Return Maya Cosmic Masters

Part 34 - 2011

Session with Q/A from visible people and invisible souls and others.

Session 30 July 2011 – recorded – Original English

Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize

Present: E-Maya, D-Maya, Carole and Kathy.

Received by Kathy.

Visitors: Malvantra and Maltucia MELCHIZEDEK

Teachers HAM and TOMAS and presence of INVISIBLE Souls to us.

MALVANTRA MELCHIZEDEK: Hello my kids I welcome you in this 3rd session of Q/A with visible and invisible ones with our teachers Ham and Tomas. We are all very grateful that you could join us and come all together here in this meditation although you had some difficulties.

As has been told during the meditation of yesterday to this little one and Cyril you will receive a new Melchizedek brother that will come in the place of Monsanloran. His name is Maltucia and his headquarters are near the region of Mayamopan. Monsanloran has to do another job in the Government and we asked Maltucia to take over his job. So you will hear less Monsanloran and hear more Maltucia. Maltucia will stay in contact with Monsanloran.

Like last time Ham will handle the questions of the invisible ones and Tomas will answer your questions. Since the last two sessions already many angels and other celestials that were trapped, as well as human souls, could go on with their path of evolution and ascension according to the ‘Plans of Christ Michael and the Universal Father’. They will continue their re-education on the Mansion Worlds and other places which are unknown to you but more adequate for this purpose. The ones who are here are mostly new ones who want to share this experience with you.

I will let my brother Maltucia say a few words to introduce himself because you did not have the possibility to join the meditation of yesterday.

MALTUCIA MELCHIZEDEK: I am MALTUCIA, I am one of these Maya Cosmic Masters; a Melchizedek who works for AYA. I was headquartered here since a long time and like Malvantra told you, they asked me to take the role of Monsanloran to help your group in the work you do with us and for us. That does not mean that you never will hear Monsanloran again but I will take over slowly by slowly. I am very pleased and honored that I can work with you. I know your group since a long time as I followed you together with Monsanloran and Malvantra.

Today will be very special too. We cannot show you the invisible ones and they are too many to give you names and more details. One day, much later you will be able by reflectivity to look back at these sessions and see exactly who was present. For the moment this is not possible. I have to get used to speak through this new Reflectivity communication system just as you have to practice this as well. With experience we will all improve.

Now we are going to start like always with the questions of the invisible ones and Ham will repeat some of them to you, not all but some. Goodbye my friends, until next time.

HAM: I say hello to everybody, as well to the visible as to the invisible ones. You are all my friends and I am here to teach you and help you understand the truth that has been hidden for you since such a long time about the ‘Plans of Christ Michael and The Universal Father’ for your ascension and why the plans of Lucifer and Caligastia were false and could not go on because they were not acceptable for us. Although they received much time to change their minds this had to be stopped one way or another because it was involving the development of human souls and their ascension plan. They were hiding the truth for a lot of celestial beings like angels, cherubim and sanobim who are helpers of angels, Morontia companions and so many others and were keeping them also away of their ascension plan.

To receive the liberty to do as you wish is a nice thing but not when it brings into slavery other beings, human beings or celestial beings and not when it brings into existence beings with absolutely no possibility for ascension. Lucifer knew that very well as well as Caligastia.

Like you say here in your country, “they wanted to do their own thing”, it had to be like they thought and in order to do that they organized sneaky a whole rebellion of 37 planets in one Planetary System. There were many losses, many Adam and Eve’s who worked on other planets in the Planetary System of Satania believed them and followed them. So many Midwayers, so many Seraphic Angels and so many other celestial beings which are not known to you were puzzled and troubled by the words of Lucifer.

The rebellion of Lucifer was a celestial rebellion but the human beings on all these planets depending on Lucifer for their evolution suffered the most and certainly here on Urantia. What happened here is for the moment indescribable to human minds but we are solving it fast, and with the help you want to give to your invisible brothers and sisters and those you call in your Bible “The Fallen Angels”. They felt yes, but most of them in erring. When they saw that something was wrong, it was too late, they were trapped. Also visitors from other planets were trapped here when we closed all communication systems of Urantia with the universe, when we blocked the entrance and the way out of Urantia. This is now from our point of view fast resolving.

