Return Maya Cosmic Masters.

Part 42 – 2011.

Session of 21 August 2011 – recorded – English translation   Original French.

Place : M. V. in Keerbergen, Belgium (Europe).

Present and transmitted by Kathy.

Visitors : Malvantra MELCHIZEDEK

                LANAFORGE, Sovereign of the planetary System Satania.

                CHRIST MICHAEL – Jesus – Creator Son of our local universe Nebadon.

                MONJORONSON – Magisterial Son.

Malvantra spoke after 48min …………………..Total time meditation: 1h32min.

Malvantra: I am glad that you found the time to put you in meditation. We did not load you with a heavy encircuitment today. Several personalities want to give you guidelines and say some words which are also intended to those who follow and read your messages because they are also concerned. The first person that will speak is Lanaforge, your sovereign of the planetary system Satania in which your planet is located and who replaced Lucifer.

Lanaforge: I am Lanaforge, Hello my little girl. I see that you already did the first step of your program, which was the creating of a Light Anchor on the “Grand Place” in Brussels.

Soon, within a week, you will start the first large phase of your program in Germany, Austria and Russia. Connect yourselves very well. We will not change anything on what we said and will do there.

I just come to clarify you that Nazism, as it presented itself with the SS and everything what was turning around it as pure paramilitary organizations like the Gestapo, found their roots in Lucifer and Caligastia, who worked together.

All this was prepared since a long time, from the days Lucifer was put on a prison planet of your System but Caligastia was free to wander and had contacts with him. Caligastia did not work alone and all their plans were first and for all intended for revenge because of the imprisonment of Lucifer. They had no respect for the human beings and their ascension according to the ‘Plans of Christ Michael and the Universal Father’.

The strengthening of this dark network was not the only thing he did, he also imprisoned and used many lower souls to maintain your vibrations and your thoughts in fear, anxiety, and confusion. How many mortals face death in peace, knowing that their soul will continue her path on other (Morontia) worlds where she will continue to study, develop and learn in all tranquility? How many humans leave your planet this way?

The "egregor" *** of fear and suffering that was created during the first World War (1914-1918) and the one that started between the two world wars (1920-1939) peaking somehow in a horrible way during the Second World War (1940-1945) and maintained alive after the Second World War alternatively in countries like for example Russia, several Asian countries and now in the Arab countries were used to maintain you in a vibration of anxiety, confusion and hatred to feed this dark network.

On a normal evolving planet humans fight and sometimes exterminate each other in wars, but these wars are always local and it is part of your evolution. Here it is planned and programmed and what is scheduled in your genes are the fear of dying and the ignorance of the Universal Father. Living in ignorance of true life after death keeps many people in selfishness and they will go so far as to kill and destroy massively civilizations that cannot defend themselves.

Doubt is always in your mind. Even this little girl through whom I speak can't believe sometimes her eyes when she read what passed through her mouth. Nevertheless she knows, she trusts us and the more she knows the lesser she is able to talk about it to others.

Now let’s come back to what we gone destroy. It is a fact that what has been done here is much more serious and more difficult to resolve than what has been told.

This can be solved but need two supports: the assistance in the field of mortals who want to help under the guidance of the Melchizedeks and the authorization of the Ancients of Days to start with the destruction of this network and release all these beings, whether they are human souls, angels or other celestial being, or creations of Caligastia and Lucifer. Regardless, we should begin to clean urgently because the Magisterial Mission and the second coming of Christ Michael are blocked because of this.

It is understandable that the Ancients of Days want to judge each character who has contributed to this rebellion in an honest and correct manner. As happens on Earth where judges do not like that evidence of the innocence or guilt of someone is erased during an investigation.

