Return Maya Cosmic Masters.

Part 35 - 2011

Session of 01 August 2011 – recorded- English translation – Original French.

Place : Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.

Present : Cyril and Kathy

Received by Kathy

Visitors: Malvantra and Monsanloran MELCHIZEDEK

ADAMSON, First born son of Adam and Eva in The First Garden of Eden.

Gabriel of Salvington, the Bright and Morning Star.

Malvantra spoke after 25 min total time meditation 55min.

Malvantra Melchizedek: Hi, I'm here with Monsanloran and another attendee you do not know yet that we will introduce. Monsanloran will first address you concerning your journey to Europe.

Monsanloran Melchizedek: hello my friends. I have been very busy with my new responsibilities but I've been able to liberate me to have you meet someone unknown to you. This personality will go along with you during all your journeys in Europe. He will help and guide you through all your travelling’s even if you are separated. As you will also have a couple of things to do individually for which you don’t have to be together.

Your journey to Russia will go well, it will be perfectly organized. Try to come together in Germany so that you do not lose sight of each other. Munich is a very big city with a lot of traffic in the area. If there are other opportunities to get together and to drive together to Germany, then choose that solution. This will facilitate and avoid you get lost or can't find each other.

Maltucia Melchizedek and Lanaforge will also accompany you during all your movements and throughout the development of what is going to happen because it is of utmost importance. We don’t want to make you afraid nor give you the feeling that there is too much on your shoulders. We know how you like to do this, but we want you to know that this is a task of extreme importance and that we are showing you great confidence here.

We hope you will do your best to do what is expected of you. At the moment we have only you to do this job and it is of utmost importance for the evolution of all mankind, for the second coming of Christ and the coming of the Magisterial Son, Monjoronson. Remember that your planet is connected and is part of a local universe, and that this local universe is part of a Superunivers and what happens here can serve as an example for all other Superuniverses. It is in this sense that everything you do here has much more importance than you guys think.

Kathy asked me if a "second Memorial" could be created in Europe while you are there. We will not go into this. Everything will depend on the results of the first three places: Mauthausen, Dachau and Solovky. It will depend on many things and afterwards you will still have enough time over there to be sent to a place where we would like to have a Memorial on the European continent. We are not going to decide this now. Everything doesn't have to be done in two or three months. This will depend on the results of these three first major “(Melchizedek) Light Anchors” that we will create through you in these three places. We have not forgotten that you could create a Memorial during your journey in Europe. All this is taken into consideration, but we are waiting for the results of your first move.

That's all for now my children. The details of the second part of your trip will gradually be revealed when you leave Paris for other places in France and Spain. We will give you information for every destination. You have not much time left in Belize to organize your departure for your return to Europe. That is why we will not overload you now with too many details. You have the main lines and all the rest will automatically follow by coincidences and messages during your meditations. It will all go smoothly and pay a lot of attention to all the details and everything which comes to you.

I'm going to present you this personality unknown to you.

(2 minutes of silence)

This personality is the first born son of Adam and Eve, the one called Adamson in the Urantia book. We give him the floor.

ADAMSON: Hello my friends. I'm Adamson, the first born son of Adam and Eve. When my parents were expelled from the First Garden of Eden I joined them and helped them with this difficult task of organizing the Second Garden of Eden. Later, I left the ' Second Garden ' to go to a country that you know now as Turkmenistan (near Iran). This region was very fertile, it was a very nice area where there were still descendants living of the 100 rematerialized members of the staff of your first planetary Prince Caligastia (Machiventa Melchizedek is his successor). There I met my (second) wife, Ratta, with whom I continued the work of my parents until our time came to continue our path to The Father in Heaven.

I have much experience with life on Earth. I lived there for a long time and have traveled extensively. My parents deplored my departure to these areas of which I heard so much and that attracted me tremendously; so I had to undertake one day this adventure. Maybe I'll ever tell the story of my trip to Turkmenistan, of my life over there, what we have experienced and what we've done to spread the knowledge of The Universal Father and how we helped the people over there to evolve.

I will follow you as you go to areas I know of. These regions were 30,000 years ago different from in my time, the climate was different. I still know very well those regions and offer you my help by taking part in this trip to Germany, Austria and the Solovky Islands. You will later be explained why. You will see things on the spot which are not spoken of in books and you will be intrigued. From there, we can give you some explanations.

My travel companions, I expect you within a few weeks. See you soon and I wish you both a good journey to your continent of origin.

Malvantra Melchizedek: We are ready for today, my children. You have heard that you will receive great help. Many people with responsibilities at the level of the Planetary Government will assist you, as well as we, the Midwayers, your Angels and all the Angels who are under the command of Gabriel of Salvington which are assigned specifically to your task, to assist and protect you. Therefore don’t worry, we have everything in hand and all will be well.

Gabriel of Salvington wishes to speak.

Gabriel of Salvington: my children you have never heard of me. I am the "Bright and Morning Star". The first created by your Creator Son Christ Michael and your Mother-Spirit Nebadonia.

I'm Gabriel of Salvington, also known as Angel Gabriel, the one who always brings the good news.

You are under my direct protection and you have the best and most capable Angels under my command to protect you in this mission that we could describe as dangerous if you would not have all that protection. Because believe me, the beast growls very hard right now but cannot hit you.

We are all happy here in Nebadon that you want to do this work, that you even do it with pleasure, even with joy from the heart and in all simplicity. We are all here; we all watch you and your finances so that you can pay these trips. We know the reality and problems on your planet so don't worry about this aspect. I have blessed all your accounts and you will come around. It is possible that we push a generous hand left and right to help some of you. No worries, everything is settled.

My children, I bless you and I leave you all my Angels for protection during this trip which is so important for all Nebadon. See you soon, my children.

Malvantra Melchizedek: Gabriel of Salvington came at the last minute to give you a few encouragements and to confirm that you are under his protection: the highest protection that you can enjoy. I'll leave you now to your further pursuits and have a nice evening. Goodbye.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.