Return Maya Cosmic Masters.

Part 39 – 2011.

Session of 13 August 2011 – recorded – English translation ---- Original French.

Place : M.V. in Keerbergen, Belgium (Europe).

Present: Kathy.

Received by Kathy.

Visitors : Malvantra Melchizedek

Kuwaya, Master Spirit nr.2 of Superunivers nr.2, The Voice of The Eternal Son.

Adamson, first son of Adam et Eve in the First Garden of Eden.

Ratta, second wife of Adamson.

Malvantra spoke after 59min Total time meditation 1h37min.

Malvantra Melchizedek: Hello, this is Malvantra here. Kuwaya, Master Spirit n°2, the Voice of The Eternal Mother or Eternal Son wants to talk to you and speak through you.

We had to adjust and increase your vibrations and frequencies with the frequencies in Europe. Here you do not have the protection you have around you in your usual environment in Central America (Belize). The temple there with its Light Anchor and all the other Light Anchors you created in your neighborhood protects you all tremendously and is a door through which we can easily contact you.

{Note Kathy: when we both arrived in Europe we felt a huge difference with Belize in doing our meditations and our energy transfers. It was harder to concentrate; it was as if there were constantly interferences. We were both in different countries and encountered the same phenomenon of discontent. I thought at first that it was because we were out of our usual routine... what often happen when you travel. But still... so I asked council. }

I advise you to create a ‘permanent Light Anchor’ here in the place where you are for your meditations and to help you in different situations. You will thus have a door where you reside in Belgium by which we will have easier access that will protect you as well as your husband.

If Cyril does the same with his wife in Italy, if he creates a Permanent Light Anchor there where he stays most often, this would help him also for his meditations and to get in contact with us.

Now I'll let KUWAYA talk to you.

KUWAYA: Hello, I am Kuwaya, Master Spirit nr.2 of Superunivers nr.2, Orvando, The Voice of The Eternal Son-Mother.

{Note Kathy: several transmitters using the Urantia Book as basis, told many things about people like you and me who would be selected to be part of the "mortal corps" of the Magisterial Son who would appear soon according to them in the flesh. I asked explanations because for me… novice in their world and what was already told to us… the confusion became huge.}

Little girl, we are verifying all applications from all persons who wish to serve in the Magisterial Mission of Monjoronson. We will not yet state on the candidatures which have been taken into account. It is clear that those working actively on the dismantling of the remains and the remnants of the rebellion of Lucifer and Caligastia will be taken into account……..If such is their desire. Transmitters/receivers as well as those who help them will also be taken into account, as long as they follow the ‘Plans of Christ Michael’, stay honest and do it to serve from the depths of their hearts.

Do not think that the fact of being able to convey good messages or to have been among the first ones to start in this will give you a preferential treatment. It is the motivation for which you have chosen or the reason why you were chosen to become a transmitter that matters for this consideration.

Many people are needed in different places and functions on your planet of which you have no idea: in the Government, in the administration, in the scientific world, to work on the ground, or simply to be a link between us and your brethren in order to convey our messages, transcribe and translate them.

All persons who work closely together in the preparatory work for the coming of the Magisterial Son will be taken into consideration. We will not give a list of those accepted to be part of the 'mortal corps’ of Monjoronson because this may be negative for the ones who may see their names on it and this could block others to continue the work they are doing so well and diligently if they would not see their names on the list.

First you must declare your desire to participate, then we check the weight of your heart, your sincerity in wanting to help selflessly, to serve out of love for the Universal Father and your brethren, be happy and glad to have the opportunity to serve without wanting to aggrandize yourself, nor wanting to receive some benefits out of it, being totally unbiased.

Any bit of jealousy between one another should disappear because he or she who feels this emotion is not humble; he or she envies than the other. A modest person does not envy someone else; she or he is pleased to see that others working on the same task are also doing beautiful and good things.

You all in your group, even if you are not with many, help each other, trust one another and don’t take something from the other to highlight you. Work together as equals hand in hand. Each one of you is located in the geographical location where he or she was positioned, where you are best located according to your ability to help. You'll see that if you have to move we will give opportunities, we will give you a boost when it is your moment to move to some other place. Otherwise, you better stay where you are.

Adamson will replace one day Adam and Eve among the twenty-four counselors of the “Urantia advisory council “on Jerusem - capital of our planetary system Satania. They will return with many of their children on Earth and continue the work they have not been able to complete as required or as they wished after all the encountered difficulties.

The Universal Father, Myself and our Son Christ Michael (Jesus), have forgiven them and reinstated them in their honor. Despite the fact that they had to work under extremely difficult circumstances when they were cut off from direct contact with us following their mistake due to confusion, they have never wavered from their mission. They continued to follow the Plans of Christ Michael and this is what we highly appreciated in them.

We don’t want to emphasize on the default of Adam and Eve anymore, but rather on all the good they continued to do in the Second Garden of Eden trying to do the job for which they came and never let down. They have never denied their Divine Parents, they have never denied the existence of The Universal Father and they never denied Christ Michael. Instead, they continued to teach the laws of the universe, the organization of the local universe of Nebadon of Christ Michael and the path of ascension of human souls. They continued despite the tremendous difficulties they encountered.