The re-education plans and schooling for the invisible ones are now appropriate and ready.

We will start with the questions of the invisible ones.

QUESTION INVISIBLE ONE: Lucifer with the help of Caligastia put a whole system in place so that we could evolve and ascend here on Urantia. We were very happy with that at the time being. We saw the many problems of the evolution of mankind and we thought that the ideas of Lucifer and Caligastia were good. We trusted them.

We would rule our own planet in the ways we thought would be best for the evolution of human souls and ourselves. We thought it was the right thing to do.

200,000 years ago human kind was very different from now and although we were disconnected from the rest of the universe and we had been put in quarantine for so long some of us did and tried to do their best to help those ancient human beings to evolve. And they evolved because you have sent an Adam and Eve when they were biological ripe to receive an upgrade of their DNA.

Yes Caligastia convinced Eve through others to do what she knew was not acceptable for the rulers of the universe. He convinced her to intercourse with a human being to create a new kind of body for human souls. We were not unhappy with this and we still do not understand why the universe was against it, why you have to wait until Adam and Eve have made 500.000 children that become mortal to upgrade the biological DNA of the physical human body by intermarriage. We were convinced that if Eve would do that, the upgrade would have been much stronger. We wished so much that this would happen. So we would like to know why the universe did not want that. Why was this so forbidden by you that you chased Adam and Eve from their first Garden of Eden and made mortals of them like the human beings living on the planet?

HAM: We will answer as follows. When The Universal Father decided with The Eternal Son to create humans beings, or rather souls, coming out of animal life, intended to ascend slowly through evolution and experiences until they achieve to reach Paradise to become like The Universal Father.. “Perfect”... after having been embraced by Him to eventually join the 'Corps of the Finality '... The Paradise Trinity created immediately everything to make this decision possible.

They created the Seven Superuniverses and in each Superunivers the local universes with their Constellations and Planetary Systems. And it is on the planets of the Planetary Systems that Life Carriers started implementing the first living cells.

This entire long ascension plan was studied to make this possible. The way life has been created and after a long evolution the way human souls are created through interaction of the mortal human mind and the Thought Adjuster and personality,---- both received from The Universal Father----- needs time. It needs time because human beings have free choice and because of that free choice…. human beings need to live experiences. Even barbarian experiences if we look at it from our side in Heaven.

So that through all these evolutions and experiences they would learn who they are, they would learn that there is One Father from which a part is indwelling them to give them guidance----and be able to understand these concepts.

The Life Carriers under supervision of The Ancient of Days and the help of the Melchizedeks prepare the genetic material for life in their ‘celestial laboratories’ and are allowed on some planets like Urantia, to do some experiments to create new life forms with a DNA that contains more possibilities to bring a human body to a certain level of intelligence and biological evolution. Once that biological level is achieved the human body needs an upgrade to be able to understand more about the Universe, about The Paradise Trinity, to evolve more spiritually already here on Earth. Your science would call this a genetic jump.

Christ Michael (Jesus) created the Material Sons and Daughters for that purpose, usually called Adam and Eve on a planet. There are hundreds of thousand Adam and Eve’s. When the mortals of a planet like Earth are ready for their arrival, there is always an Adam and Eve volunteering for this job. These celestial personalities are horticulturalists. They live also in beautiful gardens on Edentia (Capital of our Constellation Norlatiadek). When their arrival is announced there are always human beings that prepare with others the Garden of Eden. Here it was “Van”, not exactly a human being like you but I will not extend on this here, that built the First Garden of Eden on a peninsula in the Mediterranean Sea in front of Syria. He developed with others houses and gardens so that when Adam and Eve arrived in a physical body their homes were ready.

In the middle of that Garden of Eden was a beautiful Temple dedicated to The Universal Father. This was one of the First Temples dedicated to The Universal Father because before those days human beings could not understand the concept of One God, of The Universal Father.

Adam and Eve lived a simple life of gardening, agriculture and herding. They had vegetables, flowers and plants and showed a peaceful way of living. They created schools where the most intelligent of the human races of that time could be educated and learn about the universe, a little bit like you receive here lessons from the Urantia Book.

