Return Maya Cosmic Masters.

Part 40 – 2011.

Session of 17 August 2011 – recorded – English translation – Original French.

Place: M. V. in Keerbergen, Belgium (Europe)

Present and received by Kathy.

Visitors: Malvantra Melchizedek.

Kuwaya, Master Spirit nr.2 of Superunivers nr.2, The Voice of the Eternal Son.

Adamson, first born of Adam and Eva in the First Garden of Eden.

Malvantra spoke after 58min Total time meditation: 1h34min.

Malvantra: Hello my girl, we're going to start the session. It took us time to connect and re-connect you, but you could hold on and we have succeeded.

{Note Kathy: to undergo an increase of your frequencies and new connections to the celestial circuits during a meditation is heavy to carry, sometimes painful for all of us. It is not to be underestimated and often I ask "is it almost finished?" and then I get in response "have more patience, hold on".}

We will not tell you yet which purpose this serves, everything will be revealed in due time. You have the necessary patience to continue this development without asking too many questions, without pushing it and it's very well like this, my girl. Keep your confidence in us and when the time comes to give you more explanations, to reveal certain things, you can be sure that you will know.

{Note Kathy February 2014: what follows is a response to my confusion caused by the attitude of some people in my closest and far surroundings and acquaintances of my 'ancient teachings' which were pretending interest for what we did in Belize and I was not aware of it. I started to get worried for some and very nervous about others. }

Don't worry, either for yourself or for others. Everyone is supported according to their capabilities, their potential and the desire they deeply cherish in their hearts.

The pronounced words do not always match what is happening in the hearts of people. Many words are often used to hide inner fears. We see this happening everywhere on your world, but we know how far they can really reach out. Sometimes their desire is huge, but when we test them with some difficulties they cannot muster up sufficient character strength to overcome these few obstacles that we put on their way.

One has to keep his goal constantly in mind to climb a mountain. This is how one manages to surmount all obstacles with our guidance and help; by keeping always a deep faith in The Universal Father; to hold on the faith that his guidance and his help will never fail.

Unfortunately, if you only look at the obstacles and forget the importance of the goal, the barriers will become insurmountable.

We mean that these individuals that you worry about are not yet ready to climb that mountain. He/She must first learn other lessons before they are strong enough to start the next climb and continue their path.

The goal is to reach the top of the mountain unharmed and not to break your neck on the way up because of a lack of training, self-confidence, courage and knowledge. That’s the purpose of the tests: to see you have learned enough to be able to continue that path of Ascension. If we see that this is not the case, you may experience automatically insurmountable barriers on your way to prevent you from continuing this particular path.

It can happen in certain situations that a person is not ready. That person will then receive obstacles on his or her way that she cannot overcome. Sometimes things seem easier for others and that is because they already have overcome more obstacles than those who have yet to learn.

So, no matter what happens, keep this always in mind and thank the universe that such a rule exists where someone who is not ready for a next step can be stopped and that this is for their own safety and not to punish them. It would be a serious mistake to continue to call in someone to start a climb for which he or she is not ready or do not wish to do. Accept things as they come.

We see things differently, do trust us. You will see that when a door is closing, another is opening for your safety, for your progress, to bring you to a different purpose that is yours, for another task and other things to learn. Don’t judge others, because you don't know the background or the reasons why certain things happen with some people or why they take certain decisions. Accept people as they are.

And now I say to everyone: go your own way, follow your own guidance because that is the only one that is important. Try not to walk in the footsteps of someone else, because even if you think that this person has done or said magnificent things, it could very well be that your own destiny, your own path, will bring you to much higher altitudes........ and this will only be revealed when your time has come.

Respect the knowledge and wisdom of everyone. Listen to it and take what suit you. Go into meditation with this wisdom to listen to your inner voice, to your Thought Adjuster, which will explain and reveal what this knowledge means to you. He will tell you what to do with this wisdom ... or even put it on the side to guide you to other wisdom which is more suitable for you at that time.

It is very important to understand that everyone has a great destination but a different road to get there.

You were not created identical to look like robots. No, you have all received a unique personality with different potentials to develop. You have all received the same destination and all possibilities to reach The Universal Father by learning to do His Will and not yours. One day you will fuse with this God Fragment that he gave you to become a unique celestial being and then you will continue your ascension as one entity to The Universal Father to become like Him ... Perfect ..... and continue the destination He has in mind for you.

All this takes time and when we talk about one million terrestrial years then your head turns around…. it is inconceivable for you. But time in other dimensions, in the Morontial and Spiritual worlds is so different. When we talk about a million Earth years it might be a few days or a few months in the afterlife.

The path is certainly long because you can take the necessary time and because there is a lot to learn. The road is long, but it's not the length of the path to God that is important, it's the character strength you need to be able to continue on this path, the courage to continue, the confidence, the desire and that unshakable faith you need to follow it. That is the most important, not the length of the path to The Universal Father.