It is this side that we would like to show you. This is why The Universal Father and Myself decided that Adam and Eve would return with those children who were unable to complete their lives on Urantia because they accepted the opportunity of The Most High of Edentia (capital of our Constellation Norlatiadek) to leave your planet after the default of their parents. They are the ones who will return to finish the work, and this time in excellent conditions and you will see how this will change the face of humanity. Their former experience on Earth will be of immense importance for the Magisterial Mission, considering the circumstances in which it must begin.

There is currently not one sphere so completely disorientated as Urantia due to the rebellion. We hope that there will never be a second one and we are all working on that.

The role of the Melchizedeks and other Celestial Orders responsible of the development of human souls is precisely to help the soul to evolve and ascend towards The Universal Father. But what the Melchizedeks discovered here as actions done to prevent the ascension of human souls is unimaginable; with on top all these unacceptable living forms that have been created and which are still here.

We can immediately force the implementation of our "Light network" that has been installed around your planet above the "dark grid of Lucifer", but than we would touch at the same time the free-will of many humans which means that we would do the same as Lucifer in the opposite direction. That is the reason why presently every human being receives a dose of Energy from this 'Light network' which suits him best and that he can bear according to his level of consciousness and abilities.

When you use the Energy of the Light Anchors you created or your own capabilities received during your former teachings, it is from this “Light network” that you take the Energy until you will become yourself a Light Anchor. By using this Energy, you will experience the benefits this can bring to an individual, a village, a State and even hurricanes and other disasters. You have seen these results, you and your friends who have used it. Well, it is from this “Light network” that we installed that it comes, and each one of you uses it according to his own abilities.

The more you will be able to carry larger doses of this Energy, by using it with your heart and unite your will with the Will of The Father, the more your results will be great. We don’t need many individuals to achieve a successful transformation.

We just need around 10 persons able to align their will with the Will of The Creator or their God Fragment, who will then manage to use in a synchronized way His Pure Energy with the Energy of love passing through their hearts, to obtain extraordinary results in healing physical and mental diseases, to help wandering souls to leave, to destroy dark energy, or help us create Light Anchors through them connected directly to this “network of Light Energy” that we have implemented around the grid of Lucifer.

By aligning your will with the Will of The Universal Father and your heart with Me, your Eternal Son-Mother, you will achieve miracles greater than those allocated to Our Son, Christ Michael (Jesus), simply by using "Our Energies" with the new techniques you will learn through the use of the permanent Light Anchors and the improved techniques of your ancient teachings.

Getting there requires first to align your own will with the Will of The Universal Father and then achieve to pass the Love and Mercy of the Eternal Son-Mother (via the interference of Jesus) through your heart for the wellbeing of others, whether it's wandering souls, problems of diseases, natural disasters, wars and so on. Otherwise "Our Energies" would not serve you, you will not have results and at a very high level of capacity they could even consume you if you would try to use it for egocentric purposes.

This is an invitation to all persons who wish to receive concrete means to help their brethren to come out of this Luciferian grid, implanted since so long which has been strengthened between the two world wars to prevent the Second coming of Christ and the Magisterial Son. Lucifer, Caligastia and their acolytes knew their arrival was close, they knew that very well. They have therefore invented and done everything they could to prevent it.

You now receive the means to undo this, as it is for you to do it, you who are living here. We are not going to do it for you. We can replace these dark energies without you, but this is not enough.

It's 'THE HUMAN' that has to learn the use of “The Energy coming directly from The Trinity under our guidance to obtain the best results.

Those who are candidates to work with the “the mortal corps” of the Magisterial Son, are not yet all accepted. There also are outstanding candidates that have not yet been tested at all the many levels. All this doesn’t go as fast as you might think. It is impossible, even if it is your desire, to enable the coming of the Magisterial Son. This will depend on the help you mortals bring forth to help this Magisterial Mission start sooner or later.

Because changing and transforming mankind on your planet, even the destruction of the Luciferian dark grid, is team work that is done co-creatively between you and us. The more people who want to help, each in his corner with his abilities, asking sincerely to receive the means and our guidance, the faster the Magisterial Mission can begin.

I hope my words were clear? They also were a call to anyone who wants to work and cooperate with the Magisterial Mission.

I thank you, little girl. Goodbye.

ADAMSON: I see that you already studied well your program and the places you think to visit. I have traveled a lot but less in southern Europe. I know the regions around Munich, Linz, and Mauthausen as well as those in the North very well. Nevertheless I will join you everywhere. The same way you study the places where you want to go, I am trying to identify with the Melchizedeks the most appropriate places.

There is a dark underground network and there are many caves in the South of France. We are checking if it would not be better that you go in one of these caves in the region of Montségur. You still have 3 to 4 weeks before you start your trip to France and Spain leaving us some time to check where to position you.

One day, my little girl, we will write the story of Adamson and Ratta (second wife of Adamson) of our lives 35,000 years ago on this planet. One day we will write it. Thank you very much and goodbye.

RATTA: thank you for your interest in the history of our lives some 35,000 years ago and one day, as you love stories, we will tell you and if it is possible, Adamson and I will write together all these stories and adventures we lived. Thank you for letting me say these few words.

MALVANTRA: We will end the session. This worked well even if you're not in your usual place. Do as we requested, create a permanent Light Anchor in this house that you rent. This will do much good for the surrounding area and will facilitate our contacts. Thank you very much and until tomorrow. We will ensure that the problems of the Russian visas are in order, also for Cyril so that he would not become discouraged. Thank you my children.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.