Return Maya Cosmic Masters

Part 33 - 2011

Session 29 July 2011 – recorded –– English translation - Original French.

Place : Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present : Cyril and Kathy

Transmitted via Kathy.

Visitors : Malvantra and Maltucia Melchizedek

MALVANTRA: Hello, this is Malvantra here. I'm here with Maltucia one of my brothers. It will try to spell his name ………….M.A.L.T.U.C.I.A.

He wants to talk to you because he has a huge holy place behind the village of Mayamopan. It is his working place here on Earth. We have worked in this region with many of our brothers. Monsanloran was in Lamanai and Maltucia in the Mayamopan region. In Uxbenka we have other brothers. Belize has always been for a long time our headquarters on Urantia, for decades.

This was the reason why both of you were directed towards this country.

{Note Kathy January 2014: Cyril came with his wife in 2002 in Placencia and I came with my husband for the first time in 2005. We both speak French and live both with our families in the same street….all just by coincidence? }

I give the floor to Maltucia. Goodbye my friends.

MALTUCIA: I am pleased to communicate with you with this new communication system with reflectivity with which we, as well as you, have to learn to work. It is a system which still has many secrets and of which everything has not been revealed. We will learn to work with it and will install it properly.

I am a brother and colleague of Monsanloran. When this little girl came for the first time (in 2008) in Mayamopan to that temple of dark energy and did her meditation to find out what she had to do there, it was I who told her that it was best to leave that temple as it was and not yet disclose it nor clean it up. Things are quite different now.

When you will return from your trip in Europe, your continent of origin, I will make contact with you and we will organize a small trip to this place. I will ask you to put you in mediation there and contact me. I'll be one of the brothers of Monsanloran that will continue to work with you in this region because Monsanloran has received another job to do in the Government and I will take over your responsibility. {Note Kathy : he did not say which government. It is a self-ruled Order with its own government}

This is it my children. I know that Monsanloran has planned your trip in Europe and you already organized things well. Don’t worry all will be well and we're here to help you and I will also be there because I will pick up slowly the work of Monsanloran with you. I will stay in communication with him, but you will communicate more with me.

You'll see, everything will go much faster and more easy than you think. We will arrange everything, but each of you has to go into meditation every day and ask our guidance. You Cyril, you have your recorder and perhaps we will be able to let you transmit and you will repeat what we say in your recorder. Even if you do not transcribe nor write it on paper, at least you can replay the recording to recall exactly what has been said to you. What is needed is that you stay in daily communication between each other to know what we told you. We still have much information to give so that you can find all the right places. {Note Kathy: we are from different countries in Europe and will not be together}

Don't worry for Russia because we are all there to arrange everything for the best. These three first major Light Anchors that we will create in Germany and Russia through you are of extreme importance to break the grid of Lucifer. Already doing this would be a beautiful thing. We will see what happens afterwards and look for other places to intervene. It is possible that when you return to Belize we will send you one or two times in other countries of Central America. We will wait with North America.

If you achieve to make these three Anchors in Germany and Russia that would be a beautiful thing to break this dark grid and weaken it strongly.

This work is in an experimental stage. We go on step by step and each time we need to see what happens afterwards to then decide the next step to do. We can only count on you for the moment.

This is all I wanted to tell you. Don't worry too much, we're here to help you and arrange everything. Don't have worries because this little girl here can hear our voices very well and do follow what we tell her to do. She also has her doubts once in a while but in that case we give her some evidence to convince her and then she knows exactly what to do. She trained herself many years to be guided by her Indwelling Voice.{Note Kathy January 2014: this is true but I did not know in those days that I was following my Thought Adjuster; I thought it was God outside of me or Jesus.}

All will be well, you made a good planning and it will work. Goodbye my children, this was Maltucia speaking, your new “Tonton Melchizedek” who will slowly take over from Monsanloran. You will hear me more. Goodbye my children.

MALVANTRA: I say goodbye now, I only wanted to introduce my brother…..another “Tonton” for you. There are many changes taking place in our organization, a reorganization is occurring and that’s why we asked Maltucia to take over from Monsanloran.

I will always remain to announce and help you to understand the new Celestials coming to you so that you remain confident. You know me from the beginning and I will always be there for you. Goodbye my friends, Goodbye.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.