The one that holds out wins.

Session nr 10 of 10 august 2022 – English translation- Original French.

Place : Mezzaverde in Belgium.

Received by Wivine

Visitor : Malvantra Melchizedek

Note Wivine :

The first part is a short talk concerning the Seraphic Government of our planet (see Urantia Book Paper 114) which I was asked to write before receiving an answer to a question that had been bothering me for over a week. We know that we work with different Celestial Orders and Archangels, that we are part of the Reserve Corps of destiny and that therefore we are all engaged in one of the 12 groups of Special Seraphim who deal with 12 different domains. But where do we stand? Do we choose or are we automatically placed in one of the 12 groups? Do these twelve groups with their respective domains have a different hierarchy or importance on a spiritual level?

1)The Most Highs from the Order of Vorondadeks

rule the inhabited planets with many celestial personalities, but mostly with the help of the Seraphim, especially on a rebellious planet like ours.

A Most High – Vorondadek Son takes the governmental power of a planet in hand only in the event of serious problems often due to a rebellion. This has happened about thirty times on Urantia.

The current Most High –Vorondadek Son, coming from Edentia – capital of our Constellation Norlatiadek, is here as an Observer keeping nevertheless the power of decision on certain problems resulting from the rebellion. He is in close collaboration with all the Supervisors on the planet, some of whom report directly to Him, such as the race commissioners.

2) The Seraphim of the Planetary Government.

There are +/- 500 million couples of Seraphim on earth working for them. This means that there are on earth more than a billion Angels, Cherubim and Sanobim as well as other types of Angels such as messengers and carriers of souls to other worlds or following deaths.

They work with the Midwayers and their functions are not limited to playing the Guardian Angel either for an individual or for a group of humans. They have many other tasks to perform.

In this enormous number of Angels there are 12 groups of special graduated Seraphim who arrived here with the Governor General, at the same time as the outpouring of the Spirit of Truth of Christ. They were assigned to special services in 12 different sectors. Each group is headed by a Master Seraphim and these 12 Master Seraphim meet in a council presided over by a Supernaphim of the primary order who cooperates with the Governor General of the planet. The Governor General has no authority to direct the affairs of our world. He is a coordinator: he coordinates, advises and informs all personalities concerned of the decisions taken by the various levels of government.

The 12 corps of the Master Seraphim are functional on Urantia as follows  :

1)  The Epochal Angels.

2)  The Progress Angels.

3)  The Religious Guardians

4)  The Angels of national life

5)  The Angels of the races

6)  The Angels of the future

7)  The Angels of enlightenment

8)  The Angels of health

9)  The home Seraphim.

10)              The Angels of industry

11)              The Angles of diversion

12)              The Angels of superhuman Ministry

They are the ones who preserve and use those humans belonging to the Reserve Corps of Destiny – to which we all belong.


Matters that are exclusively spiritual fall under the supreme authority of the Archangel who commands the headquarters of the battalion of Archangels established on Urantia by Christ Michael. This Archangel obeys to the direct orders of Christ Michael (Jesus).

This is not part of the duties of The Most High Observer -  Vorondadek Son.

Malvantra Melchizedek :

Hello, my children. The Superhuman planetary government of your planet is a little more complicated than on an ordinary planet where no rebellion has taken place. The fact that Christ Michael, as Jesus of Nazareth or Jeshua Ben Joseph, took a human life on your planet to fulfill his 7th bestowal which gave Him afterwards full control of his local universe of Nebadon, further complicates things.

The human mind likes classifications, tends to divide everything into clearly separate boxes. People think in up and down. This is reflected in your societies with your social ranks, as well as in your science.

Higher = added value in status, glory and power over everything and everyone

Lower = diminished, submissive, incapacitated, even becoming an outcast in his/her community.

The Urantia Book does not contain all information and is written in a way that was logically acceptable and understandable to early 20th century European scholars (1935).

A revelation is always intended for a time, for a population of that time and can be transmitted to individuals

- without a high school education, which has the advantage that it will be less influenced by the human mind, therefore less tampered with, but sometimes more difficult to distribute to a larger public.

- to people who have an average or superior academic education and there we run the risk of greater interference from the human mind in addition to the risk that they will add academic or spiritual theories which are fashionable among their circles of friends and acquaintances.

A revelation can happen in different ways, but we won't go into that here.

You just need to know that a revelation that passes through the human mind is always a bit distorted and therefore a person that is aware of this, will take out the spiritual jewels, clean them, polish them so that all their beauty comes out.

