesus according to his own beliefs.

(Sexual) abstinence goes against matrimonial life, against procreation which is one of the most appalling things because life must go on. Proclaiming that women are lower human beings without the right to love, to worship and serve God goes right against Jesus Teachings and these ideas exist still in all Christianity. Paul is the founder of European Christianity. He went to Palestine, Malta, Sicily, Greece, and Italy and everywhere he preached "his version" of the teachings of Jesus. This does not mean that you should reject all what originated from him, but it is strongly conditioned by his understanding and his beliefs. The same problem against women existed with Peter, but that is another story.

Jesus always taught about the liberation of woman, to see them as equal and complementary to man. He had 12 male Apostles and 12 female Apostles including the one you all know very well, Marie-Magdalene. On top of the 12 apostles you had at least 50 men and 50 women. Men were preaching and assisting in the places where in those days only men could go and women where only women were allowed.

Jesus never said anything against marriage, on the contrary. Marriage was sacrosanct for him. The education of children and mutual aid (for education) was holy, and he never preached abstinence of sexual life.

What should not be done is to engage in sexual debauchery, engage in animal desires. Then you cannot be considered a Human Being in control of your animal instincts. All excess, in whatever, can lead you downwards; a normal sexual life between a man and a woman, in love with each other who spend a life together and having children is a very healthy thing.

Does this address your question? (Yes thanks Tomas) Do you have other questions? (No thanks Tomas.)

Well my children then I thank you for all your questions and your patience. They were very interesting also for the invisible ones who had not the chance to know all these details about the life of Jesus. I say goodbye to you and I hope we still can do a last session before the end of your season. Goodbye my friends.

MALVANTRA: We are going to end this session. I thank you my friends to be here and to do the effort to read The Book and find questions. They are very helpful for everybody, as well for you as for others, certainly when you read Jesus life. There are so many things to learn from it where you never heard about. The original teachings of Jesus where never told. Except for his great message of Love, many other things were never taught properly. Therefore I encourage you to read the chapters of the life of Jesus to understand who is your Creator Son, Christ Michael - the Creator Father of this local universe ---and which personality he has so that you feel closer to him.

I thank you all, the visible and the invisible ones, for this interesting session. Goodbye my friends. Goodbye.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.