The task of Adam and Eve, who were immortal, was making children. They had special DNA with superhuman powers and in order to keep their physical body alive, to avoid aging of the cells they received “The Tree of Live” from Edentia; a tree with fruit and by eating that fruit their physical bodies could stay immortal. Their first generation of children were still immortal, the second generation, their grand-children, become already less immortal and this goes on until they have 500,000 descendants. Than these last generations become ‘mortal’ and are suitable for intermarriage with the best specimen and the most intelligent of the human races of that time.

The best way to biologically uplift Mankind is blending DNA of a mortal being of the planet with DNA of a ‘mortal’ descendant of Adam and Eve.

Caligastia wanted to speed up this process by putting lots of ideas in the heads of friends of Eve to confuse her. Her friends told her things would be easier if she would intermingle directly with a more developed human being of that time. There were lots of problems on Urantia because of the rebellion, that’s for sure. Most of the human beings in their surroundings were very primitive, aggressive and quarreled a lot between each other.

On top of that there was the fact that Lucifer sought to avoid that humans could evolve properly according to the ‘plans of ascension of Christ Michael and the Universal Father’. He did experiments by changing their DNA so that they no longer could evolve like on a normal planet and the way it was planned.

All these situations made the mission of Adam and Eve almost look as a “Mission Impossible”. This troubled Adam a lot and he shared his concerns with Eve. Eve looked for a solution, she was so troubled and her friends started to confuse her…….and then she did what she should not have done and realized afterwards she had done a tremendous mistake.

Now your question here is……………….. “Why was that a tremendous mistake?”.

You cannot speed up the DNA of a human being when the surroundings are not ready to receive a God Fragment to create a soul together with a mortal mind. You would have created 35,000 years ago super intelligent human bodies with supra human capacities which could be inhabited with an embryo of a human soul that would not evolve properly because…………… how should I explain……………. because that physical body would have more capacities for development than the mortal mind could handle and as a result would start doing the most crazy things which would block the souls evolution.

The same problem occurs for a human being with a soul that lives in an environment of a high civilization where there are so many things around her to teach her higher concepts and values. But if that soul lives in a body with a disabled brain, that soul cannot evolve, develop or express properly.

In order to do the right thing, evolution has to go slow and a DNA upgrade has to be done intelligently to give a human being at a certain point in his evolution an indwelling God Fragment to create a soul that can develop in the best suitable circumstances in the period of time that human being lives.

It is good that she only made this error once as well as Adam, so that there was only one child on each side produced by intercourse with a mortal being. That’s why an Archangel chased them out of the first Garden of Eden and that they were not allowed to take the Tree of Life with them. They understood their error. They knew they would sooner or later die. They still lived more than 500 years before they died. They were aware of their default but they still stayed faithful to The Father and to Christ Michael who created them. They started to organize a Second Garden of Eden in the region you call now Iraq with a second temple dedicated to the Universal Father and continued to produce children, building schools and have educational programs. They knew and hoped that The Universal Father would show them His Mercy and Love…. which He did.

This is the main reason why we could not accept that Adam and Eve intermingled directly with human beings. They were from celestial origin and these intermarriages are not good for the evolution of a human soul. There is still much to tell about this which is not revealed in the Urantia Book; this will be revealed later when some problems will be solved on your planet.

That is the main reason things cannot be speeded up. A human being has to evolve slowly in order to decide for himself to reach out for The Universal Father when he has the capacity to understand such a concept.

If The Universal Father would have decided to let this process go faster, if this would have been better for the evolution of human souls, He would have done so. He did not need Lucifer or Caligastia to play for God and show Him this was not the right thing to do. He knew that from the beginning. It is only you who are here who don’t know that and who wanted to do little experiments and play for God with these human beings in evolution who were still so young.

Does this answer your question?

This person agrees with the answer. He is not very happy with it but starts to understand that he did not have all elements to judge properly the situation and that he still has to learn a few things.

This was the main question of the invisible ones that they discussed together in group. I will now let Tomas answer your questions.