It’s all these character and personality traits that you need as tools to get there that are important and it is now that you have to shape and build them.

So, if you experience pleasant things on your life, thank The Universal Father for them and if you encounter a lot of difficulties on your path, thank God even more, because those are the ones that will help you reach eternity fast and easily.

Thank you and now I will give the floor to Master Spirit nr.2 of Superunivers nr.2, Orvando – The Voice of The Eternal Son.

KUWAYA: Hello my girl, it's {KUWAYOU}, your Eternal Mother. We put a lot of things in place to enable you to see the broadcasts that are issued in your local universe (via reflectivity) and the Superunivers. We will do some testing with some programs that date back for some time to see how you respond. But make no mistake; it will still take a while before you get to see the current celestial news programs.

We already made you understand that a message that is talking of future events or possible events that you don’t have to think that this is going to happen immediately, during your lifetime, the way you see time and according to your expectations. Go first in meditation and ask your ‘inner voice’ for clarification.

You cannot always understand with your human mind or consciousness such broadcasts or heavenly messages, nor transmit them the way you look at a television program on your planet.

Celestial messages that are provided through celestial circuits with or without Reflectivity have often meanings that are quite different and deeper than the capacity of the human intellect and consciousness can grasp. Go just in meditation and ask for clarification when you hear or read something from others that brings you in confusion to understand the exact message the spiritual world wanted to tell. Not once, but several times until you've understood what precisely was meant and you feel in peace and this applies also to your own messages.

When you will see a celestial broadcast through Reflectivity it will be issued in a language you will not understand. You will need a translator to clarify you what has been said and then it should be interpreted in a way that your human mind can transmit it.

The one that will interpret this for you is your inner voice, your God Fragment. He will seek to convey these messages or celestial television broadcasts in an understandable language for your human mind and consciousness in such a way that you can transmit it in your own language according to your abilities.

Behind every word that will be issued through the “communication system by reflectivity” that passes along the celestial circuits, is a written book that is understandable for the Celestials but not for the human mind. Accordingly, you will need a translator and your God Fragment will interpret and explain to you what is meant by the words of these communications.

Don't make the mistake that is done here for thousands of years to think what a prophet predicts or a transmitter says in a message that it will happen during your lifetime. There are things that are revealed now, but will only be valid and important for those who will live here within 1,000 or perhaps 4,000 years. We have our reasons for doing so, keep this in mind.

Before we actually will put you on the circuitry of celestial broadcasting we will first do some testing to see that you are ripe for this, and have the attitude we expect of you. When we see that you have the right attitude, we can connect you slowly. We know from experience that we have to be very careful with the human mind and the human spirit. That is why we tell you the new things bit per bit and when you have swallowed and digested those little snacks you receive another little piece. Have the patience that everything goes this way.

Thank you my girl and see you next time. Adamson is here for you.

ADAMSON: Hello girl. We studied France already well. I want you to do some research about the caves in the region of Montségur, Niort (?), Carcassonne. Look at those that are open to the public. When you have found the right one we can direct you more easily. If you can go to the "Grand Place of Brussels" and create a permanent Light anchor there with Victor ... This will do much good and next week you will definitely have time to go.

So I repeat: in Dachau, Mauthausen and the Solovky Islands you go in meditation and then we create a "Melchizedek Light anchor" through you all.

You will not create them yourselves; we are going to do that through you. It is good that you stay two full days on the Solovky Islands, this will give you time to visit them and do what you have to do.

{Note Kathy February 2014: in the last 3 years we helped the Melchizedeks to place many of those ones….the meditation time is always between 25 and 35min to anchor them….except in some very dark places where it lasted longer…that happened only twice until now and that was in ancient Yugoslavia in 2013 where they lasted between 40 and 60min.}

Try to enter the Church of the Monastery. In a church you can easily go in meditation and give the impression that you pray, which will give us sufficient time to create our Light anchor. Don’t worry if you're only with two, although three would be much better. We prepare you and your husband in case Cyril could not come with you.

Go there, don't worry, we will see and if Dachau and Mauthausen can be done with three, we will see how we solve the Solovky Islands. We are discussing now with the Melchizedeks how we will form the third. It could well be that I will be the third or a Midwayer, because you need three to do the job. We'll see, don't worry. The Energy charges will be a bit heavier for both of you but we do everything to succeed.

Document you also about the city of San Sebastian in Spain and Hendaye in France because both cities are connected to each other (Bask area). See you girl.

MALVANTRA: I admit that it takes a long time before we can hook you up (I complained), and the more meditations you do the better it will be for yourself and for the others. Everything will work fine and the light anchor you have created in this house with Victor works very well. If you have time tomorrow I come back because there are a lot of celestial beings who want to talk through you. However, we are obliged to prepare you because the vibrations and frequencies here in Europe are different. That is why we ask you to do a meditation every day. See you soon and maybe until tomorrow.



For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.