A revelation is never complete. It must be placed in the context of the time in which the "receiver" lived or lives. It is a support for humanity to take a step forward in its spiritual evolution. We are talking here about mankind as a whole. Living Spiritual knowledge for the soul evolves through millennia, and is therefore changing. Everything that lives in the Universe is subject to evolution and changes, as is the spiritual knowledge of mankind on a planet.

Accordingly, new revelations will regularly surface which shed new light on ancient revelations recorded in Ancient Books of various populations.

Compare it to the advancement of science. There are old theories and discoveries that still prevail today, but supplemented by new discoveries that shed a different light and extend the old knowledge. Just as old theories proven wrong are swept away by new discoveries.

Your science is therefore in constant evolution just like your spiritual evolution.

If you crystallize and forcefully enforce old revelations concerning spiritual affairs, they will eventually become inhibitors of spiritual evolution. Hence the need to regularly bring old wisdom back to the fore in a new form more suited to each new era.

As to your place in the hierarchy and organization of the Seraphic Government of your planet, I will say the following.

You are a "project of the Melchizedeks" who work in the "Melchizedek schools which study the effects of rebellion", which I administer. This project was started by

- Christ Michael (Jesus) in collaboration with us and

- the Most High Observer of the Order of Vorondadek Sons on Urantia and

- the Chief of the Archangels stationed on Urantia.

Its goal was to form a group of people

-      interested in working with the Energies in order to arrive by these means to work with the Pure Energy of their indwelling God Fragment.

People who wanted to help us in this way to destroy and replace the Luciferian grid on Urantia. People who would submit to our guidance and authority of their own free will. Which is not an easy task for earthlings, nor for us.

People leading normal lives, mothers, fathers, young and old, people of different ethnicities and different religions. People able to integrate the divine in themselves and in their daily life.

-      People who will also succeed in reaching the Divine Mind of their indwelling Thought Adjuster so that it can become autonomous and able to leave its pupil from time to time to do necessary work for the spiritual evolution of humanity.

These autonomous God Fragments or Thought Adjusters work under the direction of the personified Thought Adjuster who accompanied Jesus of Nazareth in his human life to reach this level.

Setting up this experience with you is very polyvalent and great. It also allows us to experiment and see what works and what doesn't. We will then implement what works with the agreement of Christ Michael on a large scale in collaboration with the seraphic government, the Most High Observer and the Chief of the Archangels.

The type of tasks you perform with us, the Archangels and the Seraphim  will depend on your efforts, your will and your combativeness. It's like with everything: you start, you learn, you gain experience, you grow in capabilities and power, you get more responsibilities.

In other words, which group you are called to among the 12 special Seraphic groups is not important. You are scattered among all these groups and sometimes you change groups if, from our point of view, it is beneficial for the spiritual progress of humanity as a whole. Sometimes you all work together in one group for a while, sometimes not.

The Special Seraphic group you are in gives no indication of your soul growth or height. You are placed where you are most useful at any given time.

Your greatest and most difficult mission is to succeed in getting so close to your God Fragment that He can work through you in different dimensions. It is through this that you will reach "Enlightenment" and the stage of God-Man-or God-Woman.

Only then you can call yourselves "beacons of Illumination" who will illuminate and spiritualize the superconsciousness of all humanity. You can only do this work as a humble "unknown soldier".

This is very different from a person who desires to evangelize and convince people of their own limited spiritual knowledge. What was once a necessity can become a hindrance to spiritual development in these innovative times.

You want peace, prosperity and spiritual wisdom for all. For this, our Father, Christ Michael, opened a way. You received "free will" to walk this path for as long as you wish, at whatever speed you choose :

Start with yourself.

Enter and open the door to your God Fragment in your heart. We will guide you all the way on this difficult path, right to the “summit”. Keep your hands in ours, trust God's wisdom, and you will overcome all your challenges, all your inner and outer battles.

It's not easy, we know and we take it into account. The last steps are always the hardest. Keep going and don't give up. Always move forward. Rest breaks are part of it, but not stopping. Because stopping sooner or later means going backwards.

The one that holds out wins!

Your world is experiencing a lot of disruption right now. Stay confident! It's getting better, even if it's not reflected in your media. Pray and send Love to everyone, do not exclude anyone in your hearts as neither do we.

Goodbye, my friends. This was Malvantra Melchizedek.



Fort he definitions of the words in blue see the Urantia Book.