Thanks to the help of the Universal Father and the means He gave us, that we will not explain to you, we can satisfy everyone; as well the Ancients of Days for the judgments as Christ Michael, the Melchizedeks and all of us in this local universe. We finally can start step by step to destroy this dark network which keeps you under a too low vibration and on the other hand we can systematically release every captive soul, each non-acceptable creation and start with the rehabilitation and re-education of all these angels and celestials who followed Lucifer without thinking and found themselves trapped.

All these programs are running and we'll organize ourselves as we move forward in this cleaning. We believe having seen and understood everything that has been done but surprises are always possible. That is why we are moving slowly and that we started with a small group of humans. As soon as we uncovered and cut out the biggest wounds we will be able to see how it reacts and learn how to act in the next situations.

Subsequently, we hope to have more people who want to help us clean this network and release all beings who cannot leave by themselves. By doing this you release yourself and you'll be extremely useful in your service to the Universal Father, towards your brethren and other beings.

As we already explained, this does not concern only the mortals of Urantia, this has an impact on our local universe and it serves as an example for your Superunivers and other Superuniverses. What is happening here is unique and we hope that this will remain so and that it will never happen again in any Superunivers.

It's like a surgical operation in the universities of medicine where everyone can watch behind a window how it happens and where everyone learns from it. The most experienced Melchizedeks with the Rebellion who worked here for a long time and are familiar with the situation are in charge of this project. Al experts of Urantia are here to help.

I remind you that I am here close to you and that I follow all your movements; that Gabriel of Salvington has his army of Angels around you, that there are Archangels who take care of you. All of them work here in the same program with and around you. It is of paramount importance and I am not talking only to this girl, I speak to all those who work with her, to those who have abilities to help and to those who want to help in this great task that will not be completed in a few months.

Let anyone who presents him or herself to the Melchizedeks as a volunteer for this job take well into account, reflects on the fact that it requires much time to encircuit you and be able to receive our messages for our guidance. So don't wait too long and do not be impatient because it takes time before you are able to perform a good job in your environment. It’s the pioneers who have always the hardest work. Once they have succeeded in their task, those who come afterwards have it easier because they can enjoy the experience of the beginners.

I am thus also making a call to you, human beings, because we need much help on the ground to solve all these problems.

Thank you my girl to let me speak, for taking the time to give us this opportunity. I wish you a good job in Germany, Austria and Russia because much depends on what you will do there and the results that will ensue. Do not do a recorded session in Russia, leave your recorder at home, do not take it with you. Put yourself regularly in meditation and we will talk to you directly. Leave all your equipment in your car in Germany, the Midwayers will protect it, don't worry.

{Note Kathy: we fly from Munich to St. Petersburg, from there to Arkhangelsk and then another flight to the Solovky Islands. I wasn't absolutely comfortable because we do not take our computers with us in Russia and we had to leave everything in the trunk of the car in an underground parking in Munich.}

Goodbye, little one.

Malvantra here : Gabriel of Salvington is here.

Gabriel of Salvington: I am the first born of Christ Michael and Nebadonia in this local universe, known as the Bright and Morning Star in the Urantia book.

I wanted to reassure all those who are going to start this work or who one day will begin with this work, that all will receive the same protection as this little girl and her friends who work and cooperate with her. My army of Angels is at the service of those who want to help destroy the remains, and it is a lot, of the Rebellion of Lucifer on Urantia.

I wanted to announce this personally. Goodbye everyone.

Malvantra: Christ Michael wants to address all.

Christ Michael (Jesus) here: I am your father, the Creator Son of this local universe Nebadon. My companion Nebadonia, your Mother Spirit is here with me. We want to give all our encouragements to those who will begin their work next week, to all those who want to help me, by working on my side with my Melchizedek Sons to eradicate once and for all everything what Caligastia with his aides has done as horrors and infamies to prevent you to evolve according to the ‘Plans of the Universal Father’ and to maintain you in ignorance and sufferings, in confusion and hatred.

