Return Maya Cosmic Masters

Part 31 - 2011

Session of 27 July 2011 – recorded – - English translation - Original French.

Place : Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: Cyril and Kathy.

Received by Kathy.

Visitors: Malvantra and Monsanloran MELCHIZEDEK

OCILIAYA, Master Spirit N°4, of Superunivers nr. 4 Lanterton, The Voice of The Universal Father and The Eternal Son.

Malvantra Melchizedek: Hello my friends, nice to have you back together. There is someone who wants to talk to you. It is OCILIAYA, Master Spirit N ° 4 of Superunivers N ° 4 called LANTERTON, who represents the Voice of The Universal Father and The Eternal Son-Mother. Your Paradise Parents wish both to talk to you. Goodbye my friends.

OCILIAYA: I am OCILIAYA. I am speaking on behalf of The Universal Father and The Eternal Son-Mother. I come to talk and reveal something. It is something both of your Paradise Parents have decided and which they want you to know. When they decide to do something together and work together, then they use My Voice to communicate what they have to say.

My voice feels heavy, very heavy, because I speak for two Paradise Deities.

{Note Kathy: this was literally so.}

My children I would like to confirm that the University of the Corps of Finality for the studies to become as a creator son or a creator daughter will certainly be installed on Urantia. For you in a very distant future but for us not so far away and the presence of The Universal Father and The Eternal Son-Mother is required for this. There will be two Temples in this University: one for The Universal Father and one for The Eternal Son where they can conjointly, in the centre between the two temples, give some capacities of a Creator Son to a (male or female) Finaliter.

This is the official proclamation of this decision and it will be done. It can be announced to the people of Urantia that The Father decided this together with The Eternal Son. The exact location is not yet known, but WE decided that it will be here on Urantia.

This is Truth and this decision has been taken a while ago and we announce it officially now.

Of course, you human beings who live here for the moment, you must still complete your ascension to The Father; you still have to ascend to the Corps of Finality. It will be in a very distant future before you will be able to return here for these studies……. if it is your destiny and your desire.

This is actually great news for The Corps of Finality.

Thus the veil of the mystery of the destiny of The Corps of Finality is finally lifted.

We decided to release this information for a simple reason: “Lucifer denied the greater destiny of The Corps of Finality, for all these human souls which evolved to The Father, were embraced by Him and joined afterwards The Corps of Finality to receive than tasks in different places of the Superuniverses, in the local universe and even on Jerusem, capital of the Planetary System called Satania. He denied that The Corps of Finality had another destiny than simply come back to the places they left.”

As we are making an end to the Rebellion and to all that remains of the Rebellion, we decided together to proclaim the true destiny of the Corps of Finality. We want this to be known. Just as Lucifer has denied the existence of The Universal Father, of The Eternal Son-Mother as well as the existence of The Mother-infinite Spirit:

WE proclaim on Urantia that WE will create all over this globe “Seven Memorials for The Trinity” and they will be seen from far away. One has already been placed in Belize and others will be implemented. We wish that the people of Urantia know and are aware of the true destiny of their souls that start their evolution here.”

{Note Kathy January 2014: right now we have installed 4 Memorials for The Trinity: Belize, France, Morocco, Serbia, Vietnam, others will follow. They told us in a session of end 2013 that they will ask us to put more than 7.}

This is an order, a decree; this is why The Voice of The Universal Father and The Eternal Son-Mother wants to be heard.

It will indeed last long in your eyes, but consider that many souls will come after you and it will be even longer for them, for they also have to walk on this long path of ascension to The Father.

This is all I wanted to tell you my children, and believe me this is very important news that will affect your entire local universe, that will affect all your Superunivers and beyond.

The way you look at time here is quite different from the way we experience time; for you 200,000,000 years is just a few months to us. This is not much. Many of The Corps of Finality already welcomed this opportunity. This is great news that crosses all over the Superuniverses. It is therefore normal that this news is also decreed on Urantia, to you who live here for the moment, as well as to all human souls and all angels who remained blocked here, and all those that followed Lucifer and Caligastia in their ideas.

It is not because in those days this was not disclosed to the Sovereign of the System, or to others in this local universe, that it was not a possibility.

It will be done here so that everybody in all the Superunivers can see that all what The Universal Father, The Eternal Son and The Infinite Spirit are taking to heart is the evolution of these little souls coming out of animal evolution to become like God, Perfect like The Father, to become Creators together with HIM on other worlds and other planets which are now in formation.

These human souls that have been treated so roughly here, will receive the honor to say "I grew up on Urantia, the planet where The Universal Father, with the help of his Creator Son (Jesus-Christ Michael) and HIS two Conjoints of the Trinity, released us from the claws of the Rebellion."

By this Act, the Trinity of Paradise will prove to all those who still wish to think on a rebellion that these little humans are HIS children, and that God, The Father, will never abandon them, whatever others might think.

The rebellion is over, there is still the cleaning up of the debris that has to be done as well as the rebuilding of some remains, but you can consider this as done, over and out, even if it will take a few years of your time. Nothing can stop the arrival of The Magisterial Son; nothing can stop the implementation of The Trinity Memorials to show the Victory of The Trinity of Paradise on any Rebellion.

Goodbye my children, I thank you for letting me speak on behalf of The Universal Father and The Eternal Son. Good bye.

Monsanloran Melchizedek: Hello my friends, I only have a few minutes because we are very busy reshaping our organization and reconsidering all that has to be done. Your program is almost ready, and I am sure it will please you. But as I told you, it will be for the end of the week or early next week.

There are a few places where you should certainly go. They are Mauthausen, Dachau and Arkhangelsk, the Solovky Islands where there has been a Russian gulag (between 1920 and 1939).

The locations of Dachau and Mauthausen were chosen strategically by the Nazis in those days. I say by the Nazis and not by the German people as a whole, you have to make the difference. You will understand when you will see the surroundings, why they have specifically chosen these places. Initially these camps were not intended for the destruction of the people you call Jews, an unfortunate action that occurred more towards the middle of the war. These camps were built before the Second World War, just after Hitler came in power (1933) to eliminate his political enemies. Mauthausen was in need of cheap labor for all the factories they had implanted in the surroundings. When Germany went to war, prisoners were used to run the plants and it was not the purpose to keep them alive for a long time.

A lot of cruelty has been done in those camps. But the cruelty that was demonstrated on Solovky, this Holy Island of the Orthodox Church, where a Bolshevik Gulag camp was installed to destroy the Orthodox Church of Russia, the cruelty that was demonstrated there was worse because these people were not political enemies, no…… these people believed in Christ, the enemy of Lucifer.

So these are three areas where we will certainly ask you to go. We don’t know for the other sites, how we will combine them without requiring you to travel too much.

Paris and Rome will probably be part of it. The obelisks which were placed there do not benefit the population of the country where they were placed, and I speak as well of Paris as Rome. You will receive more details to find out what you need to do at each location.

I will leave you now my children and we will all go about our business. Goodbye my children and thanks to you.

Malvantra Melchizedek: This will be all for today. We had to put you at a higher frequency to allow you to bring forth the voice of OCILIAYA. Goodbye my children, I wish you a good afternoon. Good bye.



For the words in blue see The Urantia Book.