TOMAS: hello my friends. I am ready for you. We decided to answer your questions now because we can in these answers fill up a few gaps for the invisible ones. So I am ready to let the first one ask her questions.

Question: Hello Tomas, I have one question. This new information that was disclosed regarding the destiny of the Corps of Finality is an honor for us and the invisible ones; it will help them tremendously in their decision making. Will they receive this information and if so will it be on universal time or Urantia time basis? Thank you for some explanation.

TOMAS: Thank you for your question. They received that information.

OCILIAYA, Master Spirit N°4, The Voice of the Universal Father and The Eternal Son-Mother made a declaration that was meant to be heard by human beings of Urantia and by the invisible ones who are still blocked here. Yes, they received that news and they were very astonished because one of the great statements of Lucifer in his “declaration of Liberty” was that The Finaliter Corps had no other destination then to come back from where they came. Don’t forget that Lucifer told them that there was no Universal Father, nor a Paradise Trinity.

The basis of his declaration was: “ why are all these Superuniverses necessary and have all that trouble to let a human soul, coming out of animal evolution from a planet, evolve on Mansion Worlds, Morontial Worlds, Spiritual Worlds to go to something that does not exist.”

So the invisible ones, when they heard this were very, very astonished and surprised and it made them think and they wanted to know more. You will always have the hard rebels, the ones who don’t want to hear even if you would prove them in front of their nose that they are wrong; they still will not want to hear it. But that’s only a few.

The human souls who were blocked here and were able to understand this news, because not all were, are now asking questions and expressed the desire to follow the programs of re-habilitation.

It was that important to make this statement publicly on Urantia; to make everything advance faster and better. We are working on the uplifting of human beings with and without a physical body, as well as on the re-education of seraphic host or angels like you call them, from any Order. So now, the ones who are able to understand what this means are aware of it.

Does this answer your question? (Yes Tomas, thank you).

Question: Jesus (Christ Michael) was what we would call already an evolved soul or a Higher Celestial Being before He was born on Urantia as a baby. Did He have during his infancy already a full idea of His mission and who He really was?

TOMAS: Thank you for that question. I have to think how to answer this.

When Christ Michael decided to do his last and seventh bestowal a long time ago here on Urantia he had to be born, even as a Creator Son, just like any other human being.

His parents were chosen and when the time was right Christ Michael went to a special secret place in the Heavens where something happened, where he disappeared and then suddenly there was a baby born on Earth from which all Celestials knew that this new born crying baby carried in him a part of Christ Michael.

Christ Michael has been created by the Gods as a God, he doesn’t have to develop a soul like you to ascend. He is already in his perfection but needed to experience the evolution of a human being to understand them better….. by living a life like you.

Therefore he received a mortal mind, he received a very capable Thought Adjuster or God Fragment who helped him to create a soul that had to pass also the seven psychic circles in her development, just like any other human being. All his experiences were achieved perfectly when he met John the Baptist at the Jordan River. When John the Baptist baptized him his Thought Adjuster revealed him who he was before he was born. At that moment he could have decided to stop his life on Earth because his initial mission was accomplished but he decided to stay a bit longer to reveal His Father in Paradise. He lived 4 more years on Earth to do this before his physical death on the cross. (7 April 30 A.D.)

When he was younger he was absolutely not aware of whom he was. He was very intelligent and very brilliant. He understood who he was when he received baptism. He read the religious teachings of those days as well as the teachings of Moses, the Holy Books of the Israelites. The country of Israel did not exist in those days; it was all Palestine with Judea, Samaria, and Galilee around it. It was not far from Egypt on the Mediterranean Sea. He meditated a lot when he was young. He liked to go to places in nature where he was alone to meditate and speak with His Father, to receive guidance from his indwelling God Fragment.

When a human being receives a God Fragment that develops a soul during his life, that soul will, when the physical body dies, be resurrected (and receive a new morontia body) on the Mansion Worlds. This is done with the help of the guardian angel and God Fragment that will accompany the soul during her evolution on the Mansion worlds and the Morontia worlds until the moment where the soul reaches such a connection with The Father that she can fuse with her God Fragment to become “one”. It is the fused personality of a human soul with her God Fragment that continues her evolution through the Spiritual Worlds to eventually become “Perfect” like God, The Universal Father.

