Where does the desire to help selflessly come from?

Session nr 11 of 21 September 2022 – English translation– Original French.

Place : Mezzaverde in Spain.

Received by Oscar and Wivine

Visitor : Christ Michael (Jesus) – Sovereign of our local universe Nebadon, situated in our Superunivers nr 7-Orvonton

Note Wivine : we all have the same questions when we walk “the path” with God, Jesus and the Celestials. What is most difficult to manage is this need, this pressing desire to help others on the one hand and on the other hand to realize our limitations to alleviate their physical, psychological, sentimental and financial suffering.

But where does this need suddenly come from, this desire to help others in an altruistic, disinterested, generous way, without judgment or paternalism?

Here is the answer of Jesus with before the experience of Oscar, who lives in Colombia. He joined our group meditations quite some time ago, having received “the activation of the mind glands receptive to what’s coming from Spirit”.

Oscar : My wife and I were returning from the market where we had done our shopping. On the way back there was an elderly lady who offered sweets (lollipops) for coins. It is quite common in the cities of Colombia.

Although I hadn't given her much, she was so grateful to us that it touched our hearts. But what thrilled my soul the most was what she said at the end: "I'll be waiting for you both on the other side, count on it." Then she blessed us.

It was as if she was doing more for us than we were doing for her. I received from this lady the most sincere smile and look.

That's when I felt it. I felt this LOVE that can invade us when we have special meditations.

My wife and I were lucky that day. We were able to meet a heroine of the Universal Father who sells lollipops for a smile.

I always wanted to bring these people in precarious situations home and tell them that everything would be fine. But I was once told in a meditation that everyone must walk their own path, and the troubles of life will make them "stronger" in the following worlds.

So I continued to help as best I could, even those who had less honorable intentions, simply because I wanted to "help".

Then I elaborated my question in another meditation by saying:

"I know that I don't have the resources or the facility to help everyone, that I can only send Paradise Energy, and that in my current financial situation, I can only alleviate them in a limited way. How can I help others more?”

I was answered:

"The material conditions of the vast majority of your world population are not the best. There is much suffering because the riches for the optimal development of every human being are distributed among a few. But you already knew that.

Nevertheless, this suffering generates “strength” in the next life. Those who have nothing thus acquire unprecedented dynamism and strength, knowing that in life after death everything is guaranteed for their survival.

In your heart, you know that when someone asks you a question, you must meditate on the answer to give in relation to that person's knowledge.

- If you say too much, you may cause confusion and the person may feel lost.

- If you give just the right amount, like a small bite, the person will begin to find their own answers, generating exponential growth if they maintain this path.

- Giving him or her nothing will not generate any new changes until the situation is good.

Everyone has a path to follow. A fragment of the Father dwells in all of them. The goal is always the experience, because it is totally impossible to somehow replace it in the "Eras of Perfection" that come afterwards.

You know your perspective is limited, that's how you grow little by little. However, you trust, not blindly without knowing, but like a child who knows, with complete confidence.

God does not deny or punish His children with suffering, misery or poverty, for He has the Perspective of the One who knows everything, from beginning to end. So He always knows how it ends.

It is not in your power to help them all out of their material or other sufferings in this life.


Spiritual growth is the work of the “Little God” who dwells in their hearts.

Most of the time you plant hope in their hearts with the love you give them, with a smile, a greeting, a part of you. They will perceive it and their hearts will soften, become peaceful, even if they do not understand why."

Christ Michael (Jesus): Good morning my beloved children. I lived this dilemma during all my human life as Jesus of Nazareth or Joshua ben Joseph and often my heart ached. Just like you, I had to make up my mind and accept these limitations without stopping to give what I could afford.

So the big question: Where does this need come from, this desire that overwhelms you to help others? Not just your family or friends, but everyone else you don't even know?

The need to help selflessly is not innate or instinctive in humans.

The people in whom this tendency develops are

- people who can think independently, by themselves. People who don't let themselves guided blindly by the thoughts of others. They are not followers.

- They are trustworthy, morally right, good people,

- people who know God, who seek His contact or are already actively in contact with Him.

They are people who love God and who experience God as the Ancestral Father of all humanity. They experience His Love and are filled with it. As a result, they become aware of the Unity among men. Every human being becomes a brother or a sister to them because they realized that they are all created and inhabited by a Spark of the same divine and loving Father. Whatever religious image they have of Him or whatever name they give Him.

God's love is selfless and is distributed generously to anyone who wishes to receive it. For this reason, the soul which becomes conscious of God will become filled with His Love and will develop a tendency to transfer it to everyone.

There are more and more of these people on your world and they are everywhere. There is not a country without one or more of them. It is their humanitarian, philanthropic, charitable and solidarity thoughts that will influence the social behavior of their fellow human beings and governments. They will express the desire for a better distribution of resources, assistive tools, raw materials, food, water so that your world becomes a livable place for all. These present and future generations of righteous and loving people who know God will shape the governments of tomorrow as well as a new mentality of international relations between peoples.

We will help them make new discoveries in energy, medical health, food supply, water supply, climate change, economic changes and diplomatic behavior.

We are already working on it. It's not for the distant future. Everything is happening here and now and will continue to evolve. In 10, 20, 30 years and more, there will be a total change of mentality in international relations.

The foundations have already been laid to set this in motion. Everything will go very quickly, although not always smoothly.

There is no turning back.

The Spiritual World is always the strongest.

The few who hold everything in their hands are becoming a minority and are losing their prestige. They will no longer be able to hide their plans or true faces. I'll bring it all to the surface.

They too will one day understand that cooperation and fair sharing have more advantages than spreading destruction and war everywhere by pitting brothers against each other, overthrowing or bribing governments, robbing countries while deliberately letting their populations live in misery. It may take them another generation, but it will come. Do not worry.

Those who will remain reluctant despite everything to this selfless Love that the children of God lavish on them, who will continue to refuse the outstretched hand, will finally turn against each other to tear each other apart like ferocious beasts.

This planet is reclaimed by ME for God and all the spiritual infrastructure necessary to achieve this goal has been put in place. Everything is operational and the battalions of Angels with their leaders and aides are there.

Don't even think about doing nuclear damage, however small, to this planet. We will intervene and you know we can.

My friends, don't worry, we are here. Our Angels and Midwayers, Power Directors and Energy Transformers will intervene in the physical world under our command if necessary. It is Lanaforge, the Sovereign of your System of planets Satania, who replaces Lucifer, who has the command of it.

Your job is to pour out your Love on everyone, indiscriminately, as God causes the sun to shine on everyone. Your fellow men thirst for this Love.

Those who have additional powers are immediately deployed where necessary, according to each person's abilities, in groups or individually, during their meditations, in their sleep, or even in waking state.

We can see the dangers you cannot see and so we decide where you are best deployed. It is for your safety that most of you have little or no memory of it.

Goodbye, my children. Have confidence, do not be afraid. We have everything under control.




For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.