Return Maya Cosmic Masters.

Part 36 - 2011

Session of 2 August 2011 – recorded – English translation – Original French.

Place : Mezza Verde at Placencia in Belize.

Present : Cyril and Kathy.

Received by Kathy

Visitors : LANAFORGE, Sovereign of the Planetary System Satania, replaced Lucifer.


Lanaforge spoke after 42min Total time meditation: 57min.

Lanaforge: I am Lanaforge. I replace Lucifer as Sovereign of the planetary system Satania. What you are going to do in Germany, Austria and the Solovky Islands, represents something so huge that it will change your entire planet. The three Light Anchors that the Melchizedek Brothers will create through you will have a connection with the Center of Paradise. We don't want to go too fast by telling too much in advance because we still need to see the effects that it will have on the "dark energy grid of Lucifer". We hope we can give it a deadly blow with these three important Light Anchors that will form a kind of pyramid between each other and that are of utmost importance.

I wanted to tell you my children and my friends that this is an experiment where we all have been thinking of for a long time and we are very excited to see the results of it that we will communicate as soon as we have them. The Melchizedek Brothers, Maltucia and Malvantra will give you afterwards their instructions.

Examine very well the places on the map where we ask you to create Light Anchors yourself and where we create them through you during a meditation. Take a large map and draw lines. There is something that you are going to see and afterwards ask us your questions to which we will answer.

As we have said before, the places in Mauthausen and Dachau were not randomly chosen, nor by the Nazis, nor by us. Do some research about these places and what they meant archaeologically before the 1930s. I'm sure you will find clues. Each time you find a clue we will tell more.

It is this way that we will try to make you understand all what it hides. To make you understand why the dark forces or those of Caligastia chose in general very sacred places to desecrate them, to prevent them from working and thus bring confusion in the minds of people. Do a little research, it will entertain you. It's like a puzzle of which you have no image, but you will receive small parts that fit together and this way you will discover the image.

Adamson will be your guide. He will be very close to you and the Secondary Midwayers who are his grandchildren will join him. This will give you the impression to walk among family because Adamson and the Secondary Midwayers were born on Earth.

Concerning the wives of Adamson: his first wife returned to Edentia (Capital of our Constellation Norlatiadek) with many of their children born during the time of the First Garden of Eden. His second wife was Ratta. I'm not going to give you all the names of his children with Ratta, there are too many. But every time you are on an old site with a name that doesn’t appeal to you we can give you a sign in the right direction. We know you like to do historical research and love to go on ancient sites, which is always more exciting than to read about it in books.

That was it my children and I am now going to give the floor to Malvantra.

MALVANTRA: We have further strengthened your frequencies and vibrations as we do regularly. This will help you in our future contacts and for the work that you will do afterwards when these traveling missions for the destruction of the grid of Lucifer will be completed.

We are all excited to see the results of your first trip because much will depend on it for the decision making afterwards. That is why we cannot say anything about the next activities, such as the Memorial. Your first trip is an experiment that was never done before in a local universe or Superunivers. That is why we are just like you, on pins and needles, to see the results.

The meditation on site will be heavy and it is important that you are with three. We know that the third one (Charles from Belgium) is not used to it as much as you, but he will hold on. It is important to be with three and both of you are strong enough to support the third. If a fourth wants to join, that would be just fine (Victor – Belize/Belgium), but you should do it at least with three.

Goodbye my children see you next time.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.