Return Maya Cosmic Masters.

Part 41 – 2011.

Session of 18 August 2011 – recorded – English translation – Original French.

Place: M. V. in Keerbergen, Belgium (Europe)

Present and transmitted by Kathy.

Visitors : Malvantra Melchizedek

                   Siraya, Master Spirit nr.1 of Superunivers nr.1, The Voice of The Universal Father.

                  Kuwaya, Master Spirit nr.2 of Superunivers nr.2, The Voice of The Eternal Son.


Malvantra spoke after 1h –                  Total time meditation: 1h24min.

Note Kathy February 2014: the call that was done below to help in the destruction of the dark network and everything that is around it was intended to the people of our group and those of my “ancient teachings" who possess the abilities and energy light protection in order to help in this. However many of our "ancient school" did not wish to take the direction of helping these souls... Which is their right. This request for help was not intended for a wide audience at the beginning and that was one of the reasons why our sessions could not be posted in those days. I just send them by email to my acquaintances.

There was a person with a huge web site which received my sessions and which has used them partially in 2011 with my permission... what brought confusion among some of his readers because it was not mentioned clearly that it was necessary to have a protection and capabilities at different levels before you could attack the darkness.

Ordinary souls who wander pose no real problem if one has the necessary guidance of the Higher Beings - I will not mention all their names here. The Melchizedeks came to me in those days because I “screamed” for help understanding that I was dealing with something too big compared to my abilities... not knowing even what it was. Later, I understood when we went to help an elder Maya woman in the province of Toledo in southern Belize with persistent skin problems... well that was the excuse we told her to accept our presence on the premises.

My young Maya’s can see very well the invisible world, receive messages in their own ways out of their own backgrounds and go fast into a deep meditative state. When we got there, we saw all three (2 Maya’s and me) during our meditation large black roads like highways that where crossing each other. All the houses of this Maya family were located on one of these dark roads. It was this way the celestials made me understand that there was indeed a kind of black or dark network and not only in this region as I thought originally, but around the entire planet.

I warn everyone that it is not enough to express the demand. You must at least know how you create a permanent Light Anchor with 2 or more people, to know how to use it and then gradually through meditations around your anchor receive your strengthening and your encircuitment to start first with simple things in your environment under the guidance of the Melchizedeks, your God Fragment and other celestial beings.

Meditate preferably with 2 persons if it is possible. One of the two must learn to receive messages about what to do and where to go. I warn you strongly not to embark lightly on such an adventure without preparation and protection. It is only in part 42 where you will read that they make a call to everyone.

Malvantra : We will start the session with Siraya, Master Spirit nr.1 of Superunivers nr.1 Orillington, The Voice of The Universal Father.

Siraya: Hello my girl, it is Siraya here, the Voice of The Father, the Creator of All. He comes to you to speak to the others.

My children, I am Your Father, The Creator of all Universes; those who are already created and those who are in creation. My Son, the one you call Christ Michael, has implemented everything together with his brother, the Avonal Son you call Monjoronson, to eradicate everything that prevents their coming as well as the beginning of the Magisterial Mission which is so necessary to bring Urantia in alignment with the other planets in the system of Satania.

I had to use and provide other means to My Son, Christ Michael, so he could put an end to what has been implemented as infamies by Caligastia and Lucifer on your planet. It is true that many Paradise Beings would have preferred to simply let things take their course or keep the planet in quarantine at the risk that it would destroy itself. But one voice from Urantia made a call for help.

My Son, who is a little different from my other Sons, who is a bit special, asked Me for unusual means because he loves you so much. So I opened opportunities that only I could give and offer to free you all from the chains of this rebellion.

Know my children that all the Aid and Plans I have for your planet, everything that I gave to implement on Urantia, also requires an effort from you.

You are living here and you are also responsible for what is happening on your planet. Although much confusion is installed in your minds, although many lies are uttered, although there have been lots of manipulation, you have all since 2,000 years received a Fragment of Me and this ‘little voice’ is always waiting for you to communicate.

How many of you have opened this door?

Despite this we have all understood that everything isn't your fault and that if you had evolved in different conditions you would have already been to a whole other level of understanding of the order of the universe. That is why we offer you our help and that we ask you to put your hands in ours that we can do this work of destruction of the dark grid of Lucifer and Caligastia together.

To free all those souls that remained trapped, all these life forms that Caligastia created with his assistants and who have no possibility of ascension; to simply help people who died whose souls do not know where to go to continue their ascension and to help the implementation of the “Melchizedek Light network” installed above the ‘dark network of Lucifer’ so that every human being can be more aware of My Presence in his heart.

Kuwaya, the Voice of your Eternal Mother already asked you yesterday to participate in this.

Now I am asking you this once again because without your help it will last much longer. The more you are to help in this work, the faster the Magisterial Mission can begin, by freeing all celestial beings that followed Caligastia and Lucifer who are still here, all these trapped souls, all those souls in disarray, breaking this dark energy network, and all of this cannot be done in one day.

It is for each one of you to help. Just issue the desire to the Melchizedeks or Myself and according to your abilities and the place where you live you will be guided and encircuited during your meditations and you will receive the additional capabilities to help in this area.

I definitely want to make you understand that I have not given you all these capabilities, all these means to transform everything by miracle Myself. It is up to you to do it with our help, with My help. By contacting your Thought Adjuster who will help you and make you understand what you need to do and what is happening. This is your only opportunity and solution. Miracles exist only in the imagination of people. Everyone expects miracles to not have to take responsibilities.

And what you forget is that we are not the ‘miracle makers and I am not, YOU are together with us by aligning your will to Mine and by wanting honestly to be of service to your fellow men whether they have a physical body or not; to your ancestors, your family, your brothers and sisters, all those who find themselves in a difficult situation.

That's all I ask for now. Goodbye to all. I'm always in you. I am waiting for you and I'm always there to help you without judgment, with all My Love because you are my Creations, My Children and I love you as such. Good bye.

Malvantra : My girl, Kwayou wants to talk.

Kuwaya: Hello my children. I still wanted to say a few words.

When we talk about all these changes that will take place on Earth, new universities and schools that will be implemented, for us this is already done. But for you this is still far away and will not happen during your lifetime.

Each generation works for future generations and this will always be so. What you sow today will be for your children, your grandchildren and your great-grandchildren and those of others.

If you built good foundations you can provide an opportunity for future generations to evolve towards the era of light and life. If you do not want to help establish these foundations because you don't see the direct results in your current life, then you delay future generations in their evolution towards that era.

I'll explain it very simple to you; up to you to understand very well what we expect from you and what is the exact role you are playing in this century where you live in.

Your destiny is not to remain forever alive on Earth to see everything happen during a material life. The goal is that your generation and future generations create solid foundations on which your children, your grandchildren and so on can build so that this huge ‘Holy Temple' can come forth on your planet that will announce that all humanity, all this planet acceded to the era of Light and Life.

By achieving this you will also help to bring into light and life a system of planets, a whole constellation, a local universe, a Superunivers. You will help your planetary Supreme and her growth will help God The Supreme of the Grand Universe to grow.

Think well about your role before you expect that everything should always happen during your life time in this present century.

Thank you, this was the message I wanted to give you.

Malvantra: the huge storm that passed over your house during your meditation was indeed an attack of the dark forces and as you see, the beast could ROAR but was muzzled. Thanks my girl, goodbye and maybe until tomorrow.

{Note Kathy: the sun was shining and I was just in meditation when it started to rain with flashes and terrifying thunders.}





For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.