The difference between a human being and Christ Michael is that he already was a God. In order to live the evolution of a human being and create himself a soul he needed a Thought Adjuster or a God Fragment which was very experienced. If he would have been a normal human being he would have fused with his God Fragment at the time of his baptism, but that did not happen. There was no need to do so, he was already a Divinity. After he died he followed the evolution of a normal human soul along the Mansion worlds, the Morontia Worlds, and his soul received each time a new Morontia body and continued her ascension until she was embraced by The Father. But he never fused with his God Fragment.

Once he reached The Father he received from The Father the title of Supreme Master Sovereign of Nebadon, he could rule his local universe Nebadon completely alone without interference of the Superunivers rulers and his God Fragment received from The Father his own personality without having to fuse with the human soul of Christ Michael.

I hope I could make this understandable. Do you want more information? (Thank you, it is ok)

Question: Why were Joseph and Mary chosen as His parents? Did they had already contact with the Higher Beings and did they teach their Son in this wisdom?

TOMAS: Joseph and Mary came from very good genetic descendants. They had a strong upgraded DNA, which was necessary to give Jesus a body with enough health, capacities and intelligence to allow a Creator Son to express himself through that body. They educated their son like they did with their other sons and daughters who came after Jesus. They brought him in contact with the priests and the wise guys of that time. They educated him until a point where Jesus had to educate himself. Remember when Jesus was 15 years old his father died and he had to take over the responsibility of the family. He received indeed an education from his parents in their beliefs of that time just like this happens with you now.

Gabriel of Salvington (Angel Gabriel in the Bible) came to Mary before Jesus was born to tell her that she would carry a great personality with a huge mission. She always remembered that but she had her own ideas of what that great mission of Jesus would be and her ideas where not the ideas of Jesus. So when Jesus started to go his own way and did what he thought he had to do, she was disappointed because she hoped he would become “The Great King of The World” where all the Jewish Books spoke of. That he would chase the Romans away of her country and that he would take the throne of David of the Israeli-Hebrew people in a material way. She did not understand that he spoke always of his Celestial Kingdom, about his Throne as The Creator Son of Nebadon.

He received every opportunity to evolve like any other human being.

Does this answer your question? (Yes, thank you).

Question: If it is true that Jesus was born on August, 21th in 7 BC, why is it that so many people now celebrate the birth of Jesus on the 25th December?

TOMAS: Jesus was born and died almost 2,000 years ago. In such a long time many truths and proves have been destroyed. In the time Jesus was born they counted time in a different way than now. There was not a year “O” or “1” to restart time. It was a Roman Emperor who decided later to recount and restart with year “1”. It was difficult for historians to find out in which year Jesus was really born, even after much research. And still now, with all the documents that are left they cannot agree.

Do not forget that Christianity like you know it here and now started in the time of the Romans, in Italy in Rome. It spread first from there over all Europe before it came here to the Americas. Christianity is known to the native people of the Americas only since 500 years, but Christianity arose in Europe almost 2,000 years ago and in those days many people in Europe had other beliefs.

The 25th of December was a very ancient solstice fest of local people that the rulers of the Vatican, or what is now called The Vatican, could not eradicate. So what did they do….. they replaced that fest of the solstice on the 25th of December by the birthday of Jesus to impose Christianity. This brought confusion and people forgot about their pagan fest and why the 25th December was so important in their ancient beliefs. After hundreds and hundreds of years nobody remembers the old religions anymore and what stays in the mind of people is that “Jesus was born the 25th of December”. It’s only a few historians who did some research that could find out that Jesus was born before year “1”. They calculated that he must have lived 33 years. According to The Urantia Book he died April, 7th 30 A.D., which means he must have lived a bit longer.

This is an example how things that happened years ago can be distorted and changed for political, religious or social reasons, which have nothing to do with the original birthday or teachings of Jesus. This is proclaimed in the Holy Bibles since such a long time that it is difficult to tell someone that the 25th of December is not the right birthday of Jesus. You can tell this around but it is much imbedded in the global consciousness of humanity and for Jesus it makes no difference that you celebrate his birthday the 25th of December instead of the 21rst of August.