It is true that Lucifer and Caligastia were aware of my second coming but that wasn't their only motivation of wanting to prevent you to evolve and keep you by all means under their control, even go as far as to destroy this planet in one way or another. This was not only because I was coming back, it was mainly their rage and determination that overwhelmed them when Lucifer was put on a prison planet and understood that one day it could be their turn. Than they showed of what they were capable and abdicating was not part of their vocabulary. I knew it but they were still my children and I wanted to give them the possibility to come back to me until the last moment; nothing helped and it had to stop one day.

We, your Mother Spirit Nebadonia and I - your father, your Parents of this local universe, ask you to assist us in this tremendous enterprise which is much heavier then was told because we were not able, nor dared talk about it. Now it is time you give us a serious helping hand. Go into 'Silence' and tell Malvantra and Maltucia Melchizedek you want to participate in the eradication of the scourge of the dark grid so that everyone here can breathe and evolve again as it was meant to be and as it was intended in my Creation Plans.

No irreparable damage has been committed and for my Father, the Universal Father, nothing is impossible. But it was necessary that we knew the exact situation before we could ask Him for help. We now know and it has been broadcasted on the news through the celestial circuits, as well in our local universe as in our Superunivers Orvonton. This means you became movie stars; you are the actors everyone is looking at in this great movie called "The Destruction and final Phase of the Rebellion of Lucifer in this Local Universe Nebadon.”

I thank those children who already started this work to help me, to help their brethren, to help my Melchizedek Sons and my other Celestial Children to solve this problem. We all count on your cooperation. Thank you very much.

Monjoronson here: I am the Avonal Son, the Magisterial Son, ready to start His Mission.

I have to start the adjudication; I have to start full of things that are under the umbrella of the Magisterial Mission. Before I will manifest me on your planet, you must first work together with me, Christ Michael, Gabriel, the Melchizedeks, Lanaforge, and others who care for Urantia. We reach out our hands and ask you to put your hands in ours, to help if you want with the Magisterial Mission by destroying this dark network of Caligastia and Lucifer, by starting to work in this program for rehabilitation of all celestials and souls that remained here.

Consider this as a part of My Magisterial Mission because Urantia has really nothing traditional nor develops according to the normal order of things.

So let's redefine this Magisterial Mission by adding to it this preparation work for my coming. “The cleaning, the departure of the mortal souls, the re-education of celestials and the destruction of the dark grid” are now an integral part of the Magisterial Mission. We, Christ Michael, Machiventa Melchizedek and I decided so.

You have no reason to believe that you have to wait for me to become manifest on Earth to be part of the Magisterial Mission. We decided to include all this work as an integral part of this Mission as well as all other preparatory work in governments, systematic wars and those working solo for us under our guidance.

We are not here just for a small group of your population; we are here for the entire planet. Understand this very well.

Thank you my children. Goodbye, au revoir and thanks for your cooperation.

Malvantra here: we will complete the session. Indeed it was decided to integrate all this preliminary work with the coming of the Magisterial Son and His Mission. This is not possible otherwise seen the severity, the importance and the enormity of this work and its immense importance to help humanity to continue her ascension and her evolution towards Light and Life.


Note Kathy February 2014 :

***Egregor : There are many definitions of that word on the internet in all languages. It is a term mostly used in the esoteric spheres and it would be 'thought forms' created by a group of persons with a common goal... consciously or unconsciously. It can be used for negative or positive purposes.

"The egregor" can lead a life of its own and keeps the group together, feeds them, gives them a sense of "belonging to" with sometimes undesirable side effects in negative egregors as it will go along with the loss of your own freedom, it can cause psychological disorders, fear to walk alone and continue the individual quest and may provide difficulties for an individual to get out of this ‘group egregor’. It can take several forms, like belonging to a family whose members are strongly tied together, a religious group, a country to which you belong or a spiritual philosophy around a book or person.

The term for the actual, modern, negative, technological and psychological forms of an "egregor"... is "Mind-Control".


For the explanations of the words in blue see The Urantia Book.