Return Maya Cosmic Masters

Part 30 - 2011

Session of 26 July 2011 – Recorded - Original English

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: Cyril, Kathy, B-Maya and E-Maya.

Received by Kathy.


AYA, Master Spirit nr. 7 of Superunivers nr. 7 Orvonton. The Voice of The Trinity and The Supreme Being.

{Note Kathy: B-Maya discovered with his father a cave in the jungle. When his father wanted to enter the cave the boy felt a strong pressure on his head and his chakra 7 begun to turn violently. He knew that a Celestial Tonton wanted to notify him of something and he told his father that perhaps it was better not to enter this cave right now and that he would ask for council. It is for this reason that we went into meditation.}

MALVANTRA MELCHIZEDEK: Hello my dear friends, nice to see you all together since last week. I will first answer the question of B-Maya.

The cave you wanted to enter near your village is very ancient and holy. It is guarded by one of my brothers, a Melchizedek brother. We did not want you to go into the cave without proper equipment. Before you enter the cave, you will use your chakra 6 to send universal energy into the cave with the purpose “to liberate the wandering souls that are still remaining there, to help them follow their path of evolution and ascension according to the Plans of Christ Michael and The Universal Father and not to the plans of Lucifer or Caligastia.”

Be very careful because the cave is dangerous. You have to put something on your head with a flash light like in the ATM caves so that you will have your hands free.

The name of my brother that keeps that place is “Maltucia (Mantucia?) Melchizedek”. He is a nice guy. When you go into meditation near that place ask for his help and guidance. You will not be able to go very deep in the cave, but you can go with a save equipment.

Later we will reveal more about this cave. It has a relation with the temple behind your village where we implemented that great ‘Melchizedek Light Anchor’. Be aware that dark energy or Lucifer and Caligastia liked to use ancient Holy places to destroy them with their system. You can always be sure that very near an evil place there is an ancient Holy Place. That’s all I am going to say about this and keep this information secret, private and in family.

AYA: this is AYA here, Master Spirit N°7 of your Superunivers N°7 Orvonton. I speak for The 3 Paradise Deities: The Universal Father, The Eternal Son-Mother and Mother-Infinite Spirit.

My kids you have done already so many things and there is still so much to do. For the ones who will travel, they will have enough to do. For the ones who stay here, do an effort and read in The Urantia Book. Re-read all your sessions so that you can learn something, that you know who we are, for what we stand and with what you are busy.

We are building you out, you Maya people, for your future generations so that they can unify and that you would be able to speak the words of wisdom we will put in your mouth to give them proper guidance. It will take time to prepare you, but you are still very young and you have time. Nevertheless you are important for your people, for the Mayas from Yucatan until the south of Guatemala and a part of Honduras and naturally for those of Belize.

You will have so many things to give with our help. Thus once in a while do an effort so that when your time will come you will be ready to help your people. Already now, slowly by slowly when you will be both a bit older, you will see that people will come to you for your wisdom.

You will travel between your own people from Mexico to Guatemala and Honduras; to meet your own people, even if they speak a different language then yours. You will speak to them in Spanish, so learn and improve your Spanish because later you will go to meetings of The Maya Elders. So learn to speak Spanish, they all speak Spanish. It will take too much time before a common Maya language will be ready, but they all speak Spanish except in your country although there are lots of Mayas here who speak Spanish too.

So do a little effort and try to do your meditation every day.




And I tell you, this is your destiny…….. for the future, not tomorrow. You will need a long preparation before you will be able to stand before The Maya Elders of Mexico and Guatemala and speak in all these countries to your people.

When you both will be ready to speak to your people you will speak in a different way than what you experience here with this little girl (Kathy). Her way to receive and transmit in meditation with eyes closed is only the first step to work with this system of communication with reflectivity. Later it will be different.

Then you will speak with open eyes, not with closed eyes so that people can look in your eyes without thinking you are putting a spell on them or that you are possessed by a Spirit, a good or a bad one, makes no difference…. they. will be afraid of you anyway in such a case

We are building all of you out to learn to speak in the future to people, to an audience with open eyes and you will just repeat our words.

You will learn this. It’s too soon to explain and you still have to pass through this system before we can bring you all to the final stage of this system. What this little girl now does here in this way is just the very rudimentary beginning of all what the Reflective system can give you. This is a good beginning, a sure beginning, slower than other systems, but it will give you a very, very strong foundation to work later with this communication system with Reflectivity in the way we have plans for you.

I hope I did not frighten you but I wanted you to know and understand what you will have to do in the future for your people. This is all I have to say. Thank you very much my children I am going to leave you now. Goodbye.

MONSANLORAN MELCHIZEDEK: Just a few words. I want to confirm to those sitting here that you will travel from Mexico, to Guatemala, Honduras to help these two young Maya people to reunite all Mayas. This is not for tomorrow; let’s say five to ten years from now. You (Kathy and Cyril) will help them but these kids will play the public role and not you between the Maya Elders and others.

So you see, you all have an important task. You will have important tasks to do as long as you live here and even later after you leave this Earth. Thank you my children. I say goodbye to all.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.