Does this answer your question? (Yes .Thank you Tomas).

Question: Even from the time of Moses, people knew that “The King of The World” would soon arrive. But why so many had difficulties to accept Jesus before He died on the cross?

TOMAS: Well you gave the answer in your question. They were expecting a King of the World. They were expecting a king who would come like a warrior and chase with miracles all the enemies of the Hebrew-Israelites and would sit on the throne of The Temple of Jerusalem and who would by miracles give prosperity to his people.

That’s what people expected than and that was a great problem for Jesus during his life because everybody knew about a Messiah, everybody knew about a new prophet and everybody was expecting such a person. But they had in mind a miracle maker that would give them material prosperity.

Jesus did not act as such. He came to speak about The Father in Heaven and The Kingdom in Heaven, to give rules to live by to be able to reach that Kingdom in Heaven and Eternal Life for each soul. But that’s not what they wanted, even if they liked to listen to him, they were still expecting that he would do something physical with a sword or miracle to install a worldly Throne for him.

Many people knew he could do what they called miracles, although he did much less miracles then they spoke about. Many people liked to listen to his words about God, The Father in Heaven. Thousands and thousands of people came to listen to him. The word was spread all around in the countries of that time. But all expected somehow that he would take a sword and made war against the Romans to liberate their country and receive prosperity for Eternity on Earth. That’s why they let him down when he refused to do so.

He had even problems with his own family because of that. Even his 12 apostles did not understand everything when he spoke about his Celestial Father and his Celestial kingdom. Not everybody wanted him dead; the priests of the Temple of Jerusalem who ruled the people wanted him dead because he was a danger to them. They were terribly rich and accepted continuously money.

Then there comes a man from Nazareth and says to people:” Things are different. I am the Truth, I will tell you what you have to do” and he told them something else then what the Temple of Jerusalem said.

So think…… they were the bankers of that time, they were the rich rulers of that time and they had to live under the rule of the Romans. That’s why they wanted to kill him, but they could not kill him in another country, he had to come to Jerusalem where they had jurisdiction to bring him to trial and that’s what Jesus did. He went to Jerusalem and there they arrested him under false pretenses and paid people to testify against him. They laughed with him because everybody was waiting for a King of The World and he refused to become that.

He knew that the priest of the Temple of Jerusalem would kill him. He knew that very well but he chose for that rather than to become the King of The World. That’s the reason why so many turned their backs on him and had problems with him.

He lived in a very troubled area. You had the local guerilla that fought against the Romans and he lived in a village very near these guerilla warriors. On the other hand you had the Romans with their rules and the priests of the Temple of Jerusalem. These were very troubled times.

After his death his twelve male apostles and his twelve female apostles with all the evangelists who joined them did an honest job. Their teachings diverted from each other and from the original teachings of Jesus because they did not really understand everything Jesus told them. That’s why in Christianity, already in these ancient days…. 100 to 150 years after he died on the cross…. there were so many different Christian believes who all spoke about Jesus but used different rituals, gave different teachings and interpretations mixed with local believes.

What you see here in Belize, all these Christian Bible religions, is just a continuation of the confusion of that time because the first ones who had to explain it to others did not understand everything properly and to convince new people they mixed it with local beliefs. And that is still happening now and here.

Does this answer your Question? (Yes Tomas, thank you).

Then I thank you for this Q/A session which will be the last of your season. I hope when you all come back together in November we will be able to continue these sessions. You already helped us very much with the invisible ones and I hope you learned much too. We are very grateful for the contribution of all members of your group. Even to young D-Maya who encounters some private problems right now.

I say goodbye to you all and when you read The Urantia Book and you have questions, just call me. Say “Tomas, help me understand” and when you go in meditation I will whisper you the answer or I will come in your sleep. So that you slowly by slowly understand through personal answers. Goodbye my friends. Goodbye.

MALVANTRA: I thank you all on behalf of the invisible ones. They appreciate very much what you are doing for them and I hope you do the same although you cannot see them and maybe you can feel their presence as friends. Goodbye to you all and see you in a few months with a next session. Goodbye everybody, have a nice day.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.