Explanations on the two morontia glands.

Session 9 of 30 July 2022 -English translation– Original French.

Place : Mezzaverde in Belgium

Received by Wivine

Visitor : Monssoen Melchizedek.

Note Wivine : this came through in response to sensations that several of us experience during our group meditations between the eyebrows or at the top behind the head.

Monssoen : Hello my friends. I come to speak about the growth of the two morontia glands which you develop on your brain during your meditations.

One morontia gland is between the two eyes or eyebrows, to see better,


the other is at the back, at the top of the brain to hear better,

the teachings that come from the Higher Spiritual Orders from the First Mansion World on.

When they develop you can feel sensations in both places. Rarely together, although it will come. They will one day be tools to see and hear better what comes from the soul.

The soul of those who know God, who walk consciously with God, is constantly growing. Regardless of religion. As it grows in your life, it will regularly receive a new morontia body and mind/intelligence suited to its growth. In the same way as it happens for a soul of a deceased person who passes through the 7 mansion worlds and then the Morontia worlds.

The morontia soul (semi-physical/semi-spiritual), with its morontia mind, thus transforms more than 500 times during its ascension through the local universe of Nebadon until it attains the first stage of a Spiritual Creature. You can already achieve some or even more of it during your human lifetime.

If your soul ascends during your material life, its mind/intelligence will eventually overtake your brain more and more along with its human mind. This is a result of your deep meditations during which your soul is taught on spiritual levels that are incomprehensible to you. This knowledge is no longer transmissible to your human brain because it is unable to digest it or compare it to something it knows in material life. Even a great scientist in quantum science could not do it. Perhaps approach it a little more than the average person, but never in depth.

All of you can, at a time of your choosing, allow your soul to take control of your thoughts, as you do with your Thought Adjuster or God Fragment.

The development of these two morontia glands will later be a tool to facilitate communication between your soul and your human mind. They will become the intermediary tool between you, your soul and your Thought Adjuster. Role that is taken over for the moment by your Guardian Angel of destiny and your Midwayer (male or female).

It is not that your Thought Adjuster is not speaking to you, it is you who are deaf and therefore need tools that increase your ability to hear and understand what He is saying to you. Just as a deaf person can use hearing aids to hear better.

Always remember that the fact of not hearing, nor seeing does not prevent your soul from growing. It is not even a gift that you receive for having reached a certain stage of spiritual development. It is not even a sign of high spirituality seen from our side, we your true Spiritual Teachers. Be aware that all clairvoyant people, or people who see and hear certain things during their meditations as they move forward in true spirituality, all end up entering deep meditation from which they come out with no memories.

This frustrates them at first, sometimes there is even panic because they think they have lost something precious, but end up accepting it feeling intuitively that there is more to it.

This means that clairvoyance,

which everyone is so fond of, which flatters so much the ego and the need to feel superior to others, which leaves those who do not have it with a feeling of inferiority on the spiritual level,

is very close to the human brain and mind, therefore close to material life.

I must therefore disappoint those who are so attached to it because this gift must absolutely give way or be silenced to allow you to move on and into a higher gear in spiritual knowledge.

Persevere, don't give up, take the next steps with us, keep your hands well in ours and you will reach spiritual heights and powers that you do not even dream of because they are totally unknown to you. Don't limit yourself or stop along the way for chimeras that have been put into your brain through everything you've read.

(Wivine: someone who was clairvoyant at times, because those who possess this gift don’t master it, told me 20 years ago that I would advance spiritually much better and that I would reach much higher spiritual levels if I became clairvoyant like him. I did not believe him, I felt intuitively that it was not true. Having been in contact with several clairvoyant people to different degrees I realized that these people can be dangerous because they mix what they receive with their own beliefs and fill in what they don't receive with their own interpretations. I have always remained faithful to my own intuitions. I took from what I was told only what was important to me - even if it was only a name. It was enough for me to continue my research with the help of my Angels and of God. Moving forward, fumbling like a blind and deaf person, by small steps, but surely and in complete safety. The rest I ruled out. And if I realized that I had attached myself to false beliefs, I threw them away and embraced the new without problems.

I realized over time that with our material limitations, we cannot do otherwise, we will always move forward with some fake beliefs. But this is not important in itself as long as we help our soul, that lives in another reality, grow by our actions and our heart and on the other hand our soul is taught directly by the Higher Spiritual world.

This was the reason that Jesus and our Mother Spirit forbade me years ago to teach knowledge that I considered spiritual. I had to leave that to the Melchizedeks, the Angels and each one’s God Fragment. And that goes for all of you too. We live in other times. )

Goodbye my friends. I am Monssoen Melchizedek.




For the eplanations of the words in blue, see the Urantia Book.